Dancing With the Stars 2013 RECAP 4/29/13: Season 16 Episode 7

Dancing With the Stars 2013 RECAP 4/29/13: Season 16 Episode 7

DANCING WITH THE STARS is back tonight with the seventh episode of the 16 season and tonight on DWTS the couples will compete for immunity during Latin Night.  Did you see last week’s “Stevie Wonder” performance show? We did and we recapped it for you HERE!

On last week’s show the eight remaining couples hit the dance floor and payed tribute to singer, songwriter and legend Stevie Wonder.  Stevie Wonder took over the ballroom as “Dancing with the Stars” devoted, for the first time, an entire evening to one artist. He performed some of his classic songs, including “Sir Duke” and “My Cherie Amour,” and the celebrities will dance to his greatest hits, including “I Just Called to Say I Love You,” “For Once in My Life” and “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours).”  We saw some great performances and some not so great performances.  On the result show Victor Ortiz & his professional dancer Lindsay Arnold were sent home.

On this week’s show the seven remaining couples hit the dance floor for Latin Night.   The couples will perform to a Latin-inspired hit.  In a new twist (again seems there is a new one each week) and another DWTS first, the couple with the highest overall score for the night will be granted immunity from elimination on Tuesday. The couples who do not receive immunity will then compete in a dance-off to earn extra judges’ points in an effort to increase their overall score.

The dance assignments for the week are: Kellie and Derek – Samba,  Andy and Sharna – Rumba, Jacoby and Karina – Salsa, Ingo and Kym – Rumba, Aly and Mark – Salsa, Sean and Peta – Rumba and Zendaya and Val – Paso Doble.

On Tuesdays Results show another couple will be eliminated by the end of the evening.  The show will feature music by Michael Bublé who will perform “Come Dance with Me” off his new album, “To Be Loved.”

Tonight’s episode is going to have all the usual glitz and glam in the ballroom, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars Season 16 episode 7 Performance Show – tonight at 8PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season and who you are rooting for?

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Jacoby Jones and professional dancer Karina Smirnoff dancing the Salsa. [VIDEO HERE]

Judges comments: Len : “I don’t know what is going on is that an earthwake or did you rock the place.  You did a fine job!  I would have liked a few less lifts.  It was fabulous, you shook this place up!”  Bruno: “Jacoby the fiesta has began, I am telling you your force have more action than I have seen.  Karina you spent more time flying around the Iron Man.  I loved it!”  Carrie Ann: “It is like you could fart Salsa, I am just telling it like it is.  What you do is you get down and dirty.  You had the right flavor fart.”

SCORES:  Carrie Ann: 9  Len:  9  Bruno: 9  TOTAL: 27/30

Ingo Rademacher and professional dancer Kym Johnson dancing the Rumba [VIDEO HERE]

Judges comments: Bruno: “Ingo, Ingo they say that hips don’t lie, in your case I wish it could.  The hip action has to be fluid.  It started as a slow simmer, but you lost the timing.”  Carrie Ann: “I am sad, your form was great.  Bruno is right you missed the fluidity and then the sensuality left.  I felt it was lacking a bit of the connection.”  Len: “This was a bit like the Lakers you gave it your best shot but it did not deliver.  I thought your lines were good, this is a difficult dance and overall I thought it was good, not great!”

SCORES: Carrie Ann: 7  Len:  8  Bruno:  7  TOTAL 22/30

Kellie Pickler and professional dancer Derek Hough dancing the Samba [VIDEO HERE]

Judges comments: Carrie Ann: “Kelly when I watch you dance all I see is perfection in every single move you make.  Every line is perfect.  But I have to tell you something I don’t feel you when you dance.”  Len: “It was a mix of booty and bounce.  I thought you got how the and the wow.  It was brilliant.”  Bruno: “It was the perfect balance of technique and content.  It was the perfect Samba. You shook my bon bons!”

TOTAL: Carrie Ann: 9  Len:  10  Bruno: 10  TOTAL: 29/30

Andy Dick and professional dancer Sharna Burgess dancing the Rumba [VIDEO HERE]

Judges comments: Len: “Any I like the fun and the entertainment value, and I like the enthusiasm. There was not enough hip movement.  As always I enjoy you. “  Bruno:  “You have taken an unforgettable dance and now I wish you could forget it.  At the moment you do steps.  It is not enough to do the feet and hoping for the best.”  Carrie Ann: “You touch us, I know you want to improve, work on making the arms consistently part of the dance, than may change things.”

SCORES: Carrie Ann: 5  Len:  6  Bruno: 6  TOTAL 17/30

Aly Raisman and professional dancer Mark Ballas dancing a Salsa [VIDEO HERE]

Judges comments: Bruno: “The spice of my life, the was an inebriating, uplifting dance of flavor.”  Carrie Ann: “I love it, this is the Aly I knew waiting to come out!”  Len“It was like a tequila sunrise it was sharp and taste.  I would have like a few more recognizable Salsa moves.  The way you attached it, you could not ask for more!”

SCORES: Carrie Ann: 10 Len: 9  Bruno: 10  TOTAL: 29/30

Sean Lowe and professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd dancing the Rumb [VIDEO HERE]

Judges comments: Carrie Ann: “Well, well, well Sean who is the hero now, I am very impressed. Tonight the music was pulsating through you.  The chemistry was great.”  Len: “It was like a match Peta was hot and you were not as much.  You hand kept flapping away.”  Bruno: “A vision of grey, 50 shades of show.  Your musicality was so much better.  Sometimes you bum stuck out, but it was only a moment or two.  So much better, you should be proud.”

SCORES: Carrie Ann: 8  Len:  8  Bruno:  8  TOTAL 24/30

Zendaya and professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy dancing the Paso Doble [VIDEO HERE]

Judges commentsLen: “I was there, I was in the bull fight.  The cape fluid and flowing.  That dance had attack and aggression.  You have to lift you chin a bit.”  Bruno: “You looked like and Angel you danced like a fury.  Len is write, chin up.  You are a magnificent dancer.”  Carrie Ann“It was kinda like a song without a baseline.  But it was beautiful, you cannot compete with your lines!”

SCORES: Carrie Ann: 9  Len: 9  Bruno: 9  TOTAL: 37/30

ROUND 1 is finished.

Immunity this week went to Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough, although they tied with Aly and Derek, the winner went to the couple who had the highest scores all season and that was Kellie.


1) Aly and Mark pick Andy and Sharna to dance off against.  Andy and Sharna pick the dance.  They pick Cha Cha Cha.

Len: “Andy I admire you, you enthusiasm is fantastic.”  Bruno: “You were both putting great personality, but both of you did a great job!”  Carrie Ann: “Everyone did so well, Andy I love that you give it your all!”

VOTES: Carrie Ann: Allie & Mark Bruno: Allie & Mark  Len: “Allie & Mark”  – Allie and Mark get 3 points added to their score.

2) Zendaya and Val pick Jacoby and Karina.  Jacoby gets to pick the dance style and he chooses a Jive.

Bruno: “It was like watching two champions.”  Carrie Ann: “I applaud you guys for taking Jacoby, that made a real challenge.  Zendaya you were in it to win it.”  Len: “One is clean and precise and the other fun.  A tough call!”

VOTES: Carrie Ann:  Zendaya & Val LEN: Zendaya & Val Bruno: Zendaya & Val  – Zendaya and Mark get 3 points added to their score.

3) Sean and Peta and Ingo and Kym to dance off.  They get a Rumba because that is what is left.

Carrie Ann: “Ingo nice improvement, your lines were there.  Sean another great performance.”  Len: “This is the hardest for me, for me there is a clear winner.”  Bruno: “It was like watching the battle of the hunks.”

VOTES: Carrie Ann: Ingo & Kim  Len: Ingo & Kim  Bruno:  Sean & Peta.  Ingo & Kim win and get 3 points added to their score.

That is it for the night, don’t forget to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry for the Results show tomorrow night!