Kate Middleton And Prince William Already Planning Baby No. 2! (Video)

Kate Middleton And Prince William Already Planning Baby No. 2! (Video) 0404

Kate’s making up for the fact that she wasn’t on any tabloid covers yesterday. She’s full of interesting news today! First we spotted her in Scotland on a two-day tour and now we have the news that she’s already planning another baby. Kate Middleton isn’t getting any younger so she and Prince William are determined to get pregnant right away after the birth of their first kid this July.

According to OK! magazine (via Hollywood Life) the main issue might have to do with weight. Kate Middleton’s not in the mood to spend all that time losing the baby weight just to regain it all over again. She wants to just get pregnant right away with the extra pounds on her so after this last baby is born she can focus on losing all the weight and moving on.

BULLSHIT. Let’s get this straight. Kate is having two kids but that’s what William has always said he wanted and it’s her royal job to give them to him. What else does she have to do? It’s her uterus’s job to grant the monarchy an heir and a spare and quickly so no one freaks out. A lot of people still think it’s bad enough she waited so long to have this first one. But are you serious about the weight issue? Do you actually think Kate won’t have that weight off her in two months tops? She’s already just about six months and she’s barely put any on anyway so it’s not like it’s going to be tough. Bitches please. Yes Kate might be nice and sweet and cute and fun and down-to-earth but can we acknowledge she’s vain? Is it so terrible that she can be all those things and vain too? She is. Trust. She probably will pop those kids out one after the other because she wants to get it over but she’s not going to wait on losing the weight in the interim. Who do we think she is? Jessica Simpson?

What do you think? Is Kate Middleton planning another baby before the first one is even born? Is this really a question? These royals have had Kate’s body on the calendar since she put that ring on her finger – probably way before!


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