Camilla Parker-Bowles Insults Kate Middleton – Slams Lazy Princess For Using Morning Sickness Excuse to Cancel Malta Trip

Camilla Parker-Bowles Insults Kate Middleton - Slams Lazy Princess For Using Morning Sickness Excuse to Cancel Malta Trip

There’s no love lost between Camilla Parker-Bowles and Kate Middleton, and our royal sources tell us that Camilla’s dislike of pregnant Kate has extended to her morning sickness and subsequent cancellation of royal duties. Now that Kate has cancelled her trip to Malta, the Duchess of Cambridge’s first solo official royal trip, you can be certain that the Duchess of Cornwall is even more convinced of Princess Kate’s malingering.

Apparently, Camilla doesn’t consider Hyperemesis Gravidarum to be a serious illness, and she thinks that Kate is over-reacting to a bit of morning sickness. Our sources also claim that Camilla has been dissing Kate for cancelling all her public royal appearances and Prince Harry’s birthday party due to a touch of morning sickness, something Camilla thinks that Kate should just fight through.

Let’s put Camilla through this disease and see how well she comes out, right? She may be dissing Kate for using her illness as an excuse to cancel her public royal appearances, but is Camilla any better? It’s not like she makes public appearances all that often either, and she doesn’t even have the excuse of taking care of a small child. Plus, it just comes off as bitterness on Camilla’s part that she would feel this way over Kate.

On the one hand, Kate Middleton always has been extraordinary lazy, and I wouldn’t say anything if Camilla was dissing Kate for taking endless vacations and not working much throughout the year. But Kate actually has a legitimate reason for taking a break right now, and she doesn’t want to put her unborn child at risk. Maybe Camilla can’t understand that, or maybe she thinks that it’s Kate shirking her royal duties. But anyone can see that it’s just plain bitterness.

What do you guys think of Camilla’s never-ending feud with Kate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


37 responses to “Camilla Parker-Bowles Insults Kate Middleton – Slams Lazy Princess For Using Morning Sickness Excuse to Cancel Malta Trip”

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  3. Pam Dick says:

    Do you just make this shit up?

  4. BellaB says:

    I am on Camilla’s side in this case. AND I know all about Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Besides that, I am not so sure the woman is really pregnant at all; palace confirmation or not. It all sounds very fishy to me.

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  7. Donna Alisio says:

    Well i dont like camilla any way and i think she’s just picking on kate and she should leave her sure if princess kate was able to do her royal duties right now she would.princess kate you take as much time as you need.

  8. Donna Alisio says:

    I agree

  9. Donna Alisio says:

    Bravo, miss marilyn

  10. Toni Reyes says:

    I sympathize with Kate. I to suffered from severe morning sickness and it is nothing to play with. I don’t blame her for doing what’s best for her and her unborn child. She’s a great mom. Camilla is out of order and need to mind her own business.

  11. wendymaddy says:

    i think you made this entire article up out of thin air. shame on you!

  12. yadin says:

    She is envious. Period. Considering her looks and her age, she doesn’t stand a chance against Catherine. Better for her to swallow her pride and shut up her mouth.

  13. Robertajo Trask says:

    Clearly the older and much less photogenic Queen wannabe has no compassion. You have to ask ,” How would she feel if the situation was reversed?” Oh Wait that’s not possible – she’s too OLD. I think all these shameful, blatantly catty and obviously low-brow comments are born of hatred spawned because her plot to be Queen isn’t going to happen. It’s “sour grapes” much like Camilla’s face.

  14. JanCinLV says:

    Camilla and Eugenie are dissing Kate for being a “commoner”. Talk about hypocrisy. Camilla was not nobility before her marriage to Charles. Nor was Eugenie’s mother, Sarah, before her marriage to Andrew. A little like the pot calling the kettle black.

  15. Jeff says:

    The author of this fluff is borderline illiterate. But most women do indeed power through the bouts of morning sickness common during pregnancy. In that sense, Camilla Parker-Bowles is correct.

  16. fra says:

    Camilla has a lot of class. Too bad it’s all low. Whenever I meet a woman that’s ugly inside & out, I refer to her as a Camilla.

  17. susan says:

    Why is the woman who was having an affair with the heir to the throne of England while he was married to Lady Diana even opening her mouth to speak? She married the idiot maybe she best lay low the rest of her life so we don’t have to keep remembering that “I wish I was a tampon” talk we all had to endure of theirs.

  18. Stella says:

    Camilla has reason to be nasty. Kate is beautiful, she has a loving “young” husband and a beautiful son. Everyone loves Kate! She (Camilla) is ugly in all ways, I don’t think even Charles loves her. They deserve their unhappiness after their treatment to Princess Diana. The British people will never allow Camilla to be Queen, and that’s why she is so frustrated…

  19. Betty D says:

    I think Camilla is just jealous of Kate because she is such a beautiful, elegant lady. At least she did not cause trouble in a marriage. I think Princess Diana would still be alive today, if Camilla had stepped aside when the relationship & marriage took place with Prince Charles and Princess Diana. I also think she doesn’t understand how serious the illness Kate has when she is pregnant. Camilla should mind her own business.

  20. cel says:

    in fact she is jealous bcoz she herself cannot produce any child due to her old age shrinking up and way camilla..the world knew that she is just a mistress although princess Diana is died..she caused the death of the real princess..shes just a gold digger trying hard to be recognized!!!

  21. cel says:

    camilla senile old woman..sure she dreaming to become queen..big SHIT if it happens..a disgrace of the royalty

  22. Eleanor Faye Jetton Brown says:

    Camilla is evil and not fit to be royal.

  23. Marie says:

    Kate should not have married a royal if she was not up for the duties. It is not all fun and games. The royals are professional at this lifestyle they have been doing it for hundreds of years, you would never have seen Diana do this because she was raised in this sort life. Kate is a commoner and she just is not going to do these sort of things, but then again William and Harry lost their mother so early in life that had she been around Wills would not have married Kate.

    • micmac says:

      Yes Diana did. She went topless @ St Tropez in front of paparazzi according to a biography I just read. Sometime in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s Not the Penny Junor one. BTW. There is nothing Kate has done that Diana has not done also, one way or another.

  24. Maddison says:


  25. micmac says:

    I doubt that Camilla would disapprove of Kate not going to Malta when her husband took her place. Better for both to be honest. We shouldn’t need to see the doctor’s certificate to believe that the duchess was fair dinkum, or demand to see her in action. Noir should much weight be put on activities undertaken when they had barely found out themselves. Basically when someone is throwing up continuously they should stay at home or get medical attention, whatever the cause,

  26. micmac says:

    If there is any manipulation at all it wouldn’t be due to Kate being sick @ this moment, But I guess a Scot might well think so if disappointed @ last week’s referendum results.

  27. kkeri12 says:

    I don’t know about anyone named ‘waity’, but Kate was photographed out at night with William at the Kings Head Hotel pub on August 28th, 2014. There have been no public sightings of Kate anywhere since those photos were snapped on that night. As for Kate’s first pregnancy, try doing some actual fact research before posting a comment, it will help to keep you from looking silly.

    It’s easy to google the facts for yourself. Kate appeared at the sports award dinner more than two weeks after she was discharged from the hospital, and she was at the awards show less than an hour. Also, she didn’t go to switzerland until she was in her fifth month. She went to Mustique in her fourth month. Kate had HG during her first trimester, there were never any statements made by Clarence House or St. James Palace that her HG continued into her second trimester.

  28. marlio says:

    I believe Camilla is so jealous of Kate that she has double vision!!!

  29. micmac says:

    Queen Elizabeth can’t do a thing against the law of Succession, so there is no need for all this nonsense. Camilla would be better to run up a batch of lavender shortbread to help the Duchess’ recovery and settle her stomach. That way, she might even get to be Queen, and not be fobbed off with something like “princess Consort”, which is what Parliament originally agreed to.

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  32. Ruthie Dolezal says:

    Everyone loves KATE; Everyone HATES Camilla (except Charles); Camilla hasn’t birthed any children has she? Sick once, as we all know, is awful, I can’t imagine multiple times every single day….but I would think if Kate didn’t cancel engagements, QUEEN WOULD, because I doubt they want her ‘vomiting’ during in front of people at this ‘outtings.’ SHE IS PREGNANT; LAZY???? I am missing that part as her body still doesn’t show of a woman eating popcorn, chips and dip, ice cream and bonbons while laying around all day….sorry but CAMILLA takes that award…the ‘lazy looking’ award.

    In mental health/psychology: saying goes, you accuse others of things you yourself are / do / guilty of…there IS the answer: “Camilla IS a lazy, makes big deal of things in her life that are not, lazy, lazy nothing canceling to stay home, watch tv, eat junk on the couch all day” slob. UGH. That woman needs to stop; she has ruined that family enough…..CAMILLE… off our KATE. She is everything and more than DIANA and you would hate KATE just to hate her….angry CAMILLE….I mean “Carrila” de vil!!! ROT!

  33. zonable says:

    I’m not a big follower the Royals’ lives, but from what I’ve seen and read about, Kate Middleton seems to be a pretty classy dame. Camilla, on the other hand, not so much. Probably the old hag is just jealous. I mean, look at the picture that leads this story. No comparison in the classy category, is there?

  34. Pansy Blackwell says:

    That Cate is as thin as no. 2 pencil. at least devour a cheese cracker, Cate

  35. Cheryl Boehm says:

    she doesn’t know anything she will always be a cheater the boys will always love their mother and wives over her she is jealous