Queen Elizabeth Abdication Nears – Prince Charles To Be King As Monarch Skips Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

Queen Elizabeth Abdication Nears - Prince Charles To Be King As Monarch Skips Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

Queen Elizabeth will be missing the Commonwealth Meeting for the first time in over 40 years. The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting is scheduled to take place later this year, but the Queen won’t be part of the proceedings because of impending health concerns.

Buckingham Palace announced as much when it was reviewing the long-term trips planned for the Queen, especially because she’s getting older and more frail as time goes by. Considering that the meeting is held all the way in Sri Lanka, royal experts say that the Queen’s health would start deteriorating if she continues to push her body through trips like this. Sri Lanka is almost halfway across the world from England, and it takes at least 12-16 hours to get there, not counting stops on the way.

According to reports, Prince Charles will be replacing Queen Elizabeth at the Commonwealth proceedings, even though this will be the first time the Queen will be absent since 1973.  Of course Camilla Parker-Bowles is itching for Charles to replace the Queen as quickly as possible.  Could the recent abdication of Queen Beatrix in favor of her son, now King Willem-Alexander, have influenced the Queen to allow Charles to take her place on this important trip?  Will she be watching to see that Camilla and Charles conduct themselves royally?  Will Camilla be able to control her problem drinking and avoid any outrageous outbursts?  We know that Kate Middleton and Prince William will be watching as well and hoping the adulterous pair make a mess of the trip.  After all, with an heir on the way William is in  perfect position to supplant his unpopular and outdated father!

Is it fair to exclude the Queen from such an important meeting, especially when she’s still technically the person in charge of the monarchy? Yes, there are royal advisers and people helping her, but the Commonwealth is a major, major event for power players. Then again, the Queen is 87 years old and she’s not getting any younger. They can’t risk her health for a trip across the world to Sri Lanka, especially when there might be more important trips that take priority in the future.

Of course, Prince Charles isn’t that young either. At 64 years old, he’s more than two decades younger than Queen Elizabeth, but somehow seems more frail. He just doesn’t exude the confidence of a natural born leader, but then again, we think that’s his wife’s influence.

Will you be happy to see Prince Charles take over more responsibility from the Queen? Or do you think it should just skip a generation and come right down to Prince William? Or do you not care at all? Let us know in the comments.

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