Kim Kardashian Threatens To Quit Reality TV For Her Baby – Kris Jenner Says NO!

Kim Kardashian Threatens To Quit Reality TV For Her Baby - Kris Jenner Says NO!

All Kardashian haters, breath a sigh of relief! In roughly seven months, it sounds like you’ll be free from Kim Kardashian! She and boyfriend Kanye West abruptly announced their pregnancy just before New Year’s, and they’re already adjusting to make room for the baby. Kim is working on the normal things—staying healthy and completing work obligations—while Kanye house hunts and shops for baby clothes (both sexes! He’s giving nothing away!). But the biggest adjustment will be what happens after the baby is born, because it will mark the day Kim officially quits reality TV!  But of course not if Kris Jenner has her way – she’ll drag Kim and the infant to court if she can just to ensure that they remain on camera.

A source described their baby plans to Us Weekly, print edition January 21, 2013, “She doesn’t want the baby to be seen for the first six months. She’s ready to dial back from being so public.” This is drastic, especially for a Kardashian! Most celebrities negotiate a cover shoot to unveil their new baby, but for Kim to keep entirely out of sight will be crazy—especially since her current job is to be seen everywhere! That’s not to say paparazzi or Kim’s personal Instagram won’t ever give us a glimpse, but she’s planning to be strict about it!

To compensate for Kim’s disappearance, Kanye is ready to support her and the baby fully. “Kanye said it’s up to her if she wants to stay on the shows,” the friend reported. “Whatever makes her happy, but he can take care of them.” What would the Kardashian franchise look like without Kim front and center? Would Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian karry on, spurred by Kris Jenner, or would they just quietly fall out of the spotlight and into borderline normalcy? Will you miss Kim when the baby comes? Do you think she’ll sell out eventually, or has she really changed and grown up? Perhaps more importantly: will Kanye cheat and dump her, or will they share a life long romance? Time will tell!

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  • Cleo

    This is their usual well orchestrated plan. She is not carrying a baby herself and because she has been overexposed, she wouldn’t be able to carry the prank for long before a picture or o video shows her fake pregnacy, look what append to Beyonce……

  • 99142

    Kim needs to lead her own life when it comes to herself and baby. And what kind of mother puts those conditions on her adult daughter, knowing this may negatively impact her child and relationship with the baby Daddy. Kris Jenner in recent years as come off as a pimp who is pimping out her daughters and family to the highest bidder for the sake of a dallor. She hides behind to managerial hat and is looking bad as a mother. Spending less time with her family, all for the sake of the mighty dallor. When she faces her maker, what will she tell God in terms of making another life better. Not what she thinks will make someone’s life better but actually what she has done to make someone’s life better. How much time has she spent with family, friends and what has she done for people in her community. These things are as important if not more important than her earning her 10% off her family members. Kris Jenner needs to be ashamed of herself and I wouldn’t blame the husband for leaving her.