Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Want Kristen Stewart: Partying Yet Again and Spiraling Out Of Control

Robert Pattinson Doesn't Want Kristen Stewart: Partying Yet Again and Spiraling Out Of Control

I always thought Robert Pattinson had a good head on his shoulders, but I might have to take back that observation after witnessing him the past few months. It seems like ever since Twilight ended and he broke up with his long-term girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, he’s started to spiral out of control.

It all started when he stayed in Los Angeles after the split, which struck some people as an odd decision. He had enough name recognition to go back to England and still get job offers. Considering most of his close friends and family all live in London, why would he stay here, especially since he was no longer living with Kristen? Then, it started to become clear as we saw him partying, night after night, club after club. Rumors started circulating about Rob possibly getting hooked on cocaine, and considering he’s been spotted in the back room at the Viper Room and Chateau Marmont quite a few times now, I wouldn’t doubt the allegations. Marmont and Viper Room aren’t exactly the two places you go to if you’re trying to have a low-key night, and the crowd that hangs out at these two venues is not the best.

Of course, Hollywood Life has a Twi-hard pleasing theory about Rob going out this much so that he increases his chances of bumping into Kristen. Um, Kristen avoids Chateau Marmont and the Viper Room like the plague, so his going there wouldn’t increase his chances of bumping into Kristen AT ALL. If anything, it would reduce his chances, considering she would probably be at some hipster locale across town.

Anyway, sources close to Rob have been saying for months that friends and family have been worried about Rob’s excessive partying, but he’s due to begin filming his next movie soon, which might calm things down a bit.

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9 responses to “Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Want Kristen Stewart: Partying Yet Again and Spiraling Out Of Control”

  1. Jane3 says:

    Why does the rag mags and gossip sites think that Rob Pattinson’s private life is fodder for their sites. Because anything about Rob they know will get the hits to their blogs and that is money in their pockets. So the more sensational the story, the more hits they receive. The 2008 video of Rob and Katy singing karaoke received over 4,000 hits on GC. That is what gossip about Rob does, it brings in the hits whether it is true or not and I am sure Rob could care less what the gossip sites have to say about him. Leave him alone people and let him live his private life as he pleases.

    • mary-gladys martin kent says:

      little bit out of it much? who care if it brings in hits and by hits you mean computer clicking on right? since you know rob so well why do you think a person would not step foot into a state? would cancel 2 trips there? he’s the crook not me

    • Dr.Love says:

      Stop acting like you know him. You never met him. Twi hards are insane. Listen YOU DON”T KNOW THESE PEOPLE YOU ARE JUST A FAN!

  2. TiredMom321 says:

    I realize that the writers on this site HATE Kristen Stewart, and that nothing that she does (from the way she dresses, to her career, to her apology for the SINGLE mistake she made, to the low-key way she lives her personal life and tries to keep it private) will satisfy them. That being said, it’s obvious that Rob is far better off when he is with her – he makes better choices in his career, he’s not constantly out drinking, and he’s not consistently surrounded by people who only want to use him for their own benefit. I hope he finds his way, either by getting back together with Kristen, or by finding someone else who provides him with support like she did, because he appears to need it.

  3. gillian kemp says:

    After all the crap written about Kristen on this site, judging by the links above, Kristen hooking up with Zack (HA!), Kristen stalking Rob (HA!), Kristen hooking up with Lane (HA!)…. now it is Rob’s turn.
    Who knows if he has a real problem, but at least now there are pictures to back up the rude claims. At least where it concerns Rob. With Kristen only mild pictures of her picking out pumpkins, walking her dog or working.

  4. TiredMom321 says:

    I do think they had a relationship – either a romantic one, or at the very least a VERY strong and close friendship (? with benefits) – nobody spends that much time with someone else outside of work unless they want to – and there are too many pictures of them together outside of work to say it didn’t happen. Either way, Kristen’s presence in Rob’s life was good for him, and IMO, he is not doing as well without it.

  5. rocknmovie says:

    Everybody knows that many of these rumours and certainly the coke one werere twitted by Kristen fans/Krisbians to gossip sites and tabloids, to disparage Rob and damage his reputation. Anybody with common sense would see that the coke story is fabricated, it’s way too detailed to be real.

    He is 27, in Europe young men do go out, they go to rock shows.

    And the photo which you picked to prove your “point”, it’s just him avoiding the paps who stalk him.

  6. rocknmovie says:

    Have you witnessed the conversations between Rob and Kristen… If she had not cheated they would probably be still together… I hope you remember that she cheated on him…

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