Tom Cruise Beat His Staff To Keep The Degraded Beings In Line

Tom Cruise Beat His Staff To Keep The Degraded Beings In Line 1016

Ex-Scientologist Marty Rathbun is doing his darnedest to take the shifty religion, and all who derive power from it, down. That includes current Hollywood fallen child, Tom Cruise. In Rathbun’s new book, The Scientology Reformation: What Every Scientologist Should Know, he paints Tom as a maniacal, lost boy who’d rather beat his staff in an effort to be like Scientology leader, David Miscavige, than think for himself and be a decent human being.

Rathbun writes: “…Miscavige’s reaction to my escape was chilling. He ordered John Brousseau, his resident handyman – and the architect of most of the Tom Cruise vehicle and home upgrades – to install prison bars on all windows in the Hole so that no one else could escape.

“With me out of the way, Miscavige’s madness was unbridled. He began to tell Tom Cruise tales of having to physically beat the degraded beings in his environment to keep them in line. Cruise followed suit, doing the same to his own staff. Michael Doven, his long-time personal assistant, started receiving regular physical abuse from Tom. Another of Tom’s staff – a woman – was grabbed and slammed up against a file cabinet by Cruise for failing to show him proper respect. He railed and screamed, like Miscavige, when he discovered a near-microscopic chip in a drinking glass handed to him by one of his staff. He was convinced the degraded beings were steadily sabotaging him, stalking him like the zombies from Night of the Living Dead. Tom even physically abused the one-time international spokesperson for Scientology, one Tommy Davis.

“Miscavige was happy to have Tom ape his own psychotic behavior. He once briefed the inhabitants of the Hole that Tom was fully informed of their conspiracies to destroy Miscavige. He told the assembled that Tom promised to come to the Hole to give Yager, Ray Mithoff (the highest scriptural authority in Scientology) and the former executor of Mr. Hubbard’s will, Norman Starkey, black eyes if their confessions were not to Dave’s liking. In order to prevent the world’s biggest star from having to do Dave’s dirty work, the leadership within the Hole decided they had better do it first. The eighty staff went into a frenzy of punching and kicking the trio, fattening the lips and blackening the eyes of all three.

“By mid-to-late 2004 Tom was so locked in to Miscavige’s spell he was incapable of comfortable socialization with the outside world, at least on an intimate basis. He asked his best friend Dave to help him find a good-looking Scientologist wife, so he would not wind up with another degraded being like his previous two wives….”

So I guess all the stories about Tom Cruise quitting Scientology because it’s been nothing but trouble was just wishful thinking? Oh, Tom! I can deal with the fact that you’re crazy. I can deal with the fact that you’re probably a shitty husband. I can even deal with the fact that you’re gorgeous but have always been the nerdy kid looking in on the cool people. But I can’t deal with beatings. I’ve heard about the beatings for awhile but they’ve always been rumors and whispers. But you can see it, right? Miscavige is the cool guy and Tom wants to impress him at every opportunity. You beat your employees? Well, I’ll slam a woman up against a cabinet. How do you like me now?

And you know why I believe it? Because he let Katie Holmes go without much of a fight. She saw shit. He underestimated her and she took advantage of his craziness. I can’t see any other explanation. And yet people still kiss this guy’s ass. There was this huge story about Emily Blunt and Matt Damon hanging with Tom in London last week and they had a blast. And he just went out to dinner with Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz. Haven’t they heard the stories? Why do they put up with him? Is he that powerful in Hollywood? His movies suck lately. So do they feel sorry for him? Can they tell he’s really a scared, misinformed little boy? Are they trying to help bring him to the light? So do we sympathize with Tom’s beat downs now? I hope not. I think we should all take a page out of Katie Holmes’ book and stay away. She knew him best and she refuses to be in the same room with him. That should tell you something.

Do you believe Tom Cruise beat his employees in the name of Scientology?

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  • Andie

    Soooo, Tom Cruise is not only a crazy prick, buy possibly an abusive crazy prick!?

  • Lisa

    Are you kidding me? If any of that spew was the truth don’t you think someone would have laid charges or gone to the press ages ago. I am not a supporter of Scientology but their beliefs are their own. And while I have appreciation for the talents that lie within Mr.Cruise. His personal business is also his own. Its quite amusing some folks have this desire to constantly be in the spotlight and will stop at nothing to be there and yet those that not only deserve the limelight but are also fairly good at handling themselves professionally in it are often the ones trying to find some peace for themselves.
    How would you feel if your skeletons were constantly being mis-reported around the world.
    Writers like you need to find something better to write about.

    • osa handlers

      HI Lisa, how long have you been in Scientology and what OT Level are you?

      • Hailey

        Where is Isabella Cruise? Wonder if she fell from favor and is now locked up in Scientology Hole…..kinda scary how disposable people are in the lives of Tommy and BF David!

      • Lisa

        I am not into Scientology or any religion for that matter, I do not believe in control or organized faith. That being said I am not a atheist either. I have my own personal faith and beliefs that work just fine for me. And I surely do not agree with lies just to create news titles; which is exactly what this article is designed to do. Mr.Cruise’s lifestyle is his own, his career is acting. People need to respect that.

  • LaLa104

    Yes, the shitstorm of what TC is really like is being exposed with the help of Marty for exposing the CULT’S secrets. C0$ is an EVIL & VILE & DANGEROUS CULT…

  • AnGuanOP

    Uh, no.

  • Congratulations on being the first ‘gossip’ site having the balls to post this story….. although outside of Marty’s site I did beat you to it

  • Huge

    Yes, I do believe this to be true. I believe he has beaten those children or let the Scientology staff hit and punish them. Just ake one look at his kids and katie when she was with him. They clearly appear to be victims of some serious abuse. I bet katie asked for a trust fund to be set up for suri because katie has seen how he treats his other children and knows tom is too cheap to give away anything. I think more will come out and I believe when Connor one day comes out from underneath his control he will expose this man being no different than toms real dad was to him. Tom mom was even horrible to them. This is not a nice guy, and don’t be fooled that he is leaving Scientology , this is his PR team trying to make it appear tom is a good guy! A little too late!

  • The gauntlet has been thrown down. Not to diss you “Celeb Dirty Laundry” and thanks for having the cojones to be, as far as I can tell, the first one (other than Rathbun) to report this story.

    It’s time the major media delve into the abuses of this cult and the government needs to shut it down.

    Let’s see if Bert Fields, Tom Cruise’s lawyer files a lawsuit on Cruise’s behalf. Neither Miscavige nor Cruise want the truth to come out but maybe they think they can get away with bullying by forcing others (Rathbun, et al) to spend money that they don’t have and then wear them out.

    Hear me now (as an ex-Scientologist) Fields, Cruise, Miscavige…think again. There are many of us and we will come to the aid of anyone you try to mess with so don’t even use that strategy. You will lose.

    How about get honest and straight for a change?

  • Great to see this is being picked up

  • Christina Force

    He’s an Idiot. Scientology is full of idiots. No wonder his Career and everything about him is now shit. Look at how he lives. IGNORANCE is not bliss..take it from TOM…

  • Joe

    Time to time they re-circulate these kind of stories to garner sympathy for him. I couldn’t believe how people let themselves be fooled over and over by his PR. He has many movies to promote from the comming December to next year December, he has found the sympathy card is the best way to go. That is all. This is from the sci-fi camp.

  • Olive

    Rumor has it that Tom Cruise has secretly locked Isabella up in the Scientology hole! He has been displeased with her weight and what he considered keeping her in line. There hasn’t been a recent picture of her anywhere and her close friends fear the worst!

  • Hailey

    Synthia, thank you for all you are doing to expose this evil cult. I have a question regarding Isabella cruise, is she secretly locked up in the hole or sea org? I heard that tom felt he had to do this in order for isabella to not leave Scientology and to keep her in line so she will never expose the abuse her and Connor have really had to endure over all their years. Also do you think tom will ever leave Scientology or is this another pr move to make him seem likeable? Thank you again for your work in this evil and disturbing cult. God Bless you and protect you!

  • Joe

    Where is Isabella Cruise? I’m concerned after reading the latest on Scientology that Tom may have secretly put her is Sea Org. Making it appear that she wanted to join by spinning it in the press. Connor Cruise last tweeted a picture of him and Isabella almost like a goodbye picture and honoring her. It’s all very strange and I do hope this cult is closed down and the people can be set free of such horrible bondage. It really is unbelievable and disturbing how Tom Cruise a man with such power cannot use it to save himself and so many others. To bad he can’t take some of those characters he has portrayed and be that in real life. I was a fan but no longer am even if the movie was good I wouldn’t support him in anyway. He has shown himself to be a man of poor character and little courage.

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