Julia Roberts Child Abuse Scandal: Terrorized By Step Father Michael Motes (PHOTO)

Julia Roberts Child Abuse Scandal: Terrorized By Step Father Michael Motes (PHOTO)

Sometimes Hollywood’s best stories end up being the behind-the-scenes real life drama that some of biggest stars had to endure before finding their way to fame and notoriety. Julia Roberts is apparently one of them and in interviews she has staunchly refused to discuss her stepfather, Michael Motes. As it turns out there is a huge reason why the actress prefers to stay quiet. Motes was a raging alcoholic that filled the families days with violence, abuse and other unspeakable acts. Could this be why Julia has such a strained relationship with Nancy Motes?

The Dec. 2nd print edition of National Enquirer features an interview with Motes, now residing in Georgia with his gay lover. He himself decided to give some of the details on Julia’s childhood and what actually went on in the families home. Julia’s brother, Eric Robert’s has spoken out a little bit about Motes in the past admitting that the man terrorized and abused him. He said that his greatest fear was that his sisters suffered the same fate at the hands of Motes. Why do you think this accused monster decided to talk now? My guess is that Enquirer offered him the right price!

Have you heard any rumblings about Carrie Underwood or Brad Paisley cheating or hooking up? It seems that this week’s mag has an inside line on these two that until now I actually hadn’t heard a breath about! Also if you are a fan of oogling celebs beach bodies, especially the ones that should remain covered up, then you’re going to love the Dec. 2nd issue because there is a several page feature that will likely make you feel quite a bit better about your own body! Whose beach body would you like to borrow even for a day? Tell us in the comments below!

Julia Roberts, who turned 46 years old last month, stopped by a yoga class in Malibu, California for a workout on October 29

Photo Credit: FameFlynet and National Enquirer

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