The X Factor Live RECAP 11/6/13: Season 3 “Top 12 Perform”

The X Factor RECAP 11/6/13: Season 3 “Top 12 Perform”

Tonight THE X FACTOR USA returns to FOX with a whole new episode called, “Top 12 Perform.”  On tonight’s show the Top 12 will perform Motown songs live for America’s vote. Did you watch the last episode where we met the finalists? We did and we have a full and detailed recap right here, for you.

On the last episode we met the the Top 12 Finalists  who were going on to the live show.  They are: Girls – Khaya Cohen, Rion Paige and Ellona Santiago; Boys – Carlos Guevara, Carlito Olivero and Tim Olstad; Over 25s – Jeff Gutt, Lillie McCloud and Rachel Potter; and Groups – Alex & Sierra, Restless Road and Sweet Suspense.

On tonight’s show the Top 12 Finalists will perform Motown songs for the judges and America’s votes when the voting lines open immediately after the show.  On tomorrow’s results show actress and recording artist Selena Gomez will perform her hit single, “Slow Down,” from her No. 1 album, “Stars Dance.”

Tonight’s show is going to be an exciting one, which I am not going to miss and neither should you. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FOX’s The X Factor USA Season 3 The Top 12 perform – tonight at 8PM EST! Celeb Dirty Laundry is your go to place for all the up-to-date The X Factor News!

RECAP: The show opens up with all the contestants performing “ABC” by the Jackson 5.

Tonight’s theme is songs from the 60’s, mostly focused on Motown music. Last week the judges felt that Josh Levi should have been brought back into the competition as a wild card; he is now singing “Who’s Loving You” by The Jackson 5.

We see how Mario Lopez who went to go and surprise Josh at a restaurant and tell him he’s back in the competition; Josh gets up and hugs Mario and is so excited to be given this second chance. This is his last chance and Josh is ready to prove the coaches made a great choice.

Demi says it was an amazing come back and she is extremely impressed; believing he will have a long career. Kelly says that he comes to life on stage and is so happy he is back; his notes were just great. Simon says he went literally from zero to hero; the difference is just amazing. Paulina says he’s the youngest and was sad having him gone from the last show; she is glad to see him come back with such power.

Next up is Rachel Potter and she is a bartender; she loves being from Nashville and grew up listening to Motown and wants to make this song her own. She is so afraid of failure and wants to prove to everyone that she is a good singer, although Kelly believes she puts to much effort on herself and needs to loosen up more.

Demi says she has come so far and is proud of her, she is so sweet and energetic. Simon says it started off great and felt it was horrible; he did not get it. He believes she made a beautiful song into something insane. Kelly says that she worked so hard and Simon is only jealous of how great she is.

Next up is Carlos Guivera and will be singing a song by Marvin Gaye; he’s from South Carolina and is getting a lot of support from his home town. He Believes that Motown is very difficult and Paulina believes he is being to hard on himself and has to really let out the passion into his singing.

Kelly says it’s one of her favorite song and honestly thought it was a cool choice for his voice but felt he could have done better or a different song; though she still loves his voice. Simon says that Carlos is kind of lurking around the stage and looking at the floor too much; he believes it was quite good but felt he could be much more. Paulina says that he is giving more and more without thinking about his problems; she believes he did great.

Next up is Restless Road, they are small town country boys who want to make their home towns proud. They are aiming to not be predictable, they want to be the first of their kind.

Demi says that Simon really knows a lot about Motown, she felt that she gave them a great song and they did a good job. Paulina says that they are so special and that the lead vocal was a bit peachy, but the song choice was great and they are cute together. Kelly says they are incredibly talented and was impressed with the tight harmony, but the leads got to be special. Simon says that their charisma and star power is perfect; he believes they will be in the finals.

Next up is Ellona Santiago, her parents made a lot of sacrifices for her and she wants to make them proud. Ellona is also taking her SAT’s and rehearsing her song; it’s been so stressful and is having a hard time focusing on both. She has a break down and Demo tells her that she just has to fight through it  and perform with all she’s got.

Kelly says she is a little power house, she never expected that and gives a lot of respect to her. Simon says that when she came out first he was dreading the performance but felt she nailed the song; she has killer eyes and is very determined. Demi says she could not have been prouder, she has grown so much.

Next up is Jeff Gutt, he is 37 and is a single dad. He’s glad to have his son with him and is working to try and support him, he is a rock guy and feels intimidated to do a Motown song. Kelly wants him to rock the hell out of Motown but keep the passion of the genre when he sings it.

Paulina says it was so unpredictable and loved the energy he bring to stage; she loved it. Simon says that when he saw the song choice he was nervous about it but felt it was the best vocal of the night and looked effortless; he’s doing very well. Kelly says she is in tears because of how hard it was for him, she is so happy for him and proud.

Next up is Alex and Sierra; they are both from Florida and are singing “Heard It From The Grape Vine” They love the song, Simon believes they know what music they want to do but isn’t sure if people will like their change to the song because of how classic it is.

Paulina says it looks so natural and loves it. Demi says last week was very boring but this week was sexy and hot. Simon says that they stuck to their guns and believes they have done incredibly well.

Next up is Khaya Cohen and she wants to do dedicate this song to her father, he’s there with her and is adding a little bit of pressure on her. She has to keep up with music and school; Demi wants her to prove to her father she belongs here.

Kelly says she almost threw her pen because she killed that performance; she loved the sass in her performance. Simon says that shutting his eyes it was like listening to Amy Winehouse and loved the staging and it was such a great performance; her vocals were fantastic. Demi is so proud of her and loved how she is coming out of her shell and felt her voice could be the best in the competition.

Next up is Carlito Olivera, he’s 24 and from Chicago and is proud of growing up there. He is a little worried of the song and is going to sing it as a ballad; he has a lot of pressure to do as well as he did last week.

Kelly says she loves how he pours all of himself into the song; she felt him get a little peachy but liked it none the less. Simon says it reminded him of a dream he had last night; it wasn’t as good as last week and felt it was over theatrical and that he is better than that. Paulina says that he did good but believes that Simon was kind of right.

Next up is Lillie McCloud, she is 54 and a grandmother from Florida. last week was kind of bad but she is so happy to have Motown this week as her theme; but she is over thinking about being out dated. But Kelly believes she can nail the song tonight.

Demi says her voice is incredible and her stage presence is just amazing; but she felt the song still felt a little out dated. Simon says that last week he said she was out dated; but this is one of his favorite songs and once again has to be honest with saying it was absolutely fantastic. Simon says it’s so easy to take for granted how good she is, he still thinks there is more to come from her. Paulina says she is amazing.

Next up is the final act from Simon’s groups it’s Sweet Suspense, a group of three young girls. They lived very far from each other but feel so close now; Simon believes Summer is the most experienced and wants her to have the other girls get as good as her.

Paulina says they have it all; the music, wardrobe and the vocals. Demi is so impressed  and feels like they are absolute stars, she thinks they killed it. Kelly says that she honestly doesn’t feel like a girl group hasn’t been in the market for a long time and thinks they are sensational. Simon says they progress so much in the two weeks and that there is something special about them.

Next up is Rion Page, she is 13 years old and where she lives is very country but this week is very nerve wracking for her having to do Motown; Demi tells her to be herself on stage and show more of herself on the stage.

Kelly says that she looks very radiant tonight, she loves that song and isn’t sure if she liked the rendition of it but still loves her voice. Simon says that she kind of thought she lost her country roots last week, he feels she pulled it off and it is one of his favorite song of all time. Demi says that she struggled a lot to be herself when singing and felt like she pulled it off tonight; she is really proud of her.

Here is the final singer of the boys Tim Olstad singing “I’ll Be There” by The Jackson 5; he’s living his dream right now and felt that it stung the comment that Simon made to him last week. He doesn’t feel like people get him yet, Paulina wants him to sing with more confidence and give more passion into the song.

Demi says that to her he has an incredible voice but the song sounded very karaoke but doesn’t see him moving on; she struggles to find where he fits but he is talented. Kelly says that he is an incredible singer, but she has to be honest and because of how great he is she is expecting way more from him. Simon says that he really liked it, he knows who he is now; he is Donny Osmond. Simon believes what’s important is what kind of artist he wants to be, he believes Josh Groban is the route to go with him; he is glad he took the critique like a man. Paulina says she doesn’t agree with the Demi and that he is the choice of the people.