Casey AnthonyForced To Answer Questions About Daughter Caylee’s Murder

Forced To Answer Questions About Daughter Caylee's Murder

Finally, Casey Anthony is going to be forced, under oath, to answer some tough questions regarding the death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. The infamous Anthony went free last year after a jury failed to convict her in her daughters’ death and during that trial, many of the toughest questions were never even addressed.  That’s where Zenaida Gonzalez comes in.

When Anthony was leading police on a wild goose chase, she claimed that Gonzalez (whom she’d never met) had kidnapped Caylee.  Gonzalez has sued for defamation of character and when Anthony was deposed she refused to answer many of Gonzalez’s attorney’s questions, instead invoking the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination because she is appealing her conviction for lying to law enforcement.

“She [Casey] has just filed her initial brief. If she wins her appeal and the charges are thrown out, then there is no Fifth Amendment privilege and we expect her to talk at trial,” John Dill, one of the lawyer’s repping Gonzalez told exclusively.  “If she loses her appeal, we believe she will have to talk as well because there is no criminal charge pending. So resolution of her appeal one way or the other is helpful to us.”

The whole basis for Anthony’s appeal is that she was never given her Miranda Rights, that simple misstep has allowed legal doors to open for her.

“The record establishes that the Appellant was placed under arrest, never Mirandized, and subsequently interrogated. Either the statements occurred at the Appellant’s residence or Universal Studios. At both locations, the Appellant was in custody…At Universal Studios, the Appellant was in custody, placed in a small room for questioning by three members of law enforcement, confronted with evidence against her for an extended period of time, and never informed of her rights under Miranda,” the court docs state. Either scenario, the Appellant’s statements were involuntary and therefore, the lower court erred in denying the Appellant’s motion to suppress.”

Anthony’s team insists that jurors should never have heard Anthony’s initial statements and if they hadn’t then she would never have been convicted for lying to police.  Looks like Anthony is in trouble one way or another.  If her conviction is tossed out then she’ll be forced to talk under oath!

Casey Anthony has been voted one of the most hated women in the states.  What are your thoughts about her?

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