Supernatural RECAP 11/12/13: Season 9 Episode 6 “Heaven Can’t Wait”

Supernatural RECAP 11/12/13: Season 9 Episode 6 “Heaven Can’t Wait”

SUPERNATURAL continues on the CW tonight with a new episode called, “Heaven Can’t Wait.”  On tonight’s episode Crowley agrees to help Sam and Kevin but in return he wants one phone call to hell.  Did you watch last week’s season 9 episode 5?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s show while investigating two bizarre murders, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) realized there was an eyewitness to both gruesome deaths – a German Sheppard. Anxious to find out if they are dealing with a witch, a skinwalker or other supernatural monster, the guys looked up a spell that could let Dean “communicate” with the dog. Unfortunately, the spell came with side effects that no one saw coming.

On tonight’s show Castiel (Misha Collins) gets a job at a Gas-N-Sip and actually starts to enjoy life as a human. A headline in the local newspaper about some disappearances in the area catches his eye, so he calls Dean (Jensen Ackles) to help him investigate the case. Dean knows he needs to keep Sam/Ezekiel (Jared Padaleck) away from Castiel, so he tells Sam that he and Kevin (guest star Osric Chau) need to stay and work with Crowley to decipher the tablet. Crowley agrees to help Sam and Kevin but in return he wants one phone call to hell.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of last week’s episode?

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In Idaho, a suicide hotline operator tries to help a man. He hangs up the phone and pulls out his gun and holds it to his temple. He looks at a photo of a woman and a small child. He cries and drops the gun then hears a noise . A man comes in and he asks who he is and whether the hotline lady sent him. He tells him that he sent him. The man (who wears a cross earring) puts his hand on his head and it glows red. We see the glow intensify as the man screams.

Castiel watches two guys at his job and emulates their behavior. He’s Steve now. He tries to score a high five from the newspaper deliver guy but is left hanging. The manager comes in late and apologizes to him. He tells her the coffee is full and all the work is done. She asks where he’s been all he life and tells him he’s special. He looks at the newspaper and sees a photo of the man with the headline that he’s the fourth disappearance this month.

Kevin tells the brothers that he has translated the tablet and found that it’s cuneiform. He says he can’t translate it to English but could move it from cuneiform to elamite which is an extinct language. Dean calls it a dead end but Kevin says it’s not. The language is abstract but he got one phrase from the footnotes – fallen angels. Sam asks if the footnotes relate to Metatron’s spell. Dean says maybe they could reverse it and send the winged dicks back to heaven.

They pull out some huge tomes and start looking at elamite. Dean’s phone rings and it’s Castiel telling him he may have a case for them in Idaho. He says there was a strange substance at the scene of the missing people. Cas says he has his hands full but is struggling with a leaking slushie machine. Same wants to know why Cas is keeping his distance and Dean brings it on the angels.

Dean says he’s going to go take a quick look. Kevin says it’s a perfect excise to bail on the research.

The manager found a toothbrush and tells her she found it in the supply closet along with a sleeping bag. He says he worked late doing inventory. He say she has a bed and a home but doesn’t say it convincingly. She tells him she’s been afraid to ask because he’s her employee. She says she has a hard time finding dates because she’s a single mom. She asks him out and he says yes. She kisses him on the cheek and skips away.

Dean talks to the local Idaho cops who tell him they got confirmation that all four missing are dead. He tells him the last guy was suicidal, another was chronically depressed and the other two were on the verge of divorce. He says they were all sad sacks. He asks if they’ve ruled out suicide and the cop hands him booties to put on so he can go see for himself.

In the shack the cop asks if it looks like suicide to him. The whole room is pink. It’s blood, skin, hairs, clothing – he says it’s like they all got run through the world’s finest wood chipper.

Dean calls Sam and they can’t find the professor they need to help. Dean says they should take it Crowley but not to fall for his quid pro quo crap. Dean fills him in on the case and says they bodies were vaporized. Sam says she should be there and Dean says he’s got it covered. He can’t let Cas near Zeke…

A teenage girl is on a phone complaining about her boyfriend dumping her in the cafeteria has destroyed her life. She says he should have just broken up with her on Facebook like a normal person. She says she could just die. A hand grabs her arm and she turns around to see a guy there. He says he can help with that. He holds out his hand over her head and the pink glow appears!

Dean shows up to Cas’ menial labor job. He sells a woman a lottery ticket and wishes her luck. Dean walks up and asks for a pack of menthols and some beef jerky. Cas demands to know why he’s there. Cas tells him to call him Steve. Dean says he must be in deep cover hiding from the angels. Cas tells him with his grace gone, what does he expect? He says he has nothing and is a sales associate. He says he does inventory and keeps the sip-n-gas clean and tidy. Dean says he went from fighting heavenly battles to nuking taquitos and Cas says he also does nachos.

Crowley tells Sam he’s been asking for reading material for weeks but this was not what he meant. He says pass but admits he can read elamite. Sam asks will he help them read it and Crowley asks why on earth he would. Sam says there’s still a little part of him that’s not a douche and Crowley disagrees. Sam reminds him the only reason he’s alive is that Dean thought he was useful.

Sam says he’ll just take it to Abbadon. Crowley says she’s all fury and no finesse and Sam says she’s scarier than he’s been in years. Crowley holds out his hands for the papers. He tears them up and crosses his arms defiantly. Sam stomps out.

Dean tells Cas he’s above this and the ex-angel insists he’s not. He says everything he did as an angel was wrong and there’s human dignity in what he’s doing now. The manager comes to ask him to clean a bathroom accident and Dean smirks. She also tells him 7 pm at her place. Dean asks if the woman is what it’s about. He says Nora is nice and doesn’t seem to be a reaper and dates are what normal people do.

Dean gets a call about another kill at the hospital. He asks Cas to go and he reminds him he has no powers. Dean says he has no powers either. He tells Cas that he’s a hunter in training. He tells him he’ll go after he cleans the bathroom and gets off his shift.

At the high school they head over by the school bus where the girl was killed. Cas is stunned as he stares at the pink spray and specks. The girl’s friend is crying and giving witness. No one saw anything. Dean asks if her friend was depressed and she says she was bummed because her boyfriend dumped her in front of the whole school. She ranks it worse than when she got a bad grade on a test but not as bad as when her parents divorced.

Cas tells him he’s seen it before – in heaven. He says it’s no ordinary angel and that it’s bad, very bad!

Cas tells him that this type of angel thinks he’s helping the people’s suffering. He says they don’t understand the ebb and flow of human emotion. Their job on the battlefield was like a medic and for those who couldn’t be helped, whose pain was too great, they used their “hands of mercy” to kill them quickly and painlessly. He says human’s pain will call to an angel of this breed. Cas tells Dean he has to stop him and Dean asks if he’s scared. Cas admits everything feels different now.

Dean says he’ll track down the Kevorkian wannabe and take him out. He tells Cas to go on his date and lead a normal life.

Sam comes back in to see Crowley who tells him he’ll translate it if he can have a telephone call. He tells Sam that even Dahmer got one call. He wants to call Abbadon and Kevin is horrified that he would put them in contact. Sam said he doesn’t think they would work together because they hate each other. He says Crowley doesn’t know where the bunker is, that he’s bound and they can end the call whenever they want. Kevin says they need proof. He tells them one of the pages is ingredients for a spell – heart of a nephilim, an angel’s grace and more.

He says he’ll give them more once he gets his call and asks which will be opening a vein for him to make his call.

Dean asks if Cas is really going to wear what he’s got on for his date and Cas says it’s all he got. He tells him to lose the vest and unbutton his shirt. He tells him to open doors for her and ask her lots of questions so she can talk. He tells him women never want to go dutch. He then tells him – go get ‘em tiger! Cas nervously heads up her walk. Dean watches amused.

Cas clips a rose from her garden and Dean says – nice touch. Cas gestures for him to get lost and he goes. A truck pulls up in front of him and backs up toward him. Dean calls him a jackass and the guy pulls …

The angel – Efram – tells Cas it’s no wonder the baby is miserable because she lives in a dump. Cas says it’s just a fever and will pass. Efram is surprised Cas remembers his name. He tells Efram that he needs to stop and he says he can’t stop until he’s washed the whole planet clean of all suffering. The baby cries and Cas tells him not to touch her. Efram tells him that he came for him, not the baby.

Crowley is still on hold and annoyed but then his call goes through. Abbadon asks how he is.

Cas asks how Efram found him because he’s warded and he says he just followed the sounds of his pain – says he could hear it for miles. Cas says that humans can get better. He cuts up his hand with the rose thorns and fills his hand with blood. Efram tells him he played big but mostly failed. Efram attacks and shoves him down to the floor.

Crowley asks how she’s doing and realizes she’s voiding his contract by taking souls before their time. She says his days as the king of bureaucrats are done.

Efram asks if Cas is ready to die and asks if he wants to die as a human or an angel. Dean rushes in and grabs him but Efram throws him aside like a rag doll.

Crowley rages and says his way was better. Abaddon says no one has seen him and that the brothers have turned him into a kennel dog. She asks him how it feels to be the Winchester’s bitch. She tells him he has no authority or power left to offer. He tells her that she will burn and her way will never work. Abbadon says she can’t wait. The call ends and Rowley slides the blood bowl over to Sam.

Crowley tells him to bring him the translations because he keeps his agreements. Sam hands over the papers and he starts reading to them. He gives them the ingredients and sure enough it was the spell to cast down the angels, but he says it’s irreversible and can’t be undone. He says they’re stuck with the new world order.

Dean starts to come to in the baby’s room. Efram tells him that by choosing a human life he’s already given up and has chosen death. Dean tosses Cas the angel killing knife and he takes Efram out without hesitation.

Sam tells Dean about the spell and says they can’t get the angels back to heaven. He asks if he’s going to tell Cas.

Cas apologizes for calling his boss in a panic about the baby and she says it was okay because the date was a bust. He says he overreacted and she says that’s the part of him that makes him special. He smiles and walks away.

Dean tells Sam he has to go. Dean asks Cas where to. Cas looks miserable…

Back at the bunker, Sam rinses the blood bowl out. He spots a missing syringe from the kits and heads back into Crowley’s. He stops outside the door and watches the demon king inject it into himself. Looks like he was injecting Kevin’s leftover blood into his arm… Hmm…

At the gas station, Dean tells Cas he’s sorry he told him to go and knows it’s been hard on him. Dean say she’s proud of him for adapting and Cas thanks him. He says that he thinks the angels need help and wonders if he shouldn’t be working on a way to get them home. Dean says he and Sam will take care of it because Cas is human and it’s not his problem anymore.

Cas unlocks the gas station and heads in. He makes coffee and prepares to open for the day. He turns on the news and watches a story about the meteor shower (aka the fall of the angels) and how no one has any answers about it.