Jennifer Lawrence Jealous Of Bradley Cooper’s Girlfriend, Upset She Missed Her Chance

Jennifer Lawrence Jealous Of Bradley Cooper's Girlfriend, Upset She Missed Her Chance 0417

I’m throwing down a major “As If!” before I even start this story. Like my girl Jennifer Lawrence would ever be jealous of a twenty-year-old model, let alone one getting used by Bradley Cooper in his quest to be the next Leonardo DiCaprio. But, still, it’s in the news so we must keep you informed!

Radar is reporting that ever since Suki Waterhouse came into the picture, Jennifer and Bradley’s relationship has deteriorated. The co-stars spent all their time together during Silver Linings Playbook but Suki is making sure that all Bradley’s free time is purely directed towards her.

“When Bradley and Jennifer made Silver Linings Playbook and Serena together they were inseparable,” a source tells Radar. “But now, Bradley has been spending his free time with Suki, and she feels like she’s lost her partner in crime.”

That’s a natural feeling. I get that. Sets can be lonely and when your main friend finds himself a new screw buddy that can be alienating. But Jennifer Lawrence jealous? Bitch please. If Jennifer’s jealous of anything it’s that Bradley flew Suki to Paris and didn’t come back with any cheese, wine and bread because she’s sensible that way. She doesn’t want Bradley. I still have a gut feeling she’s going to get back together with Nicholas Hoult anyway after they start filming the X-Men sequel. That’s not to say Bradley didn’t want her. I think her wanted her badly but she was just not having it. Isn’t it funny that Bradley blamed age as the reason why he and Jennifer never hooked up in the first place? He kept telling the press, “I’m old enough to be her father!” Well, she’s older than Suki. So what does that tell you about Bradley Cooper? He needs to get a better excuse for the next awards season. Maybe, “She hates the fact that I got divorced from Jennifer Esposito after four months !”? Ya… I still think that’s weird.

What do you think? Is a Jennifer Lawrence/Suki Waterhouse feud brewing or could Jennifer care less? You know how I feel….




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