Dallas Recap 09/22/14: Season 3 Finale “Endgame; Brave New World”

Dallas Recap 09/22/14: Season 3 Finale "Endgame; Brave New World"

Tonight on TNT Dallas returns with an all new Monday September 22, season 3 double-episode finale called, “Endgame; Brave New World.” On tonight’s episode Christopher races to find Elena; Bobby is double-crossed by the cartel.

On last week’s episode in the wake of a devastating family kidnapping, Bobby put everything on the line to save lives. John Ross and Pamela formed a truce of sorts. Elena, who had been in hiding with Nicolas, finally learned the truth about his connections to the cartel, which sent her spiraling. Christopher desperately searched for Elena, fearing for her safety. And Bobby was forced to make a choice he never anticipated. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Christopher scrambles to find Elena. Meanwhile, a cartel double-crosses Bobby; John Ross risks all to attempt a rescue; and Nicolas tries to prove himself by leveraging a deal with authorities, ultimately putting lives in jeopardy. Also a cartel faces consequences, as some lives are saved and others are lost, in the Season 3 finale. Also: Bobby and Sue Ellen forge a newfound alliance; Elena grapples with a deep betrayal; and John Ross discovers a shocking secret about J.R.

Tonight’s new episode is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for “End Game; Brave New World” to begin, hit up the comments and tell us what you think of the second half of season 3 so far?

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Bobby tells Luis that he wants both Ann and Emma or there’s no deal. His henchmen push Bobby into a chair and Luis tells him he knows it’s a difficult choice. He chooses Emma. He says when the train crosses the border, he’ll release her. They shake on it and Bobby says he’s trusting him to be an honorable man and if anything happens to the women, he’ll make it his life’s work to track down everyone responsible.

Elena sits outside in the morning sun. Nicolas asks how she slept and she says she didn’t. He says he knows he needs to go turn himself in so he can make her feel safe. Cars speed toward their hidden location. She says he’s a loose end and the cartel could kill him. He says that’s a risk he’s willing to take because he can’t live with her hating him. They hear cars and he tells her to stay put. He runs and sees men getting out of the cars with guns.

Elena rushes in and he hands her a shotgun and says if anyone but him tries to get in, to shoot. She does as he says. He takes a handgun as well. Someone shoots their way in and IDs themselves as US Marshals. They call for Elena and she says she’s coming out. She’s escorted out and runs to Christopher’s arms. He hugs her tight. She’s relieved to see him. She tells him she knows Nicolas is the money man for the cartel. She says he told her everything.

Christopher asks why she stayed with him and she says he told her they weren’t safe until the cartel sold off Ewing. They ask if he knows about the kidnapping and he says he doesn’t. Bobby goes to talk to the officials about the emergency test. They start the drill after they confirm the railroad tracks have been cleared. He calls Luis and tells him he has three hours. Luis says after it makes it through they’ll tell him where to pick up his hostage.

On the US side of the border, near the test site, Bobby waits in his car. Harris calls Bobby and they confirm that the trucks have transponders for tracking. A boy on a bike comes up to Bobby and hands him a key. He gets a text that tells him trunk and he speeds over to a car that was left. He thinks it’s Emma, but finds Ann there instead. She tells him she begged them to take Emma but they wouldn’t. She cries and he hugs her and promises that they’ll save her.

Bobby calls Sue Ellen and tells her that he asked for Emma but they sent Ann. He says they are headed for South Fork. He hangs up and she tells Judith that they sent Ann and that Luis is playing a sick game. Judith is furious and says Bobby betrayed them. Judith breaks down and Harris comforts her. He tells her they need to go home. John Ross is distraught as well. He walks out and Bum tells him he got the flash drive decoded. He says it’s Harris’ CIA files, slush fund and bank files.

Bum says he traced the bank files and says all evidence is gone except for names and contact numbers – ex Navy Seals and Delta Force guys. John Ross says he has a job for them and tells Bum to hop in. They leave. John Ross goes to see a guy and says he heard he helped his friend George down in Mexico. He says he doesn’t know anyone by that name. John Ross tosses him some money and says maybe the name was Mr Franklin. He says he’s going to get into a bad situation and wants him to come get him out.

Emma sits in the house she’s kept in and sees the sandwich boy one of her captors buys from. The guy gives John Ross a lighter he says has GPS and tells him to light it and it will signal them. Elena comes out of the back at the CIA offices. He asks what they wanted to know. She says she knew nothing about Nicolas’ involvement with the cartel until very recently. She says she’s past her anger over her father and now just feels empty. He says it’s water under the bridge now but she says she’s burned them all. He says not all of them.

George comes out and tells them that Nicolas is willing to help them capture the cartel leader in exchange for immunity. Christopher is annoyed. Ann and Bobby come into the house and Sue Ellen greets her. Ann asks her for a big glass of bourbon. Should she ask the drunk for that??? Pamela hugs her and tells her she’s glad she’s okay. John Ross tells his mom he’ll fix it and tells her to go sit.

Christopher and Elena comes in. He tells the family about the cartel sting with Nicolas. They ask how long it will take and whether Emma will be harmed. Sue Ellen asks why the cartel leader will come out of hiding to meet with Nicolas and they say he’s like a son to them. Harris tells them it’s his daughter and he trusts the CIA. John Ross says he has a plan but they won’t hear it. Pamela follows John Ross out and mocks him. He tells her that she has him pegged and the only person he cares about is himself.

Emma asks one of the guys what he’s doing. He shows her a crossword. He says he’s working on his English. She comes to the table and he says he’s stuck. She says she can help. She touches his hand and flirts. Luis sees this and speaks to Fernando in Spanish. The guy leaves. Emma looks at Luis and he speaks to another guy who grabs her and pushes her back into her chair in the other room.

Judith staggers into the room where John Ross stands and says she despises him. He says he can save Emma and she says all he’s done is cause her pain. He agrees but says he’s the only one that can save her. She asks what he’s talking about. He tells her that Harris is a CIA operative who’s been working with the cartel. John Ross tells her that if Harris hadn’t volunteered to do this, Emma would never have been in danger. He says if she gets him a meeting with Luis, he can save Emma.

Emma sits in her cage when Fernando brings her some food. He sits down a plate and she asks him not to go. She tells him she’s lonely and asks him to sit. He does. She tells him it’s cool he’s learning English but tells him Spanish is sexy. She says she knows some Spanish and says something. He tells her she said “I will do anything you want. I am a prisoner of your love.” She says another phrase. He translates as “Please help me drink this dress.” She giggles. She touches his arm and asks him to teach me.

He speaks and she repeats. The door opens and he jumps to get away from her. It’s Luis. He glares at the young guy who leaves. Emma looks at him. Luis leaves as well and they lock her back in. She grabs the pencil and paper she has hidden. She writes down some words in Spanish that he just taught her and hides the paper again. Nicolas calls the head of the cartel and says he wants to see him. He says he’s concerned about Luis. He says Luis is putting things in jeopardy by kidnapping two Americans.

The Don asks why this is his concern. He says they may be working at cross purposes. His boss says he’ll be in touch. George, Harris and Bobby are also listening in on the call. They’re not certain if he bought it. Emma asks to use the bathroom at a certain time. She is allowed and peeks out the window. She looks around and then sees the delivery boy. She calls to him but then Fernando hears and comes in and takes the note from her.

Fernando tells her he knows she took his pencil but said nothing because he liked her and thought she liked him too. She says she does. He says he might be able to get her note to someone who can help. He asks what she can do for him. She kisses him. Luis busts in and tells him to get out. She grabs the notes. Luis takes it from her. He tells her poor Fernando has no idea she’s playing him. He closes the door so no one can see what he’s going to do to her.

A truck pulls up and a man is brought in with a bag over his head. It’s John Ross. Luis tells him welcome to Mexico. He demands to see Emma. Luis asks what deal he has for him that Judith mentioned. He tells him that Nicolas is selling off parts off Ewing Global for 70 cents on the dollar but is having trouble since there are rumors he’s associated with drug dealers. Luis says he doesn’t know a Nicolas. John Ross refreshes his memory. Luis asks why bring this to him.

John Ross says Nicolas gets paid a lot more than Luis. He says he’s in a shit hole doing the dirty work while Nicolas is living in a penthouse driving a $100k car. John Ross says he’s the guy who has to do the dirty work in his family. He says he brought the deal to him. Luis calls his boss and says he can sell of the divisions at a higher profit. The Don asks if he kidnapped two Americans and then tells him selling the divisions is Nicolas’ job. Luis says he can explain and his boss says – in good time.

The boss calls Nicolas and agrees to the meet. Bobby asks if he can get him to take him to Emma and Nicolas says he can because he’s created a lot of discord between him and Luis. Harris threatens him with death if any harm comes to Emma. Elena comes in and asks what Nicolas wants. He says he knows she doesn’t love him anymore but says he hopes someday when she thinks of him, she’ll remember the man who deserved that love. Christopher storms out.

John Ross waits. Emma is brought out by Luis. He asks if she’s okay. She says she’s been better. Luis lies and says his boss has agrees to the deal and when the money is there, they can both go. John Ross says she goes now and he stays or no deal. Luis sniffs her neck and says it’s okay since he was done with her anyway. He shoves her toward John Ross and she whispers that they’ll kill him. He says people will die in the house but it won’t be him. Luis sends her away and hands her a cell phone telling her they’ll call her soon.

In Mexico, Nicolas is at a parking garage. George says it’s a smart strategy so they can’t use a drone. Bobby says Nicolas thinks if he saves Emma he can win Elena’s love back. Five SUVs pull up. The CIA says it’s a move to confuse them. Pamela asks if they have enough chase care to follow five. George says they can still track his phone. But they made him drop it when they search him. George tells the cars to give chase.

The SUVs all take off in different directions. Nicolas is in one of the SUVs with his boss. He tells him he owes his success to him. He says he’s confused by his interest in working with Luis and Nicolas says he’s interested in real power and no longer wants to retire. The Don says he’s glad to hear it. Judith comes in with Emma and Ann runs to her daughter and hugs her. She says she’s okay. She says John Ross traded himself for her. Sue Ellen is stunned. Judith says they didn’t tell them because they knew they’d try to stop them. Judith tells George he must be the CIA guy, one of her work friends.

The phone rings. It’s John Ross. He wants to know that she’s safe back at Southfork. With confirmation in hand, he tells Pamela to transfer Nasir’s money. He tells her they’ll own Ewing Global again. She tells him he’s Emma’s hero. She makes the transfer. He says it’s all good. He has his lighter in hand. Nicolas and Don Orestes come in. The Don tells Luis to sit. He does.

The Don tells Luis this brings him pain. He tells Luis and Nicolas they are like sons to him – both with different skills. He says this is no longer the case. Nicolas says he has generated money with intelligence and self-discipline. He says Luis has taken American hostages and has probably killed them already. Luis addresses Fernando in Spanish. He comes back in with John Ross who asks who let the scumbag in. Luis tells him that he got their product across the border and got all of Ewing Global sold for more money.

Luis says he’s proven he can do this better than Nicolas and has the stomach for the difficult things. He holds a gun to John Ross’ head. Nicolas says his eagerness to kill is the issue. The Don says Nicolas’ confusion is the issue. He says they are not businessmen who commit crime but criminals who do business. He says the confusion is his fault because he raised Nicolas this way. Nicolas says he’s always done what he asked.

The Don tells him murder is a wonderful bonding experience and will prove he’s committed to their future together. He tells Luis to give him the gun. The Don nods and Luis hands it over. John Ross tells him he doesn’t have the balls but Nicolas says he degraded the one true love of his life – got her drunk and had his way with her. He whispers to John Ross to drop when he tells him to. Luis puts a gun to Nicolas head and tells him to get on with it.

At Southfork, the CIA monitors channels looking for Nicolas. Bobby tells Sue Ellen that no gun-toting terrorist has ever gotten the best of a Ewing and won’t today either. Pamela says John Ross’ heart is too small for a bullet to find it. The Don tells Luis to put down his gun. He says it has to be Nicolas’ decision. John Ross flicks his lighter. Snipers take out Luis’ men. John Ross grabs the gun and tackles Luis. He holds it to his head and asks if he regrets what he did to Emma now. The mercenary tells him the Mexican Marines are on their way and to put the gun down. He fires twice close to Luis’ head but then gives it up.

The phone rings at Southfork. George takes the call and opens a file. He says a black ops team rescued John Ross. He says Luis and the Don are in custody and Nicolas is on the way back. Ewing Global will get their shares back – the US government has them back. Bobby says the drama is over. Harris tells George that he’s done working for them and George says he’ll honor their deal and he can get rid of Judith if he ever wants him to. Harris thinks and says they have to learn to co-exist peacefully as a family. He asks to have the recording back as insurance. George leaves.

Next day, an SUV pulls up and John Ross gets out. His mom runs to him and hugs him. She tells him he could have been killed. He says after all the bad he’s done, he had to do something on the side of right. Bobby shakes his hand and tells him well done. Ann thanks him. Emma hugs him. Pamela watches then walks away. He tells Emma he tried to get her justice. He goes over to Harris and Judith and they give him appreciative nods. Emma apologizes to the Ewings for the terrible things she’s done. She says she knows she can’t take back what she’s done but says she’s sorry.

She walks past her grandma who looks hurt. At the DEA, Nicolas is escorted in. Elena is there. He asks for a minute. She says she wanted to make sure she was okay. George says it’s time to get started. Nicolas says he has 19 years of stories to tell them. He begs her to have dinner with him tonight. He says if she’s not satisfied with his explanation, she never has to see him again. Christopher is there and asks why she would see him again. He tells her Nicolas is a bag guy but she says it’s not that simple. She says she’s made her own choices.

Luis paces in his jail cell and asks where Nicolas is. He asks the Don where the traitor is and he says that Nicolas will choke on the stew made of the entrails of his loved ones within a week – along with the Ewings that betrayed them. He reminds Luis that not all of his soldiers are in captivity. Sue Ellen comes down and tells Bobby that Ann is resting and she’s heading home. Bobby tells her he talked to Carlos del Sol but then the doorbell rings. It’s Tracey. He invites her in.

She’s crying. Sue Ellen asks how dare she show her face there. Bobby asks Sue Ellen to leave and she does. Bobby asks Tracey to come in and sit. She thanks him for pulling Sue Ellen off of her. Bobby pours her a drink and says he thinks she could take her without his help. She says she keeps thinking about Hunter. She says she should have done more to help him but Bobby says he made his own choices. She says she’s reliving her brother’s death again with Hunter’s death. He hugs her when Ann comes in and isn’t happy to see this. Tracey says it’s great to meet Bobby’s latest wife. Ann shakes her hand but doesn’t like the catty introduction.

Bobby tells Christopher that a walk down memory lane with your wife and ex-GF is not pleasant. Derrick comes over with Drew’s autopsy report. They think he was killed somewhere else and placed where his body was found. Christopher says he has to tell Elena. Meanwhile Elena comes to the penthouse and turns on the news. She sees a story about the cartel saying many cartel members are at large. She puts her bag on the bed and pulls out her gun and finds some cologne has spilled. She notices a phone/tablet in a zipper compartment and pulls it out.

She turns it on and Bum notices the signal. He calls Christopher and tells him that Elena just turned the phone on. Christopher calls the phone and tells her that Hunter and Drew were both murdered and it was the cartel and both were connected. She tells him Nicolas had her phone. He says he’s on the way to her now. She looks down in the bag and sees her brother’s St Christopher’s medal. She pulls it out of the bag. The elevator dings. She tells him Nicolas is there.

She hangs up while he’s calling her name. Nicolas hugs her. She looks at the medal on his neck and says they can thank St Christopher for protecting him through all this. He says he never takes it off. She says she never takes it off. She says her brother never did either. She shows him she found it. He tells him that he was protecting her and her mother from finding out that her brother committed suicide. She says he’s lying. He says his men were looking for him – he says he killed himself and they just moved him. She says he killed Drew and she shoots him. He says he didn’t.

He asks to let him protect her. Christopher gets there and bribes the doorman. He’s in the elevator headed up. She shoots Nicolas again in the leg. He tells her he won’t tell anyone that she shot him. He says she’ll be implicated too because they both were involved with the revenge plot. The elevator opens. Christopher steps out, Nicolas slips in and she fires again. He gets away. Christopher comforts her as she asks what she’s done.

eaving. He asks how her visit was with Emma. She says she won’t talk about what happened to her there. Harris says he’s glad she’s okay. He says he wanted to hold her and tell her he was glad she was safe but knew he couldn’t. He says he still loves her and thinks she feels the same. He says when they kissed the night of the fire, it was undeniable. Ann says she’s glad they’re in a better place and that he’s changed, but says she’s married and loves Bobby and will figure out how to make it work. She says nothing will come of this.

Harris is disappointed. John Ross is driving when a limo pulls up. An arm reaches out the window with a wrapped gift. He gets out of his car and sees it’s Judith. She says she knows he’s not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. He gets in her car. She asks him to sit by her. She says she likes the company of a brave young man. He sits by her with his gift. She tells him to open it and says it’s a gesture to show how much she appreciates what he did for Emma.

It’s the blue dress and the photo of the underage girl along with the digital file. He asks what strings are attached. She says a favor and a request. She says she knows something happened to Emma. She says she wants him to be a friend to Emma and wants him to be a friend to her. Then she says she wants him to find out what her son was up to with the CIA from the black ops guys.

Contractors pull up to Southfork and Bobby tells Ann that he was told that the ranch had to be taken all the way down to the foundations. She says she’s willing to do that with their relationship too. He agrees and they kiss. They start knocking down the damaged part of the ranch. John Ross heads over to see Pamela with coffee and flowers. He finds her riding Nasir. He asks what he’s doing with his wife. She tells him that she hasn’t been his wife since she took a bottle of pills. She says she’s getting the company back and that he has nothing and will have access to none of it.

He tells her she’s back to being the same whore his cousin married. He stomps out. Ann comes looking for Bobby and finds a text on his phone from Tracey saying she liked it when he held her yesterday and saying how much better she feels with lots of XXX and OOOs. Next day, Pamela admires the new office logo. Bobby and Sue Ellen come in. She says she’s taking control and can do what she wants. They tell her they made a preemptive bid with a loan from Carlos del Sol. John Ross and Pamela are both stunned. They tell the two warring spouses they did it for peace in the family.

Pamela says they’re starting another war but are happy to see they at least screwed John Ross too. John Ross says they robbed him of his birth right. Sue Ellen says it’s for his own good like when he put her on a psych hold. He says to forgive him if he doesn’t thank her for the intervention. He and Pamela both stomp off in different directions. He paces the elevator furious. He stops the elevator and sits down on the floor and cries like a baby. He pulls out his phone and calls his dad’s phone. He listens to a voice mail his dad left him telling him he’s proud of him. He calms down.

He calls Walter and asks if he has something for Judith and he says he has what he’s looking for. John Ross goes to see her. He tells her he’s done some soul searching and has decided to help Emma and has information for her. He has a tape recording that Harris was going to use as leverage. He says he could have used it himself but has decided he wants her as an ally. He tells her she’s going to love it. She snatches it and plays it. It’s her with Luis.

John Ross comes to see Emma. He asks how she’s doing. She says she’s been better. He touches her hair and asks if she’s going to be okay. He smiles and says she’s pretty messed up and they’re two of a kind. He asks if she wants to grab coffee with him. He says they’re like soldiers who have been to war. She asks if he came to save her in Mexico or for some other reason. He says they’ve lied to each other a lot. He says he was very angry that she was kidnapped but went to Mexico for business.

Emma says her dad was compiling blackmail on JR when he died. She says she has something he needs to see. She hands him an envelope and says – no more games. He looks at the folder. He’s stunned. She thanks him tearfully for saving him. He also thanks her. He turns and leaves. Harris checks his mail and finds the flash drive George sent. Instead of the recording he expects, he hears his mom’s voice. She tells him she forgives him and that John Ross has helped her with this. He’s not pleased.

Sue Ellen and Bobby look at at JR’s portrait. John Ross walks up and tells him mom he has no hard feelings about what they did. He also tells Bobby he’s sorry he had to retire as railroad commissioner. He introduces them to the new railroad commissioner – Judith. Bobby says it must He says he’s done some soul searching and he’s not just like him – he’s worse. We see the Don and Luis killed in jail compliments of Nicolas. He’s taken over the cartel.

He asks about the loose end in Dallas and Nicolas says it will be taken care of tonight. The hit man asks about Elena and he says she’ll come back to him within eight or nine months. We see Elena vomiting up her guts. Christopher knocks on the bathroom door. He says he was waiting in the car but got worried. Remember when Nicolas poked a hole in her diaphragm? Her pregnancy test clicks over to positive. She’s appalled. Is it John Ross’ or Nicolas’ baby? Someone is watching the car, dials a number and there’s an explosion. Elena is knocked back as the car becomes a fireball. She screams for Christopher. It looks like he was in the car – if he was, he’s toast! The bomber drives away.

John Ross flips through a folder as he gets a call from Bum. He tells him he’s looking at the papers from Emma and can’t believe it. He says JR is saving his ass from the grave. John Ross tells him to find his sister. John Ross pours a bottle of JR whiskey and says “Thank you Daddy.” He drinks and chuckles evilly.