Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 3 Review “Cat’s Cradle”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 3 Review “Cat’s Cradle”

Before I get into this episode review I have a few things I want to bring up from the first and second episode’s of this season. First off Mona decided now that she was in A’s cross-hairs she might want to come clean about a few things…

Mona verbatim: “Shana knew Jenna before she came to Rosewood. I think she is in love with her. They’re both afraid of Melissa.” “When Cece came to Radley I thought she was Ali. I don’t remember what we talked about, it was before they changed my meds.” “Lucas gave Emily that massage. He said you were tense.” “I recruited Toby when he got that job in Bucks County.” “I didn’t push Ian off the bell tower. I wish I knew who did.”

Well she does give us a few answers she unfortunately also leaves us with more questions. I have a theory of my own as to who took care of Ian but I’m going to keep that to myself for the time being.

In the second episode we found out a HUGE thing about Ali…girl could hold her breath for long periods of time and apparently had been doing so since the age of five (think about that for a moment and what it might mean). We also met a cute little birdie who can memorize phone numbers and then sing them to you (no need to worry A took care of that).

Episode three here we come. This episode is Mona free. I know I’m disappointed to.  The girls are sitting in that coffee shop. You know the one Aria’s moms boyfriend owns. The Brew? Anyway they are discussing all the cute little bird toys. Emily explains that the only way she could sneak Ali’s notebooks out of the house with out Ali’s mom seeing was to hide them amongst all the toys and junk. Aria is watching Ella and her coffee shop boyfriend. But then snaps back into reality when Spencer ask her about Jake.
Aria: He is really nice. I mean he isn’t Ezra , but still I thought I would go out with him tonight. He totally has the whole teacher student thing going for him.

Spencer: Oh honey, you just are never going to learn are you? They all four exchange glances.

Meanwhile just a few chairs and a couch away Ella is talking to her barista boyfriend. Apparently he is going to Vienna, well outside of Vienna in a castle with a lake he will only be gone under a year. He ask Ella to go with him. She is adamant she can’t go because of Aria, and that it would be unpractical.

Back to the girls. Spencer wants Emily to ditch all the extra stuff they don’t need….it’s all about those notebooks. They find this strange mask in with all the extra stuff. It’s important for all of about two seconds. In walks Melissa. Spencer makes a beeline for her. She talks about some internship might be in San Francisco, might be in London. Then she comments on how exciting things have been in Rosewood.

Spencer verbatim: Wilden’s dead. Somebody shot him and stuffed in his own trunk and left in the middle of town. But you know it’s the same old same old. Then Melissa gets all creepy and tells Spencer maybe it’s time for the both of them to get out of town.

Caleb and Hannah are sitting on the Church steps. She asked him how things went with his dad. He tells her he told his dad he was sorry and that he should have believed him instead of accusing him of stealing the Church bell. The topic then turns to Hannah’s mom. Hannah knows that A is just going to make her mom look guiltier and guiltier even if she didn’t kill Wilden. I’m inclined to agree with Hannah.

Aria is talking to her mom on the sidewalk about her going to Vienna. She ask Ella if she wants to go. You can tell by the look on her face that she does.

Spencer and Toby are at his place. She is trying to look-up who the number the bird was singing belongs to. Toby is still going over the files A gave him about his mothers stay and then suicide at Radley. How does A even know about Toby’s moms stay? A better question is who do we know that works at Radley from time to time and has a connection to Spencer? Why Wren of course. So is he working with A? Spencer tells Toby that eventually the girls will figure out he is the one that took the RV and that he needs to tell them. He says he doesn’t even know where he would begin to explain it to them. Then he says something interesting.
Toby verbatim: The thing about A, when it was Mona or who ever it is now SHE always knows when your at your weakest.
Spencer decides they need to break into Radley and check the facts.

Ashley is pulling dinner out of a to go bag. These two eat out a lot. Hannah precedes to play 20 questions with her. But Ashley has a answer for everything even the name of the play she saw while in New York “Anything Goes”.

Aria is watching a black and white movie with Jake. I think she thinks he is Ezra. Anyway he notices that she gets nervous when he jokes about not liking movies that aren’t in color. He then tells her that its good to not have everything in common because if they did the relationship would be boring.

Emily is at her doctors getting her shoulder checked out and X-rays done. When she comes into his office he ask how she managed to fall off her bike and only hurt her shoulder. She says just lucky I guess. He then offers to write her a prescription for pain meds but she refuses saying she had a allergic reaction to them. He ask who prescribed them to her. She backtracks and says she heard that you could have a allergic reaction. She thanks him and leaves.

Hannah is dropping off the cars to her mom at her office. She notices the flowers on her desk and ask who they are from her mom says the bank. When she gets up to take some papers out Hannah notices that the flowers came with a card she looks around and finds it in the trash it say “Hope you’re feeling better. The show was a dud,you didn’t miss anything” Ashley is so busted. She didn’t go to the show and now she has unaccounted time to explain. Hannah shows Ashley the card and then storms out.

Spencer, Aria, and Emily are talking after school. Emily says she needs help with the notebooks, Aria says she will come over that night and help. Emily’s mom comes up and ask her about the pills , she noticed some were missing from her bottle. Emily denies it. Pam gets mad and grabs her in front of everybody and the they start yelling. Pam lets her go and apologizes. Emily gets in the car. Aria nor Spencer knows what’s going on. Spencer leaves. Aria’s phone goes off signaling the unwanted text message of the show ” Cleaning up Rosewood, one mean mommy at a time. Dig we must. Kisses -A”.

Caleb and Hannah are discussing Ashley and her lying ways. Hannah is convinced the reason she lied is because she was in Rosewood the night Wilden was murdered. Caleb says the only thing she knows is that she wasn’t at the play. Hannah thinks she is going to lose her mom just like she lost her dad. She heads to the Police Station to see Pam. She puts flowers on her desk and then notices a open door and behind the open door is a board. She walks over to the door and goes in. Its a board with a graph. On the graph are pictures of every main character on this shoe dead and alive, and smack dab in the middle is Wilden. There are all these strings leading from him to the pictures of everyone else and all these questions written all over it. Hannah is amazed and a little frightened by it. She whips out her phone to take a picture but right then the new cop walks in and stops her. He then turns her around and walks her out. She ask if she is a suspect , which he doesn’t confirm or deny. She watches him walk away and right over to Melissa, he apparently has questions for her as well.

Caleb hunts down Hannah’s dead to tell him what’s going on. He tries to explain that Hannah just needs to know her father is there for her.

Aria and Emily are in Emily’s room talking about this lie and that lie and the newest one they have told when Aria notices that the mask she is holding comes apart and there is another mask underneath a mask that looks like Ali.

Hannah is in her room with headphones on her head whether mom comes tearing in there to yell at her about going through her trash at work. Hannah says she doesn’t care where she was just that she lied about it. Ashley tells Hannah to,stop asking her questions and that is anybody ask if she knows where her mom was that night not to lie and just don’t say anything. Hannah’s phone rings. Spencer and Toby are sneaking into Radley using the override codes that Mona gave her.

Hannah is at Emily’s, she confirms that the mask they found is like the one on the Halloween train but that one isn’t it. Aria points out the name of the guy inside the mask Hector Lime. Emily tells her they looked up his website and no where he is. Hannah wants to go. Aria ask if they are going to wait for Spencer. Hannah verbatim “What? We can’t make a move without Nancy Drew?” Emily, Hannah, and Aria head off to Hector’s studio.

Hannah, Emily, and Aria find him out in the middle of nowhere. They see someone on the porch but they are just a statue. Before they can come up with a plan he opens the door. Hannah shows him the mask and he tells them they need to come in.

Toby and Spencer are in a room in Radley retracing his mothers steps. Toby begins to believe his mom really did kill herself. He can’t believe he gave A the RV.

The girls are talking to Hector about the mask. He says he placed a add for a young girl to pose for him Ali answered it. When they were done he she asked him to make four of those mask. He notices how pretty Emily is and offers to answer questions if he can have a cast of her face.

Spencer notices that there is no way Toby’s mom could have jumped for that window and landed where the file says she did. They decide they need to find people who were working at Radley at the time. E. Lamb perhaps?

Emily is in the chair asking questions till he tells her he needs to start putting the stuff on her. Hannah sneaks off and starts wondering around his back room. He tells Aria he broke the mold of Ali’s face because she told him to. Meanwhile Hannah looks at something that gets her all freaked out. Emily gets the mask off. As they are leaving Hannah shows them what’s in her bag. They all three look back at his studio.

Hannah’s dad stops Caleb while he is walking and tells him they need to talk. He ask Caleb if Ashley sent him. Caleb calls him on his nonsense and how he knew Ashley was in Rosewood that night. He admits he knew. He said that she came to his office asked for money but that he then left when he came back Ashley was gone. He went on to say that after talking to Caleb he went to his office and checked for his gun and that it was missing.

Emily is in her room. Her mom knocks on her door and tells her that family services called her and said that they want to meet with her about Emily due to,all the things that go on with her. Aria is sitting in the coffee shop with Jake. She excuses herself and tells her mom to go with Zach to Austria. Ella decides to go for it. Aria gets back up and goes back to Jake.

Hannah heads over to Spencer’s and shows her what was in her purse it’s a mold of Melissa’s face. Hannah gets home and heads upstairs. She hears water running in the bathroom. She calls out to her mom and tells her she is home. Ashley apologizes for earlier. Next you see Ashley standing in the bathroom. She looks so lost.

Melissa knocks on Spencer’s door. She comes in and starts talking to Spencer. She reminds her of a time when spencer asked her I she had to choose between protecting Spencer and someone she loved what would she do…she asks Spencer what she would do if Melissa asked her that question.

Emily is in bed. Her mom knocks and lets her know her dad is coming home because family services called him to.

A is listening to a record and snapping pictures of Emily’s X-rays.

The End!