Alyssa Milano Tape Released

Alyssa Milano Tape Released

Alyssa Milano has a sex tape! Except, it may not exactly be what you’re expecting, considering it’s a co-production with Funny Or Die. The video begins with Alyssa and her boyfriend in Cabo, and then the next scene shows Alyssa with a video camera in her bedroom, where her boyfriend is on the bed with rose petals thrown around. They exchange compliments about how they both look ‘hot’, and then her boyfriend suddenly opens his robe. Alyssa sets up the video and then as soon as she and her boyfriend start going at it, she accidentally kicks the camera towards the TV, which is in the midst of a news report about the state of our country.

The news anchor reads, “Our nation is in the midst of another conflict in the Middle East, this time in Syria. The roots of the current upheaval in Syria lies in sectarian divisions.”  The video continues in this vein and explains why and how the Assad family came to power, and why the US is only now intervening even though this conflict had reached a boiling point two years ago – read: chemical weapons.

Anyway, throughout this whole video, you can hear sounds from Alyssa’s ‘sex tape’, but you can’t see anything but the TV.

This is actually very smart, and I admire Alyssa and Funny Or Die for getting this video out there. Despite the prevalence of the news reports, there are a LOT of people in this country who have no idea what’a going in Syria, and this might get them to pay attention. If nothing else, at least they’ll learn that something is wrong in the Middle East, and that might behoove them to actually do some research themselves.

What do you guys think of Alyssa’s ‘sex tape’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • the title is super misleading cos i saw no nakedness.

  • Annemarie

    It is a satire that is what funny or die does…

  • Robyn

    I wonder what Alyssa thinks about the satire.