Patricia Houston Suggests On Oprah That Whitney Houston Was Murdered

Patricia Houston Suggests On Oprah That Whitney Houston Was Murdered

Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law and manager Patricia Houston has joined others in suggesting that foul play was involved in Whitney’s death.  Although the Los Angeles Coroner has not said that Whitney’s death is being treated as a murder, the office did confirm that calls and emails it has received suggesting foul play are being taken seriously.

In her televised interview with Oprah that aired Sunday night Pat shocked everyone by saying:  “Don’t know how she got in the tub – I just know they had to pull her out of the tub.”

Publicly expressed concern by her own close relative and manager that Whitney might have been murdered is chilling, to say the least.  It adds a terrifying weight to other theories that suggest that Whitney’s death was not the result of a simple ‘accidental overdose.’

We previously reported that Whitney’s death ‘smacks of a hitman’s revenge’ as a law enforcement source, former Chicago policeman Paul Huebl told GLOBE Mag.  This theory agrees with what her former sister-in-law Leolah Brown, others, and now Patricia believe was a non-accidental death for Whitney.

Whitney allegedly owed big money to some bad people said the former cop:   “You don’t get away with owing that much money to vicious drug dealers and live to tell the tale.   And they know how to cover up their crime by making it look like an accident – like a drowning in the bathtub.”

Keep in mind that the Los Angeles County Coroner revealed last week that they received multiple calls and emails from relatives of Bobby Brown as well as Whitney Houston‘s family demanding a murder investigation.  The Coroner’s Office says the investigation is ongoing and the new information is being taken very seriously.

Paul is currently a Hollywood private detective and described to GLOBE in their print edition, March 19, how easy it would have been to set Whitney up for murder due to her addiction to drugs, alcohol, and partying.

Paul said:   “It would be easy for a hitman to get her loaded and overwhelm her, dunk her head in a bathtub and hold her underwater until, she died.”

Leolah has said from the outset that Whitney’s death was no accident:   “I believe Whitney’s death was no accident.   It’s very important to know she didn’t just pass away like that, No!”

A family insider says that Leolah fears Whitney was murdered.  Another family source says:   “Leolah’s told the cops she believes Whitney was taken by surprise and killed.  She is telling pals that the cops are taking what she has to say seriously.”

Until the coroner makes his findings public rumors and theories will continue to swirl about.  Others suggest that Whitney’s death was a suicide – and that is certainly plausible.

Whitney was full of drugs and booze and died without anyone in her entourage noticing… in a bathtub… hmmm.  Where were her friends and family?  Were illegal drugs removed from the hotel suite before police arrived?  And if so, by whom?  People as close as Whitney’s sister-in-law and manager as well as her former sister-in-law do not accept the conventional wisdom that says Whitney simply overdosed and drowned all ON HER OWN! Who was looking out for Whitney?  What really happened?   What do you think?  Was foul play involved in Whitney’s death?

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  2. guest says:

    i personally think and feel strongly that her sister in law had alot to do with her being killed. she states too many weighing factors such as: so many people had been telling her all day that Whitney was trying to reach her. Not to mention Pat also says that she went out with Whitney because she was concerned. (concerned about what? what you were about to do to her?) Then the sister in law goes on to say that Whitney had called her several calls and noticed the 2 missed calls but never called her back. then when she gets to the hotel room from being out to get (SOMETHING) for the event that night she ventures up the hallway to Whitneys room and hears screams. Sees the hairdresser on her knees in tears and never once said anything to the hairdresser -(ie) whats going on? Hummm- then she claims that a woman opens her door and ask if everything is alright, and the sister in law tells this woman to call 911. Then she lastly states that upon ebntering the room with Whitney and Whitney brother trying to revive Whitney. Pat then tells him to let her go !!!! WTF….
    Why would you not call anyone back who is calling you that your managing someone who has multiple events going on that day? The Sister-In -Law did it or had alot to do with it. IJS

    • Lcook says:

      i do agree.i believe that Pat had a lot to do with it also. for someone to be your best friend and as well as your boss what in the hell would keep you from returning her phone call. and then she states in the interview that she just walked when she heard the assitant calling, and that it was her brother Richard that was trying to revive her and she told him to stop. i believe that night at the party Whitney probably told her she was sick of her mouth. she wasnt there to look after Whitney i feel she was there to watch Bobbi Christina probably prejudging Whitney on the mistakes she had made in her life and felt that she wasnt good enough to be that girls mom. i believe Pat did have something to do with it. just dont sound right to me.

    • padussia says:

      I’m also starting to believe she was murdered, but by her own daughter Bobbi K now that she’s going public with dating her play brother who Whitney took in and raised he and Bobbi K as brother and sister for ten years. Think about it. They were probably screwing all along under Whitney’s nose and knew she wouldn’t approve of the relationship so they would need her out of the way to be together freely, and inherit millions at the same time. I don’t know how true it is but I read that Bobbi K tried to stab Whitney and then cut her own wrist. Also, the L.A. Police wants to talk to Bobbi K before they close the investigation.

    • RayStacy says:

      I don’t agree. Please don’t forget Ray J and Stacy Francis.
      Stacy Francis fought with Whitney close before she died.

    • J.C. says:

      I strongly agree that Pat had arranged all what had hepened. Please read also this:
      Roger Friedman at Forbes elaborates: Sources at the Whigham Funeral Home in New Jersey say they know, and they have an employee who saw the person take the picture. The person they’re pointing the finger at is Raffles van Exel, the hanger on I told you about in this column a couple of weeks ago. Van Exel, who has aliases of Raffles Benson and Raffles Dawson, was at the two private viewings of Whitney’s casket held at the Whigham Funeral Home. The first viewing was on the Friday night before the memorial service. The second one was on Sunday morning before the burial.
      The people at Whigham noticed van Exel right away. Even though he’s not a member of the Houston family, he traveled with them on the private plane from Los Angeles to New Jersey. He was the only non family member who accompanied Whitney’s sister in law/manager and newly appointed executor Pat Houston in her car to Whitney’s memorial and funeral and to the viewings. According to one source, he even had his own bodyguard with him, which was more than a little unusual. A source from Whigham’s says when the picture appeared on the cover of the Enquirer, they told the Houstons of their suspicions. “They didn’t do anything about it,” says a source. “They’re protecting him. How come they haven’t gotten him out of their circle?”
      The Whighams people are not happy about the Raffles connection. While conducting another funeral in another part of town, of the funeral directors says she was spat upon by a stranger. The funeral home is concerned that fans think they allowed the National Enquirer picture to be taken. They did not. “The Houston family invited everyone into that room. We had no role in that. We were told their security would handle everything. They didn’t give us responsibility for that.” About 35 people came to the first viewing. The Whighams didn’t know everyone. But they know none of their people were involved. Only one of their employees says they witnessed Raffles van Exel take the picture of Whitney in her coffin.

  3. Jacquelyn says:

    i think that whitney was murdered by her sister-in law

  4. Jacquelyn says:

    i think that whitney was murdered by her sister-in law

  5. Jacquelyn says:

    There was no one around her but family and I believe her sister in-law killed her.

  6. Jacquelyn says:

    There was no one around her but family and I believe her sister in-law killed her.

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  8. Guest says:

    First, people blamed on Bobby Brown and now Pat?!?! I don’t believe all of this scenario. Stop blaming others for Whitney’s passing!!!

  9. Guest says:

    Legal pharmaceuticals kill. They’re so deadly dangerous since they require
    doctor supervision to be used. They even say right on the bottle: DO NOT
    TAKE WITH ALCOHOL. She ignored her doctor, and all warnings. We can’t
    protect people from themselves.

    “You see, everything else in the world can be wrong with me, but my family has to be right or nothing will be right with me.”

    –Whitney Houston

  10. Celebdirty says:

    wow. you are a bunch of conspiracists. Pat has gone though hell and
    back with whitney and always been there for her. even at her worst.
    pat was a second mother to krissie. And the leader of the fight to get
    whitney off drugs, details of which will never be spoken. She was the
    only one besides cissy who ever confronted and staged interventions to
    save whitney’s life. You’re imaginings are refusal to accept that
    whitney died, that it wasn’t some maliscious action and I understand
    that but you are targeting the wrong individual. There were many people
    around her that were sycophants, pat houston was absolutely NOT one of

  11. Celebdirty says:

    I read some comments here and WOW!! You are a bunch of conspiracists. Patricia has gone though hell and
    back with Whitney and always been there for her, even at her worst. Patricia was like a second mother to Bobbi Kristina and she helped Whitney got off the drugs, details of which will never be spoken. She was the
    one besides Cissy who ever confronted and staged interventions to
    save Whitney’s life, but in the end Whitney choosed her own life and paths. Your refusal to accept that Whitney died, it isn’t malicious which is I understand, but sadly you are targeting the wrong person. There were many people
    around Whitney who were sycophants. Pat Houston was absolutely NOT one of

    • padussia says:

      You never know what a person can do. I don’t know about you, but I don’t put anything pass man. I trust no one but Jehovah God.. I guess if you were living back in the days of Adam and Eve, you wouldn’t have thought that Caine killed his brother, because he was his brother and came out of that same womb either, wouldn’t you?

  12. Guest says:

    I agree with Celebdirty. You read from trashy tabloids, media interests in rumor and gossip and we can’t stop to gossip again after reading this gossip.
    The truth is, we don’t know anything.
    It is all conjecture. Maybe Cissy
    asked her son, daughter in law and Bobbi Kristina to do the interview
    because she couldn’t. Stop putting this woman (Patricia Houston) down for telling the
    truth!! She had her hands full.
    And to be honest, LEOLAH BROWN  is NOT someone who is trustable. She may has a hidden agenda. Leolah went on mentioning that Bobbi Kristina had to be careful and not trust
    anyone except her father, Grandmother and HERSELF (Leolah Brown).

  13. Guest says:

    Since Patricia has never said anything but she was afraid for other things, she saw her chasing a dream, looking for love in all the wrong places. I don’t believe this story about her saying about murder at all. Only cheap story attempts to
    sell papers.

    Patricia Houston pointed out the truth, a woman like Whitney, 48 years old cannot look for
    love with a 31 years old young man and she wasn’t being disrespectful towards Whitney this young man.
    But, the sad thing about this is that noone probably told her the truth, or she didn’t listen. Most of younger men are too immature to appreciate such complex issues and realize how much pain he may cause her.

    And we should remember, Tina Brown, Bobby Brown’s sister sold the crack pictures in Whitney’s bathroom, to the tabloids.
    I do agree with the other comment, Leolah Brown might has a hidden agenda towards Bobbi Kristina.

    Oprah would not ask the tough questions because if you really
    look at her interview with Whitney back in 2009 you will see she basically allowed a drug
    addict to direct the interview. During that interview Whitney was still
    covering up. She was doing what most addicts do they don’t tell whole
    truth. No her family is not going to at this point they spent 20 years
    covering up and being enablers and every once in awhile conduct an
    intervention. They didn’t really know how to help her. Just like her
    they didnt want to go through the shame and guilt of having a great star
    now a drug addict. Look if any other kid was around so much dysfunction
    with two addicted parents child protetice services would have been
    called and that child removed from the house. Whitney Houston’s bodyguard mentioned
    how hard it is for entertainers and how much they give up to the public
    their fans. First of all no one puts a gun to your head and say become a
    star and number two there is alot of perks they enjoy 1) money, to
    access 2) things ordinary folks dont have access to and 3) go anywhere
    and be anything you want to be. And 4) not have your kid taken away when
    you and your husband are acting a fool. The problem is and now its Bobbi Kristina
    problem too many leeches around Whitney Houston who were enablers. She went from
    illegal to legal drugs because she never truly got clean and did a real
    rehab program. Her adult family who were around her during that fatal
    week didn’t even realize she was in trouble. The reason why they
    couldn’t recognize the signs because they spent 20 years covering up for
    an addict. Addicts will lie and pretend and even use religion to cover
    up their problems. The only hard questions and it’s not even a hard
    question is anything concerning Bobby Brown. Everyone blames Bobby. Birds of the same feather all flock
    together it was true then and it’s true today. Look they sang a song Something In Common. The only thing Bobby did and different than
    most men he broke her heart and cheated on her. He didn’t force her to
    take drugs they both were doing that before they met each other. She
    became addicted because of her own issues not because of Bobby Brown.
    She should have left him something. In interview she stated how he told
    her let’s do this I got you and gave up whatever career he had and
    traveled the wold with her doing the Bodyguard period. I know some of
    you will say will he got paid for all the years he whas around her doing
    nothing.That maybe true, but in the end he deserve something for
    showing her that degree of loyalty. But of course as all women would
    do all bets are off when a man cheats.
    Look Whitney Houston didn’t know how to take care of her voice early on in her career
    she did the number one thing most singers know not to do in order to
    protect your voice and that is not to smoke. From people who was around
    her pre Bobby Brown she was a cigarette smoker and was using drugs.
    Bobby Brown, everyone blames him for the down fall of some adult people behaving badly. Bobby raises kids when most men his age and economic background
    left their kids. Granted he was tough but thank God he was because his
    kids have enjoyed full great lives because of their tough no nonsense
    father. So, Oprah’s interview with Whitney’s family was an opportunity
    for the leeches family minus Bobbi Kristina to give their take on how they see
    things. You won’t hear anything remotely close to the truth. Whitney Houston had a lot of problems but it wasn’t because of anyone but Whitney Houston own personal demons. A lot of things will not be said and it shouldn’t since their personal life is their business..

  14. Sarah says:

    I’ve read some comments about Patricia Houston and found them very
    wicked. I don’t understand how people can be so heartless. None of us
    know what will happen tomorrow. Please have a heart. Gary, Patricia and
    Whitney’s child
    have just lost her sister, sister-in-law and mother. Please be
    careful when speaking about other people family you’ve never met or knew personally. Have mercy on Whitney
    and her family. She is gone and allow her to rest in peace and please leave her child and her family alone!