Chelsea Handler Quits E! After Claiming It’s A Disastrous Place To Work – Kardashians Partially To Blame?

Chelsea Handler Quits E! After Claiming It's A Disastrous Place To Work - Kardashians Partially To Blame?

Chelsea Handler has been making some comments lately that voice clear displeasure with E! Network, the channel that has been home to her nightly gabfest, Chelsea Lately, for the last 8 years. She has turned up on a few other talk shows such as Howard Stern calling the network “a sad, sad place to live.” and she also hinted that her days at the network might be numbered. As it turns out, Chelsea’s manager, Irving Azoff, is now confirming that she will be leaving E! when her contract ends later this year.

This isn’t at all surprising coming from the woman who has clearly stated on various occasions just how much she can’t stand the Kardashians as a whole. Since E! is responsible for bringing their dysfunction into our homes through numerous scripted reality shows, not only has the family guested on Chelsea’s show but they’ve also guest-hosted. That must feel like giving her baby to the wolves for an hour. It’s also probably part of the reason why she thinks that the network has no idea what they are doing. Chelsea sees what the rest of us do now — the Kardashian’s are fake and the machine is finally dying. For E! to continue backing them is to ignore what viewers are wanting and it’s no wonder that Chelsea no longer wants to play that game.

The real question is what Chelsea’s next strategic move will be. Do you think she’ll hop networks or does she have another career move in mind? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image credit to FameFlynet