24 Live Another Day 2014 RECAP 5/5/14: Episode 1 & 2

24 Live Another Day 2014 RECAP 5/5/14: Episode 1 & 2

24: Live Another Day premieres tonight with two episodes in a two hour long special; “Day 9: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.” and  “Day 9: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.”  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Jack Bauer action, it’s good to see that he’s back; 24: Live Another Day will take place after the events of season 8 and it will continue the story of Jack Bauer.

Set and shot in London, the suspenseful event series once again will follow the exploits of heroic agent Jack Bauer(Kiefer Sutherland). Four years ago, Jack was a fugitive from justice. Now an exile, he nevertheless is willing to risk his life and freedom to avert yet another global disaster. Tracking Jack are CIA head Steve Navarro(Benjamin Bratt, “Law & Order”); CIA agent Kate Morgan(Yvonne Strahovski, “Dexter”), who is both resourceful and ruthless; Jordan Reed(Giles Matthey, “Jobs”), a smart and sophisticated CIA computer tech; and Erik Ritter (Gbenga Akinnagbe, “The Wire”), a sharp, strong and arrogant field operative. Calling the shots is James Heller (William Devane, “The Dark Knight Rises”), now President of the United States. Heller is flanked by his Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau (Tate Donovan, “Damages”), who is married to Heller’s daughter – Jack’s former flame, Aurdrey(Kim Raver, “Revolution”). Meanwhile, a hardened CHLOE O’BRIAN (Mary Lynn Rajskub, “Firewall”), Bauer’s CTU confidante, is now working underground with high-profile hacker ADRIAN CROSS (Michael Wincott, “The Crow”).

On tonight’s episodes another eventful day in the life of Jack Bauer begins with the heroic agent-turned-fugitive in a race against the clock to save the world while simultaneously staying on the run from the CIA. Set four years after the “24” finale, the series opener finds Jack putting his freedom on the line by coming out of hiding in London to try and prevent a major terrorist attack.

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting, you’re not going to want to miss even a minute of it. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us your thoughts on the return of Jack Bauer.

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In East London, a man walks through an outdoor market. He makes eye contact with another man. They walk near each other then one follows the other and a third guy joins them. There’s a black guy, a white guy and an Asian. At the London CIA station, the analysts discuss satellite tracking in real time. Kate is packing up her desk when another woman reminds her that she needs her passcodes and encryption keys before she leaves at the end of the week. Mariana tells Kate that they have their eyes on a high value suspect and it’s of particular interest because the president is in town.

The guys from the market meet up with another guy and arm themselves. The CIA sends out a little rolling drone and obtains a positive ID. The armed men watch a train go by and then break into a warehouse. They raid the place the CIA is watching and tell the CIA the targets are on the run. The agents pursue them. Steve Navarro watches from the monitoring station as a man takes out one of the agents and looks into their little rolling drone.

Navarro says it’s Jack Bauer as Jack looks right into the camera. He knocks that camera out but it’s not the only one. He knocks out two agents and takes their weapons. He takes out a third and then someone takes a shot at him. Jack ducks out of the way and hides then returns fire. He takes off at a run ducking shots. Kate tells them that Jack will head for the roof but instead he runs outside. She says that doesn’t make sense and Navarro calls her down.

Jack runs through the market and then out toward the river pursued by the CIA agents. He jumps over a bridge and hops down but there is a raft with two more agents headed to him. He’s surrounded on all sides and they order him to his knees. He complies and puts his hands behind his heads. The agents tell Navarro – we got him.

The intro plays and the voice over says: the times are 11:06 am and 12:00 pm and all will occur in real time. President Heller is told by Mark Boudreau that the Brits aren’t happy with the drone program. Heller says he’s not happy about it either but they’re working. They may lose one of their foreign bases because there’s a threat they won’t renew the lease. Heller tells them he has to work on his speech and excuses his staff.

Mark approaches the Pres and corrects him about an anecdote telling him it was Teddy not Franklin that he was referring to. Heller tells him he has a career ahead of him on Jeopardy. Mark gets a call from Navarro to tell him they nabbed Jack Bauer. Mark is floored and asks if he’s sure. He asks where he was caught and says he was in London near a factory. Mark says it can’t be a coincidence. He tells Navarro that Jack killed diplomats and tried to assassinate a President. Mark says Jack is a psychopath.

Mark says he may be there to do the president and others harm. Navarro says he’s going to interrogate him and Mark says they need to take more drastic measures (i.e. torture) to get information out of him. He tells Navarro to keep Bauer’s presence on a need-to-know basis. Ron Clark, Mark’s assistant, asks if they should tell the president and he says no.

Kate sits at her desk, working furiously on her computer. She tells Navarro that apprehending Jack was a big win. He tells her he hates to lose her and says it’s not her fault. She shows him the building layouts and says it doesn’t make sense because he didn’t go to the roof where he could easily escape. He says maybe he didn’t know but Kate thinks Jack is up to something. Jack is riding in the back of a CIA car. It’s 11:11 am.

At 11:15 am, they pass protestors and pull into a US airforce base in Leyford. A soldier runs to a secured area and is told to call Major Shepherd who sounded angry. These guys are drone operators. They switch seats for the new guy to take over. The other guy wishes him luck with Shepherd and leaves. In the Kajaki Province in Afghanistan, a military convoy comes through. It’s Tanner (the drone guy) calling Shepherd to tell him to get authorization to fly cover over their mission. Shepherd revokes Tanner’s weekend pass and tells him to get on it. Tanner hangs up and calls him a bastard.

Navarro tells Mariana to get Bauer into a conference room as soon as he comes in. He’s going to try and interrogate him before the torture guys come to take him away. Kate sees Bauer on the security feed as she’s shredding documents. He’s marched in at 11:18 am. Kate sees him through her office window as they take Jack to interrogation.

Kate runs out and tells Eric that it was a good grab and she asks for some of the intel that led to finding him. He asks about her roof theory and she says she just wants to look. He tells her she’s not cleared for it and walks away. Another tech points her to the video feed from interrogation where Jack is seated and cuffed.

Eric tells Navarro that Kate wanted to see the intercept that led them to Bauer. He says he didn’t show it to her. Eric says that he wanted him to know and Navarro says she was a good agent and he could learn from her. Eric reminds him that her husband was selling secrets to the Chinese and Navarro reminds him she didn’t know. He tells Eric to cut her some slack while she’s still there.

Kate looks at a note from her husband on the back of a picture of the two of them that says I love you. Jordan comes to tell her that he pulled the intercept for her. He tells her she deserves to be there and she says her husband Adam proved otherwise. She looks at the report and says the tip was planted because the time stamp is off. Jordan says she has to figure it out quick because once Jack is transferred they won’t have access to him.

They have Jack stripped to the waist and hooked to a lie detector machine. The operator tells Navarro it’s uncanny how steady his readings are. Navarro says he’s going to go shake him up. He goes in with Jack and asks if he’s there to harm the President. He says he’s going to Special Activities for “enhanced” interrogation. Navarro says all they will see is a guy who snapped and went on a revenge spree after being a hero. He says he’s been labeled a criminal and terrorist. Jack’s readings stay stable.

Navarro tells him that talking to him is his best option. He tells him to tell him why he’s in London and maybe he can stop Special Activities from getting him. At Special Activities, they get Jack’s files and then the guy goes into a secure room where Chloe is being held. The guy shoots her up with a drug that makes her scream in pain and she tells him to go to hell. It’s 11:24 am.
[8:53:38 PM] Rachel Rowan: It’s 11:28 am. Mark looks at a roster of Bauer’s confirmed kills (it’s a lot) when his wife calls to him. She tells him she’s almost ready and asks for him to bring her jewelry box. He does and when he sees her he says – wow. He pulls out a necklace and puts it on Audrey’s neck. He tells her she shouldn’t go to the reception because she looks so good she’ll distract from the politicians. Turns out, he’s married to the president’s daughter (who is also Jack’s ex sweetie).

She asks how her dad is doing and he says he’s doing well. Whatever mental thing that he’s got isn’t supposed to manifest for another year so he says he thinks he will be okay. Ron comes in to give Mark an update on Bauer. It’s 11:30. He says Special Activities should have Bauer shortly. Mark says after they get what they can from him he could disappear.

He says the Russians want his head and they could clandestinely hand him over. Ron says they should check with the president and Mark says he wasn’t there and doesn’t know what Jack put Audrey through. Mark says she will never hear the name Jack Bauer again. Mark tells him to get him what he needs and leaves with his wife and the President for their event.

They walk outside where protestors are waving signs opposing the drone attacks and screaming that they’re killing children by remote control. They get into their cars and the convoy pulls out with police escorts.

Navarro continues to talk to Jack and tells him he’s almost out of options. He says after he’s transferred, he can’t help him. He says he can arrange it for Jack to see his daughter Kim. He tells Jack she’s had another baby – a boy. Kate asks Jordan about the intercept and they found out it came from an internet cafe. It’s just three blocks from where Bauer was hiding. Kate thinks Bauer sent the message himself and Jordan asks why he would do that and she says they need to find out.

Kate bursts in and tells Navarro she needs to talk to him. He steps out and tells her it better be good. She tells him the intercept was planted and came three blocks from where Bauer was found because he wanted to be caught. She says that’s why he didn’t go to the roof. She says they need to ask him that. Mariana brings the transfer orders but Kate bursts into interrogation and locks the door.

She tells Jack she knows he sent the intercept and asks why he wanted to be at the facility. She demands to know who or what he’s after. Navarro bursts in and tells her she’s done. She shows him the lie detector feed where she got him to spike. Kate says they need to find out why he’s there.

Navarro tells her that she’s trying to work through her betrayal with Adam by taking it out on the Bauer situation. She tells him that Bauer is exactly where he wants to be. Navarro tells her that she’s done here and tells security to escort her out. She tells him that by ignoring this, he’s making a huge mistake because Bauer is a violent criminal. It’s 11:36 am.

It’s 11:40 am. Jack is escorted out of interrogation by Eric. He still hasn’t spoken a word. Kate is escorted out by security but then grabs a taser and knocks the guard out. She drags him into a maintenance room and calls Jordan. He asks where she is and she tells him he needs to find out if anyone in the building has a prior history with Bauer. He tells her he’ll check and call her.

On a street, a guy dressed as a utility worker messes with a power box. Eric tells Bauer he used to study his mission in training. He brings him to Special Activities and calls Dean. Jack presses a button that’s implanted under his skin. The guy at the power box disrupts the power there. Jack attacks and takes out Eric and the other guard. Dean is on the way down to get Jack. He works on his handcuffs. Dean opens the door and finds Jack with a gun in his hand. He tells Dean – Take me to her now.

They go through some corridors and then stop at a door. Jack tells him that he knows who he is and that he will blow his head off. He orders him to open the door. Jack looks in and sees Chloe strapped to the table. He brings Dean in and asks if he did it to her. Jack gives him a mini beat down and then and then goes to check on Chloe who is dead to the world.

He searches the meds and stabs a shot into her heart. She sits up gasping. He tells her it’s all right. She asks why he’s there and he says they have to go. He unstraps her. She gets wobbily to her feet.

Jordan calls Kate and tells her that Chloe O’Brien is a free information hacker who’s been charged with treason. Kate says he’s there to break her out because she broke Jack out of CTU before. Kate comes to Special Activities and tells Jordan that Eric and Brandon are down but alive and Jack is gone. She tells him to issue a lock down on her authority and he reminds her she doesn’t have any. He activates the alarm.

Navarro asks why they’re on lock down and he says that Jack is breaking free and Kate is down there. Navarro is shocked to hear Kate is on the loose. She takes a shot at Jack after he stows Chloe safely away. He undoes a gas valve and takes a shot causing a good sized explosion that forces Kate back. His accomplice – the power box guy – is on the roof.

Kate can finally follow and has Jack in her sights. She tells him to drop his weapon. He complies. He turns and looks at her. He puts his hands behind his head and then she orders him to his knees and he complies. She asks where O’Brien is. Jack pushes the button under his skin again and his roof top buddy shoots a grenade at the building and blows a hole in the roof. This knocks Kate down and the guy puts a ladder through the hole.

Chloe and Jack go through the hole and pull the ladder up. Kate gets up and pursues, but it’s too late. They are off the roof and speeding away in a van with them hiding in the back and the accomplice driving. Kate takes a couple of shots, but the van turns the corner and is out of range. It’s 11:48 am.

It’s 11:53 am. Pres Heller rides with his daughter and tells her he loves the city. He says you can feel the history. He asks her what’s wrong and she says she was worried about his Roosevelt mistake. She says Mark told her not to worry about it. Her dad says it’s progressing more quickly than the doctors anticipated. He says it’s terrifying the thought of slowly losing yourself.

She puts her hand on his arm and asks what he wants to do. Heller says he wants to lock up the treaty with the British and says he’ll talk to Mark when the time is right.

It’s 11:54 and Navarro is looking at the damage Jack wrought at the facility. Jordan says they’re not back up and Eric says they set up a search grid and are calling in off-duty officers. Kate says you won’t find him because he knows all their procedures. Kate says they need to look at the intel on Chloe and that may crack it. Eric tells her that she’s not part of the group anymore and she asks to speak to Navarro in private.

Kate asks him to put her back into the field and let her find Jack. She tells him she’s his best shot to get him. She tells him she knows she didn’t know Adam was a traitor but she did know about this and is inside Jack’s head. She tells him that if anyone found out she warned him and he didn’t listen and this happened it would be bad. He asks if she’s threatening him and she says she’s just asking him to let her find Bauer.

Jack asks Belchek to pull over up ahead. He asks Chloe if she’s all right and tells her they have to move fast. He says they have to separate and asks if she can get somewhere safe. He hands her an untraceable cell and tells her he will find her later. He opens the door and lets her out.

He asks Belchek if he has the signal from her phone and he says yes. Belchek asks Jack why he didn’t just ask her for her help and he says because she might have said no. Belchek says he thought they were friends and Jack says he has no friends. Chloe ambles down the street looking weak and disheveled.

The drone operator Tanner watches the maps and terrain as he flies the drone above Shepherd’s convoy. He tells them all clear and mission complete moving on to next assignment. He flies his drone South. But then he loses control of his drone and the hellfire system arms. He tries to regain control and can’t. He calls Shepherd and tells him to get away from the vehicle. He tells him he’s lost control of the drone and that he needs to drone.

The missile fires and Shepherd stares up stupidly as the missile hits his vehicle and takes them all out. Surviving soldiers run to try and pull out the wounded and dead. The drone screen says target destroyed and a man is on a phone and tells someone else – it’s done. The riots continue as Heller stares out the window at the protesters waving their anti-drone signage. It’s 12:00 noon.

It’s 12:00 pm and we see the London Eye circling. Chloe walks the busy streets. Triage is underway at the CIA facility. Kate speaks to Jordan. They give her Chloe’s effects that Special Activities took from her. Dean says they haven’t done much with it and says the local police procedures are slow. She says she has her own methods.

Kate calls Ken – a local London officer on the CIA payroll – she tells him she needs some info on some stolen cell phones. She wants other phone numbers from the batch and tells him he has 20 minutes. Eric asks why Kate is there and Navarro says he reactivated her. Eric tells him he can’t expect him to work with her because of her blindness about her husband and Navarro tells him he expects him to follow orders.

Chloe ducks through a fence at an abandoned building and heads inside. She trudges up the stairs and down the graffiti ridden halls. She finds a security pad and keys in a number. She goes in and is greeted by some of her hacker cronies. They ask what happened and tell her she looks terrible. They hug her and then the obvious leader – Adrian – says it’s been three days and asks where she’s been.

She says she was locked in a CIA black site. She says they grabbed her when she was making a supply run. He asks if they just let her go and she says a guy she used to work with broke her out and told her to get somewhere safe. He says that’s impossible and she says he was the former head of CTU – Jack Bauer. Adrian tells everyone to shut it down and they have to move. Chloe says Jack is her friend but then he busts in with Belchek, both with guns, and she asks Jack what he’s doing.

Jack asks which one is Derek Yates. Adrian says he doesn’t work with them anymore – says it was a clash of styles. Jack tells Adrian he’s going to help him find him and he says he has no choice. Jack kicks him and puts a gun to his head and Chloe begs him to stop and says she’ll help. She asks why he’s looking for Yates. She says she needs to know so she can try and find him.

Jack says that he got intel about an assassination attempt on the President and he tracked it back to Yates. Adrian tells him that he’s caught Yates hacking into military weapons systems and that he got greedy. He says that’s why he told him he had to go. He says their group is about finding and disseminating information not taking direct action.

Jack tells Chloe to get started and says he doesn’t want to be there any longer than he needs to be she. Chloe gives Peter and Chell assignments to track facial recognition and security to track Yates down. Adrian walks away and Jack keeps an eye on him as he goes to his private office. Chloe tells Jack she’s his friend and he should have just asked for help. All the hackers get to work.

Some thugs are packing up bags of drugs and counting cash at their drug operation. He asks the leader why he puts up with that hacker loser and the head guy tells him to mind his business. This guy looks like the one that took over the drone. His hot Russian GF comes to sit on the hacker’s lap and tries to make out with him. He tells her he’s working and she asks why they can’t go to a nice hotel.

She says the men out there are scary and he says the scary men are protecting them. He gets a call from Margot Al-Harazi and she looks at the drone footage and asks if the Americans know. He says no and she tells him he’s clever. She asks if there are on schedule and he says they are. She asks even with the modifications she requested and he says it’s almost done.

The Russian girl is getting pouty and Margot asks if someone else is there but he says it’s the TV. She asks if he’s told anyone about the device and he says no. She says she’ll be at the arranged place with the money and tells him not to keep her waiting. It’s 12:10 pm.

It’s 12:15 pm. Tanner is held in a hangar and explains what happened to Captain Denovo. He says the system stopped responding and the missiles armed themselves. Denovo asks how he can believe that someone else took over the missiles and shot at Shepherd right after he revoked his weekend pass. He also shows Tanner an online post they found with him threatening Shepherd.

He tells Denovo to check his key stroke log and he says he did and it confirms that he did it. Tanner says they’re missing something that would clear him. He insists he didn’t do it. Guess all of that was the evidence the hacker said he planted to make him the fall guy.

Alastair Davies, the prime minister, tells Heller his presence should help get the base renewal contract done. Audrey comes over and tells her dad Mark needs to talk to him. She chats with Davies as Heller goes to see Mark. He’s told about the drone attack on their own people. Mark says it will impact the base renewal. Heller says the prime minister needs to hear the news from him, but it’s too late, he sees soldiers speaking to Davies who turns and leaves.

Mark gets a call from Navarro who tells him that Bauer escaped. He says Jack came to London to break out an associate. Navarro says he thinks that’s why Jack was in London not anything to do with the president, but Mark is sure he’s plotting against the Pres. He tells Navarro to get Jack back or kiss his career goodbye.

Chloe asks Jack why he’s hanging with Belchek – a Serbian mobster. She asks if he thinks after he saves the president that he can go back to his life. He says he knows he can never go back but say this isn’t about Heller. Chloe asks why he has to do this and Jack says he owes him and his family and Chloe asks if he’s talking about Audrey and tells him that they are part of the system that screwed she and Jack. He tells her that her hacking is not the answer and she tells him he doesn’t get to judge her after what she’s been through.

The hackers are watching the drone incident on the news and they tell them that someone took control over the drone. The drone operator was here in the UK. They tell Jack that was the same system that Yates was hacking into. Jack theorizes that the drone attack was a dry run and he may be using the drones to target the president. Adrian comes out and tells him that Yates is hiding with a heroin dealer named Basheer. He gives him the address. Jack thanks him and Adrian says he can thank him by leaving.

Chloe says he can’t go in blind and tells him she’ll provide com support. She tells Adrian that if they help him get Yates this will be over and they’ll leave him alone. She orders the others to pull the security feeds from where Jack is going. She pulls out a burner phone from a box – looks like the stolen ones. It’s 12:24 pm.
[9:49:46 PM] Rachel Rowan: It’s 12:29 pm. Chloe and Jack are in a van heading to find Yates. Heller tells Mark he wants to speak to Parliament about the incident. Mark says it’s not a good idea because they are already being accused of a cover up. Heller asks Gen Coburn who the drone pilot is. He tells him to bring the drone pilot here to let UK personnel interrogate him. Coburn says that’s against their code and Heller says to make it happen.

Heller tells Mark he’s going to apologize to them but tell them that they have to understand how it protects us. He says they will respond to honesty but Mark says they will shout him down and call him a liar and a murderer. He tells Heller he’s not at the top of his game and Heller asks if he doesn’t think he’s up to it. Mark tells him no, he doesn’t. Heller smiles and says he didn’t think he was up to it when he ran a town hall in Ohio and changed minds either.

Mark walks out and Audrey finds him. She asks him what’s going on and Mark has the room cleared. He tells her that her dad wants to talk to Parliament and says he won’t be able to handle it. Mark says she knows that pressure can accelerate his decline and Audrey says they can prepare him for it. She says it’s important to him and all they have to do is get him through this trip.

Yates – the hacker – works on his device and watches the news about the drone incident. His GF asks if he feels bad about it and he says those that died were already dead and just didn’t know it. He tells her the American President is going to die today on foreign soil by a drone and says the world is going to end and the two of them will sit it out in Greenland.

He tells her Greenland is perfect because the economy doesn’t depend on the subjugation of others. He tells her he has to deliver the device in 28 minutes and says he can’t be late because the woman he’s selling it to is dangerous.

Jordan says they found the vehicle abandoned but no Jack. Kate comes in and say her source found the phones and it may be him and Chloe. She tells them they are at a housing project. She says she can’t promise he’s there, but says it’s their only lead. Jack and Chloe pull up to the projects and she tells him which building is in. She tells him Yates isn’t dangerous, but the men he’s with are. They test their com units and Jack goes inside and she climbs into the back of the van to operate the equipment. It’s 12:34 pm.

It’s 12:39 pm. Kate, Eric and another guy drive to the housing project. Tanner is escorted onto a military transport. Cpt Denovo is with him and Tanner glares at him.

Heller practices his speech for Audrey and Mark that promises transparency and access to Tanner, the accused drone pilot. Mark interrupts with a heavy question and Heller handles it deftly. Mark asks about the children of the dead pilots and what he will say to them. Heller says he would help them understand their loves ones were heroes who died making our country safe.

He speechifies passionately and his daughter is proud but then Heller says three instead of four victims. He asks if Heller can name the British soldier killed in the attack – the fourth guy – and Heller checks his notes. Mark heckles him and demands to know his name while Audrey tells him to back off. Heller says he has some work to do and takes the file. He turns to go and then tells Mark it’s Lt Wilkins, a married father of three. Mark tells Audrey he just wants Heller to know what he’s up against.

Jack spots a guy leaning against a wall looking dangerous. He and Chloe wonder which flat he’s in. Chloe asks if she can cut off camera feed and she says someone will notice. She does it. In the drug den, the money counter tells Mick that the camera is messed up. He checks the computer but it doesn’t come back up. The camera comes back on and they see their guy dangling by his neck from the flagpole.

Basheer tells the men to get out there and see what’s going on. He tells Yates to get back in his room and lock the door. Chloe tells Jack where the men came from and how many are coming his way. He evades them and heads for the apartment they came from. Chloe tells him which door it is. Someone comes out of it and Jack takes him hostage.

He tells everyone to stay calm and says he just wants to talk. Jack says he wants Yates. He tells Basheer if he hands over Yates he won’t kill him. He tells him he knows what he’s doing and one takes a shot at Jack who does his crazy killing thing and attacks everyone in the room. Yates climbs out a window with his girl and they run. Jack snatches the flash drives out of his computer and then follows.

He sees them and they take off at a run. The CIA convoy is on the way and Adrian calls Chloe and tells her the CIA is on the way and she realizes they were tracking them. The convoy pulls up behind Chloe’s van and then blocks it off on all sides. The agents pull guns and yell for the person in the van to come out with hands up. Eric pops the van open but it’s empty and the computer system inside has been destroyed. Chloe was smart enough to ditch her phone.

Yates runs into Kate and she shows him a photo of Bauer. He tells her he’s inside and is crazy. Kate and the others head in and they get the drop on Bauer who begs them not to let Yates go. He tells Kate she needs to listen and to stop the couple. They don’t. Jack is shot in the arm from a higher up angle. The agents and Jack are taking fire from Basheer who is holding his sliced neck and taking potshots. This gives Jack the chance to get away. He runs down the stairs.

It’s 12:53 pm. Eric, Kate and the CIA gang search the garage level where Jack ran. He’s up against a wall hiding. He moves behind an SUV. Kate is very close. He gets behind her and holds a gun to her head. He tells her to drop her gun. He slams her against a car and he says she is chasing the wrong guy. He tells her he’s telling her because she’s the only one who seems smart.

Jack tells her he is trying to stop an attack on President Heller and she is getting in his way. Kate struggles and he tells her that was a mistake. He hits her and knocks her down and out for a second. He climbs out through a small window but then a car screeches up to him. It’s Chloe. She stole a car and he congratulates her. He drives while she looks over the flash drives he stole. She tells him the system can take over as many as 10 drones.

Chloe says it’s enough evidence to take to the the authorities but then the files start to fail because Yates put a self destruct in. She shuts it down but only has one piece of the evidence left. Jack says Yates has the device and they have to find him now. He’s furious that he lost him.

Yates and his GF sit in a pub and he tells her that his work is done but he needs to find a new buyer. He thinks Margot sent the guy to kill him and steal the device instead of paying him. He tells her they will still clean up because plenty of people will pay for this device. He goes to the bathroom and takes the little device box with him. He goes to the urinal and then sees his GF there.

He tells her she’s unbelievable and she tells him she wants him now. He tells her she likes doing it in public places. He doesn’t see as she pulls out a knife and jams it in his ear. He collapses dead to the floor and she takes the device and walks out the back door. She pulls off her colored contacts, wig and then makes a call.

Her thick Russian accent is gone. She tells Margot she has the device but an American came after them. She says she barely got away and doesn’t know who he was. She tells her that Yates thought she sent the guy and was talking about finding another buyer. Margot asks if she took care of it and she says she did. Margot tells her to come home and that mommy loves her. It’s 1:00 pm.