Jennifer Aniston Wants Brad Pitt Back: Refuses To Marry Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston Wants Brad Pitt Back: Refuses To Marry Justin Theroux

Poor Jennifer Aniston. She wants to prove to the world that she is over her cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater ex-husband Brad Pitt by marrying her stolen (funny how everyone forgets) boyfriend Justin Theroux (who was with Heidi Bivens when he started knocking boots with Jen), but, according to the National Enquirer, the wedding is once again delayed because Ms. Aniston is having problems going ahead with the plans because of Telly Savalas.

This pair has had a very rocky road toward the altar, haven’t they? First, we have Jen’s Brad fixation that has caused her to seek therapy. This alone has been a huge stumbling block toward marrying Justin. Would you want to grow old with someone who can’t get over her ex?

Jennifer Aniston Wants Brad Pitt Back: Refuses To Marry Justin Theroux

Then, we have her obsession over Angelina Jolie that is so bad, her newest friend, Chelsea Handler, goes on tirades about Angie on her show, Chelsea Lately, years after Jen and Brad split!

In addition to apparently yammering on and on about Angelina enough to keep Chelsea incensed, she cannot even work on movies that have a character named Angie! It makes her cringe, cry, and refuse to go to the set to begin work until the scripts get revised. How unprofessional. Jennifer gets paid more money for one film than most families will see in several lifetimes and she can’t pull it together enough to get the job done just because of a character’s name? Please.

Then, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got engaged around the same time as Justin and Jennifer. Everyone waited to see who would announce a wedding date first, only neither couple has said a word. All anyone ever says is, “No date has been set yet,” or an unnamed source close to one couple or the other says a wedding is “imminent,” or “later this year,” or “sometime next year.”

Jennifer Aniston Wants Brad Pitt Back: Refuses To Marry Justin Theroux

Now we have the news that Justin has apparently moved out of Jennifer’s home. Funny, he supposedly moves out, and all of a sudden the National Enquirer is saying, “Oh, they just can’t get married right now because of a promise Jennifer made to Telly Savalas.” According to the publication, Jennifer promised her godfather Telly that she would remain connected to her Greek roots and if she marries Justin in Hawaii the way Justin wants, she will not be honoring her promise.

So, which is it? Has Justin moved out of their home or have they hit a snafu because of a vow Jennifer made to a dying man? Or, is Jennifer afraid of committing because a small part of her hopes that as long as both she and Brad remain legally unbound there is still a chance for being reunited?

What do you think? Is Jennifer perfectly justified in her Brad and Angie fixation or is it time to get the heck over it already and move on? Is it over with Justin or is the National Enquirer full of hooey? Please discuss this burning issue in the comments section below.

Jennifer Aniston Wants Brad Pitt Back: Refuses To Marry Justin Theroux

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  • Ross Sherri

    sick of hearing about this BS

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  • jhunted7667

    granted she thought she was happier when there was no publicity about the relationship , but they were together physically , I think that he was with Angie at the same time he was with Jennifer before Jennifer married him and Angie married Thorton , Face it when people are Famous they surrender one kind of happiness for an other , you cannot have it all , NO ONE can have it all no matter how it appears to you that they do , You want a happy marriage then the man and the family comes first , you want a career then that comes first , A MAN WANTS A WOMAN TO HOLD AT NIGHT AN NOT AN ICON , the only marriages in Hollywood that didn’t fall apart are those where one stayed home while the other worked , even then when the Star came home from work they left that hat outside the door to became a normal person and they slept in the same bed every night , Aniston made the mistake of not studying his character prior to marrying him , I think now she learned her lesson to the extreme , she will never stop testing the men she is with , she seems to have found one decent one a while back but , he was not part of the entertainment industry so she discounted him even though she loved him , so you see she sacrificed her happiness for the sake of her fame , as far as I can see her only hope to be happy is to spend some time alone with her self , have a good cry over mistakes that she has made although she won’t admit to have made any , we have all made mistakes , it’s more profound for a woman I think because the more time a woman invests in a man the greater the pain if she loose him , I think she has discounted God and now God is showing her who is boss and who in reality controls all things from behind the scenes , in the End it’s going to be God’s way or no way , it’s always been that way only people are too blind to see it

  • Ross

    I read about Jennifer because I like her but tired of hearing she’s pregnant then she’s not. So if you don’t like my comment then STOP reading mine. problem solved!!! jerk

  • Dmora

    And what does that make Angelina? Brad was married when she hooked up with him. Why would Aniston be a home wrecking ho and not Angelina? Who really cares?

  • Cali65

    You should Google it.