Taylor Swift Ends Friendship With Miley Cyrus After Topless Scandal (Photos)

Taylor Swift Ends Friendship With Miley Cyrus After Topless Scandal

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus together. I always chalked it up to busy work schedules, but it sounds like there may be more to the distance than business! A new report claims that Taylor decided to cut all ties with Miley after realizing that strippers were only the beginning of the former Disney star’s wild new life.

A source reported to National Enquirer, print edition January 21, 2013, “Taylor refuses to hang out with Miley anymore. She’s telling friends there’s no place in her life for Miley and her crazy antics.” In the past few years, Miley’s career has changed. She’s hosted SNL, been involved in a salvia drug scandal, got engaged, and now considers leather and strippers to be ingredients in the perfect night out.

Good girl Taylor isn’t having any of it. “She’s so worried that Miley is a loose cannon that she decided to make a clean break. She did it without any explanation to avoid any kind of scandalous confrontation.” I wonder if we could find it in one of her songs! I haven’t listened to all of her new album Red yet, any ideas? Taylor lets it all out through music, so there’s got to be a clue somewhere.

Don’t think Miley is playing victim in all of this though! The source claims that “Miley is furious. She’s trashing Taylor as a back-stabbing fake.” I can’t attest to the backstabbing, but Taylor is fake, for sure! The girl plays demure quirky housewife, but is dating a new guy every month, then blasting them in song, refusing to ever take responsibility for relationship failures!

In fact, Miley has been with the same guy for three years, while Taylor’s had at least five boyfriends, none of whom ever made it to the 4-month anniversary mark! Taylor may not party publicly, but at least she isn’t lying about who she is to protect her music brand. Do you think they’ll ever reconcile?

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  • Mary MacDonald

    I was all ready to blast Miley as the looser cannon in this situation, but it’s a good point that Taylor has a new, crazy breakup almost every month! She’s absolutely gorgeous and talented, so there must be something that is driving a wedge between her and her boyfriends. Miley is an open enough book with her scandal, but what is Taylor hiding behind closed doors?? I’d still peg Miley as the one that will end up on the celeb sex tape list first, but now that I get to thinking about it, I’m not going to be surprised if Taylor shows up on it too.

    • nadirah432

      Miley will NEVER do a s*x tape, she is engaged…get a life loser…we ALL know that taylor is nohing but a fake lil bed-hoppin nasty dog who can’t keep a man.

  • tahoegeminii

    it is embarrassing to be seen with the Smelly Circus anymore-Liam should hook up with Taylor right now-it would be the best gossip nuclear bomb EVER-then all Smelly’s twitter twats would dump her if she stayed with Liam-he’s out clean and one joke about Taylors lipstick or overbite and he is free of her and will get a hate song out of it-all good to promote him as a Hollywood bad boy leading man-the offers will pour in-and he can date someone worthy-no one will ever blame him for cheating on the Smelly Circus -she has turned herself into a hideous transvestite drag queen cartoon

    • nadirah432

      And your a pathetic, trashy g*ylord crackhead. nasty dogs like taylor swift who can’t keep a man and is bed-hoppin every guy she gets doesn’t deserve liam period.

  • Are you commenters here nuts?!? My sources tell me that Miley AND Taylor laugh all the way to the bank practically every other week!