Who Will Be Voted Off The X Factor Tonight 11/14? (POLL)

Who Will Be Voted Off The X Factor Tonight? (POLL)

The X Factor is down to the final 12 contestants: Girls – Khaya Cohen, Rion Paige and Ellona Santiago; Boys – Carlos Guevara,  Josh Levi and Tim Olstad; Over 25s – Jeff Gutt, Lillie McCloud and Rachel Potter; and Groups – Alex & Sierra, Restless Road and Sweet Suspense.  Last night, the final elite twelve took to the stage and sang songs from the 1980s and sang their hearts out for America’s vote.  Everyone wants to make it to the next round and tomorrow night two more artists will be sent home.  Did you watch last night’s performance show?  We did and we recapped it here for you! 

There were some really good performances last night and some not as good performances.  Let’s see how all the singers did last night before we give you our poll to vote in:

Alex & Sierra – Kelly said, “I love watching you as a couple.  It was a little weird, but once you got together it was magnetic.”  Paulina said, “I love you guys!”  Demi said, “I like you two together, it was a bit uncomfortable.  I don’t know how you are walking in those shoes.“  Simon said, “We actually don’t want to do the same thing week after week.  This was not as good as it should have been because you lost your melody.” [VIDEO HERE]

Jeff Gutt – Paulina said, “I love it, every week you give us a little more.”  Demi said, “I think you are so great, you are one of my favorite.  You sound awesome.”  Simon said, “Week after week you are great but my problem is you wanna be a rock song.  I want something else, you need to push yourself to go outside your comfort zone.”  Kelly said, “You know what I love about you is, you are not afraid to work hard.” [VIDEO HERE]

Josh Levi – Kelly said, “I think you young man has just arrived.  You gotta live more outside yourself.”  Demi said, “Right now I don’t know how you were eliminated.  You are amazing.”  Simon said, “This is improving the point that one thing we are listening to karaoke singers and the next thing we are listening to a star.  You were sensational.”  Paulina said, “Josh what a great job, you delivered every single note, you danced fantastic.” [VIDEO HERE]

Tim Olstad – Kelly said, “Tim I adore you but that fell flat this week.”  Paulina said, “I don’t agree you were giving you’re all, you did what I asked you for.  You sang like Tim.”  Demi said, “The problem is you have a wonderful voice, but you do not have an x factor.”  Simon said, “I was so distracted there was a girl doing a weird dance in back of you.  It was like a horror movie.  I think you have to do something a little outside your comfort zone.” [VIDEO HERE]

Sweet Suspense – Kelly said, “Ladies I am a huge fan of you.  I felt like this you did not fall into a rhythm together.”  Paulina said, “I think you are lovely, Congratulations, smile.  You three are amazing.”  Demi said, “My favorite part of teh whole thing was the fire.  You are not working with them and their stage presence.” Simon said, “I think it was your best performance in the competition.  I think it was the best performance of the night.” [VIDEO HERE]

Rion Paige – Kelly said, “Rion you know I just love the way you sang we belong together.  The beginning was a little rough, but you soared.”  Paulina said, “I love how you feel the music.”  Simon said, “I thought you were sensation last week.  What I like about you is no matter what song about you is you perform it 100%.  I don’t think Demi has connected the right song yet.”  Demi said, “Rion has a lot of song, I also think this song choice was good for you.  I think you did great, I am proud of you.” [VIDEO HERE]

Ellona Santiago – Kelly: “I am telling you your voice is bigger than your body.  In the beginning it was a bit rough, but I love watching you.”  Paulina said, “You are perfectionist and I love what you did.”  Simon said, “I thought the first 2/3 of the song was mad, I did not get it.  The last 30 seconds it was great.  One thing I would like to see you with is less choreography.”  Demi said, “I agree you have such great voice and we have to focus on that.  You killed it you are a diva.  You picked yourself up.” [VIDEO HERE]

Carlito Olivero – Kelly said, “I think your eye candy to look at it, but I think sometime you are not into it and are straighning to sing.”  Demi said, “My only problem is I paid more attention to the dancers than you.  You were getting lost in the performance, it was not for me.“  Simon said, “If you stay, which is doubtful you need to take more control.”  Paulina said, “What we need to do is work on your face.  You are a great singer and dancer.  But I am going to work on your face.” [VIDEO HERE]

Rachel Potter – Paulina said, “Wow, you are such a great singer, after this performance you can show everyone you are an entertainer.”  Demi said, “OMG, you make me so proud each week.  You were phenomenal.”  Simon said, “Thank God you had a proper song this week.  The big note it sounded like you were screaming.”  Kelly said, “There is nothing wrong with having edge.” [VIDEO HERE]

Restless Road – Kelly said, “You guys are loads of fun.”  Paulina said, “I love you guys together, I thought you did great.”  Demi said, “This could have been your song.  You do better each week – you have it.”  Simon said, “I love the fact that you love to be here, you work hard and I have a great feeling about you.” [VIDEO HERE]

Khaya Cohen – Kelly said, “I can say from that performance you are ready for this music thing.”  Paulina said, “I think you are singing better than last week.” Simon said, “I took your shyness for boring.  We should not underestimate just how good you are.  Great song choice.  Best performance.”  Demi said, “I keep being more and more proud of you every week.” [VIDEO HERE]

Lillie McCloud – Paulina said, “she just showed everyone how multi-talented she was.  She is a goddess.“  Demi said, “I don’t know why you did not take off in the 80s.  You shined.  It was a step up from last week.”  Simon said, “You are out of breath right?  You are a naughty little girl, you were making eye contact with me there.  I liked that you made an attempt to be current.“   Kelly said, “Lilly you worked so hard this week, it is okay to show people you had a wonderful time.” [VIDEO HERE]

Whose performance did you enjoy most? Who do you think will be eliminated tomorrow? Who is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to vote in our official Celeb Dirty Laundry poll below! Remember also to bookmark CDL and check back here for our live The X Factor recaps, reviews, news, and spoilers!

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