Dexter Series Finale Spoilers – Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Goes To Jail?

Dexter Series Finale Spoilers - Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Goes To Jail?

Dexter is just days away from its big series finale, and although it’s bittersweet for the stars and creator of the show, it’s even more bittersweet for the fans – especially the ones who have stuck out eight seasons of the show to reach this moment.

So what will happen in the big finale? Will Dexter die? Will Deb die? All series star Michael C. Hall would say about shooting the ending was, “When we shot the final final scene, it was like the feeling when you read a really great book and you read that last page and something is hovering in the air. It was like that times a 100.”

At this point, we know that Deb wants to take down Dexter, and she wants to be the one to do it. It’s obvious that the finale is headed for a really dark ending, and I’d bet my money on a major character dying – possibly even Deb or Dexter.

There are also several spoilery images that show Dexter carrying Deb, which means that Debra Morgan could bite it in the end. It seems like the finale takes place – at least in part – at a hospital so the question is: what are Deb and/or Dexter doing at the hospital? Why is Dexter carrying her body, and why was she covered with a plastic sheet?

There’s also the fact that the stills released are usually a way to mislead the fans, or at least push them in a different direction. Maybe Deb doesn’t die, and she and Dexter are in on it together.

What do you guys think will happen in the end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.