Amber Heard Wants To Break Up With Johnny Depp: “Smothering” Her Since Lone Ranger Tanked

Amber Heard Wants To Split With Johnny Depp: "Smothering" Her Since Lone Ranger Tanked

Johnny Depp has reportedly been ‘smothering’ Amber Heard lately, and using her to boost his ego after the failure of his latest movie, The Lone Ranger.  Amber has had it with old Johnny and is thinking about a split.

According to the report from Star Magazine, a source explains that the film’s failure has had a negative effect on Johnny, saying, “He’s in a terrible state over the whole thing, he’s been relying on Amber to maintain his fragile ego, but she isn’t sure how much more she can take. She’s been locked away in his apartment, looking after his kids, but his smothering behavior is driving her crazy.”

It’s true that we haven’t really seen Amber out and about recently, but after Paranoia bombed at the box office, she didn’t really have anything to promote, did she? It doesn’t seem like either Amber nor Johnny are good luck for each other, if their movies’ performance is any indication.

Anyway, even though the wording of the report is a little odd, I could believe that Johnny’s ego has taken a blow after the failure of The Lone Ranger. After all, here’s a film that he put his heart and soul into for the last two years and defended against all the criticism, and it bombed. It worse than bombed, it tanked – both critically and commercially. So I could see him leaning on the people close to him to get him through. However, I don’t know about the whole ‘smothering’ thing. I always had the feeling that Amber was there because she wants to be there, for her career. Unless it’s her team leaking all these reports to make it seem more natural when she leaves. I mean, her career hasn’t exactly taken off since dating Johnny Depp, has it? Why would she need to stick around much longer?

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  • aww, so sad – hope they make love to work it out

  • Avmir


    • ThunderStorm

      I agree

  • Angel 2009

    Awwww, the bi-bimbo wants to bail now that she’s expected to show some real concern for her sugar daddy.

  • Diane Dowling

    He’s just letting her see other women so she has somewhere to go when he dumps her. This won’t last. Johnny, you deserve better than someone who needs any one other than you. I loved you in The Lone Ranger and so did my friends. Rock On !

    • stef

      No amber is just a gold digger slut that needs to be put in her place

  • ThunderStorm

    I think you should take tour crap up your ass. You’re giving us your opinion while the header of this news is a statement.
    Do not make us waste our time when you’re bored, please.
    Show some respect for people… Johnny Depp & Amber Heard are both humans beings. Everybody around them must be worried bout all the shit you guys plublish bout them, and Johnny & Amber must be worried about those worried reading your shit.

    Leave ’em alone, for goodness sake!!!!

    On a side note, you might have bring the movie down in the States, but NOT in the rest of thr world

  • Tracey Hunt

    Well if she wants to go then do it. Johnny. Needs to find someone who doesn’t give a flying f..k about fame n fortune. He needs someone normal who can look after him n his children and who he can look after and be needed. I would be more than happy to do it johnny. Never happen I know but I can dream. He he. Hope you find true love mr depp. Tracey chesterfield u.k