Kendall Jenner Gets Into Lil Twist’s Car – What’s It Costing Her?

Kendall Jenner Get's Into Lil Twist's Car – What’s It Costing Her?

Kendall Jenner raised eyebrows the other night when she stepped out in a tight little black top and tight high-waisted pants to attend Rihanna’s concert in LA. She looked a whole lot older than 17 and clearly has taken to running with a wild crowd.  When the show was over it was Lil Twist’s car that Kendall got into and by now we all know that aside from being a rapper, Twist is probably best known for teaching Justin Bieber his skilled blunt-rolling abilities. I have to think that if you’re hanging with him then you have to be doing a lot of the things that he does or else Twist wouldn’t waste any time, right?

Anyway, Kendall is on the verge of taking over the hottest Kardashian throne once completely owned by her sister, Kim Kardashian. Kim is currently eating for two at least and has put on a ton of weight in the last 6 months. By the time Kim loses the baby weight Kendall will likely be 18 and have reached the age of consent – legal – and the hottest face and body of the Kardashian empire.

Kendall Jenner Get's Into Lil Twist's Car – What’s It Costing Her?

In so many ways Kendalls’ teen years have been totally bypassed for adulthood. She hasn’t looked forward to the typical teenaged things but instead wears thousand dollar shoes and parties like she’s thirty. Is there any way that this girl could possibly still be a virgin? I’m betting no. I think in order to even climb into Lil Twist’s car – or any of the rest of his crew’s, you better be willing to give it up.  Kendall probably has more experience than girls ten years her senior and I’m sure that momager, Kris Jenner, is fine with that! The more sexual Kendall appears, the better she can sell the sexy Kardashian/Jenner brand while Kris sits back and swigs from another bottle.

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Will Kendall eventually regret not having a normal teenage existence? Will having (and doing) too much too soon ultimately be her downfall? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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