Kristen Stewart Begs Robert Pattinson To Forget About Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders’ Divorce

Kristen Stewart Begs Robert Pattinson To Forget About Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders’ Divorce

Just when I had come to believe that Kristen Stewart had absolutely no common sense floating around in her head, she finally is doing something that makes sense. She’s come to realize that mentioning Rupert Sanders name is nothing but a bad idea so she keeps her mouth shut. Supposedly back in the early days of reconciling with Robert Pattinson she swore she would never utter Rupert’s name in front of him. How much do you want to bet that Rob has uttered it a whole lot while fighting with the trampire?

Anyway, supposedly Kristen is devastated to hear that Liberty Ross has opted to divorce Rupert, probably mainly because it reflects badly on her. Being the other woman is bad enough but being it in a situation where a divorce is the end result has to be much worse. You can pretend an affair didn’t happen and move on. You can’t pretend that an affair didn’t destroy a marriage once divorce is filed and Kristen knows it.

Her friends also never bring Rupert up in conversation. Of course Kristen doesn’t want to talk about it – there’s no way she can look good if she does. It was wrong and she destroyed a family. She doesn’t want that accountability and judgment on her head so she avoids it at all costs.

Do you think Rob will bring up the divorce to Kristen? We know he has a much more solid idea of what a real relationship is so I’m guessing this being the end result may almost upset him more than her. Will Rob ever truly take Kristen back or is their relationship as doomed as Liberty and Rupert’s marriage was?  Is he glad to be shooting an ocean away from the star? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Disgusted with Hollywood

    Here is my two bits worth. I think Robert is very intelligent and he will begin to question if Kristen and Rupert were more initimately involved than just a momentary indiscretion.
    If he would just take the time to look a those photos and the body language, he wouldn’t have to ask any questions…No one would divorce just because of kiss or cuddle…..I have been marrie for 45 years and if that was the case, I would have been a divorcee with a child many years ago. It did take time to get over the embarrassment and unfaithfulness but in the end we went out as a family unit and never looked back since…

  • disqus_D50v51lAZk

    It’s time to stop puting all the blame on Kristen, yes she made a mistake and is paying for it. But Rupert nedds to stand up and take some blame for the distruction of his marriage and what he did, They were havin problems way before Kristen came into the picture. Rob will not bring this up because he wants to put all of this mess behind him and get on with his life, hopefully and prayfully with Kristen in it

    • disqus_5LSX4Jk8il

      I agree 100%. Kristen is not the only one at fault here. Rupert put the move on her first, and she made a mistake in responding to him, yes, but let’s not forget it takes two to tango. Rupert’s attention on Stewart was just a symptom of a bad marriage to begin with.

  • emdash13

    It is absolutely amazing to me the degree of denial the media and Stewart fans push. If poor Kristen Stewart was
    being sexually harassed by her director she could have gone to her Hollywood parents, her Hollywood boyfriend, a Hollywood attorney, or a Hollywood reporter at any time. She didn’t.

    Kristen Stewart has an affair with the husband of the woman who plays her mother in the movie “Snow White” (but I drifted). Doesn’t that even creep you out the least bit? Even with children being involved. Even with her having been welcomed into her victim’s home (Remember Liberty Ross?)

    Why didn’t Stewart and Sanders get a room, like most normal people do? Oh, yeah. Paparazzi.

    Why didn’t Stewart and Sanders go to his house if they wanted to have a private tryst? Oh, wait. Probably not a good idea to have an affair in the home of your wife and two “beautiful” children.

    Well, why didn’t they have their tryst at Stewarts? Well, can’t do that. It is the house she was sharing with her live-in boyfriend Rupert Pattinsen. Can’t do it there.

    Well, why not take their steaming hot love over to Jodie Foster’s? After all, what are friends for?

    Now can we call Kristen Stewart a “homewrecker?”
    Probably not. Nothing is going to happen. Kristen Stewart knows this. She’s got the press on her side pumping out all this propaganda. She’s got her fans who are insane in support of fandom. She’s got this whole victim thing going great for her, like she is some virginal teenager who just happened to have a live-in boyfriend going on when
    this whole Rupert Sanders predation thing was going on.
    Our dear sweet Kristen Stewart. This goddess will not fall.