Lee Daniels’ The Butler Movie Review – CDL Exclusive

Lee Daniels' The Butler Movie Review - CDL Exclusive

I figured before I begin some would want to know my race. I am bi-racial but I have always identified not by race but as an American. I like many others were taught that us being American was what mattered. The same can be said about Cecil Gaines Story in The Butler.  He served and always showed the best of himself. Or the least the only side people were willing to accept for his time.

The movie is based on his life story as he got to witness the changing atmosphere of both 20th and 21st century. From growing up on a cotton farm when plantations still treated workers like slaves to when he got to call Barak Obama,  Mr. President. His travails could have easily been swept under the rug along with much other unpleasantness some are so easily forgetting. However this is our history, don’t like it then oh well. You have anonymous setting on Youtube. In the meantime some of us are enjoying the movie so shh!

With a wonderful cast including Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, Lenny Kravitz, David Oyelowo, and the irrepressibly funny Cuba Gooding Jr., the movie carried itself with tears and humor. Yes, humor; just because something momentous was happening doesn’t mean people forgot to laugh.  I certainly enjoyed the movie and mind you I had to sit down through John Cusack’s take on Richard Nixon – or in other words basically Cussack with a fake nose.  

Why should you go see this movie? How about I tell you it’s a must. You must go see the movie even if you’re not political or whatever excuse that’s trying to pop up in your head. Anyway its Oprah back onscreen as the funny, cheating, and drunk wife of Cecil Gaines. Who is really going to miss out on that?

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