Dallas RECAP 3/31/14: Season 3 Episode 6 “Like Father, Like Son”

Dallas RECAP 3/31/14: Season 3 Episode 6 “Like Father, Like Son”

Dallas returns to TNT with another great episode tonight at 9PM EST! “Like Father, Like Son” is the name of the new episode and on it John Ross races to find funds to keep a lease deal alive, but he may have to betray those who love him most. Meanwhile, Elena and Nicolas set out to divide and conquer, and Ryland’s machinations take an unforeseen turn.

On last week’s episode  the honeymoon was over for John Ross, as Bobby and Sue Ellen tried to use the Governor (guest star Steven Weber) to stop John Ross from becoming just like his father, J.R…. a move that could divide the family forever. Meanwhile, Christopher discovered surprising details about Heather (guest star AnnaLynne McCord) past; Cliff (guest star Ken Kercheval) persuaded Elena to try a new tact in her quest for justice; and Judith, Ryland (guest star Judith Light) and Ann try, with varying degrees of success, to get Emma under control.

On tonight’s episode on the heels of Bobby’s appointment as Railroad Commissioner, John Ross scrambles to find the funds to keep the Arctic lease deal alive, even if it means betraying those who love him most. Sensing an opportunity, Elena and Nicolas get Pamela and John Ross out of the office to divide and conquer. Meanwhile, things get complicated for Christopher and Heather (guest star AnnaLynne McCord) and Ryland’s plot to keep Emma and John Ross apart takes an unexpected turn.

Tonight’s new episode is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well.  While you’re waiting for “Like Father, Like Son” to begin hit up the comments and tell us whether or not you think that this wedding will really happen!

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John Ross is on the phone fighting to keep his fracking permit but is told it’s up to Commissioner Ewing. His mother comes by and he follows her into her office and asks her what she’s thinking. He tells her that shutting him down to teach him a lesson on fidelity is stupid. He tells her that she’s ruining the company business. She tells him he’s drunk on power and he says she did this because she’s just a drunk. He says it wasn’t tough love but irrational decisions of an alcoholic. He stomps out.

John Ross sulks around and he calls Christopher and Bobby self-righteous. They tell him that JR’s plan was for them all to work together not be at each other’s throats. Bobby tells him he gave Christopher all of his shares so he can serve as Railway Commissioner. He says he’s telecommuting on that job. John Ross reminds them that he was offering the only solution to deal with Nicolas. He tells them they’re hypocrites, not Ewings. He stomps away.

Elena comes in and Christopher stops her. He asks if she has any dirt on Nicolas and she says no and that she doesn’t think he’s the villain they all thought. She says he’s a good guy and he tells her that he didn’t exist before 1997 and that his real past is the key to finding out his agenda. She agrees to look into it. She texts Nicolas and tells him what the Ewings know. She says if they figure out who he is, they can figure out the link between them.

Nicolas tells her to work on getting Pamela on their side while he works on swinging John Ross over. He says they can still make their plan work. John Ross is staring at the project map for the Arctic project when Nicolas comes in. He tells them that his family is wasting the opportunity to teach John Ross a lesson. He says he came to commiserate because he doesn’t want to see them lose the opportunity. John Ross offers him a drink.

Nicolas tells him he can relate to people you’re working with being sneaky. He says he’s struggling with Cliff’s agenda. They agree to meet after work for a drink and to talk privately. Elena finds Pamela and tells her Nicolas and John Ross are headed out and invites her to a girl’s night. Pamela asks if she should bring Emma and Elena says the more the merrier. She and Nicolas share a knowing look.

Ann comes into the barn and finds Emma there. She thanks her mom for letting her back on the ranch and tells her it really is over with John Ross because she knows he was just using her and she doesn’t want to be used anymore. Ann says when she finds the right man she’ll know more about relationships being about more than sex. She says she’ll find unconditional love but Emma says that with her dad and grandma there are always strings attached. Ann tells her she loves her no matter what and says he dad loves her too, in his own way.

Nicolas heads out and Bobby goes after him. He calls to him and Nicolas comments that he’s working late. Nicolas says that becoming RR Commissioner is a roundabout way to foil his nephew. Bobby tells him he should help them out or he may make some problems for Nicolas’ other companies. Nicolas tells him he’s surprised because Bobby pretends to be honorable. Bobby tells him that there’s nothing wrong with making sure that every rule is followed to the letter and Nicolas tells him to bring it.

John Ross and Nicolas come into a crowded bar and they get drinks. John Ross’ assistant is there and she flirts heavily but he tells her he has business to do. Nicolas asks what’s up with that and he says she was looking for some overtime. Nicolas tells him he has to follow Cliff’s lead and John Ross asks if he can get him to sell some assets to help. They see Hunter McCabe – a trust fund kid that John Ross knows and he calls them over to party.

Ann tells Sue Ellen that they were right to enact tough love with their kids having an affair. Ann says Emma told her it’s over and Sue Ellen says she hopes so since it seems to have cost her her son.

Hunter explains he’s a video game gazillionaire and he shows off the ladies glittery 99s on their chest – his current stock price. Hunter tells him sorry about JR and he says he’s glad he’s free from the family drama now that he’s independently wealthy. Hunter tells him going public is the best way to go because you can buy up the controlling interest.

The girls sit at the bar and they talk about John Ross’ slutty assistant. Pamela makes a face and Emma tells her that John Ross loves her and would never cheat on her. They drink to that. John Ross comes home to find Pamela undressing and he tells her about running into Hunter McCabe. He says they had an enlightening chat and that he may have solved their problems and can get Cliff out of their lives for good. He says he needs her help and she says they’re partners.

Elena walks into an alley and meets up with a private eye chick. She gives her the materials and cash and a photo of John Ross and the assistant. Elena says he can be doing her anytime anywhere and the PI promises to find out.

Heather works in the barn and Christopher comes in to greet her. He says he would help but he’s enjoying the view. She tells him John Ross’ fracking shutdown means her job is safe and she wants to thank him. She grabs him and gets him all sweaty from her manual labor. But then her ex Bo pulls up and interrupts. She asks what he wants and he says he has to go to Fort Worth. She tells him she has to work and he tells her to figure out her childcare situation and he drives off in a huff.

Bo drops their son off as he goes. She tells her son she has to call Lillian so she can work but Christopher asks if he wants him to come to work with him. He says it’s bring a kid to work day and he doesn’t know any other kids. Heather says it’s a lot to ask and he tells her she’s not asking, he’s offering. He grabs up her kid and takes him with. Christopher shows him stuff about their operations and the boy says he wants to be a bull rider like his dad used to be.

The PI comes in and asks if she’s Candice and says accounting needs to see her urgently about an expense report. She goes off and the PI prowls around the office. She places a device in John Ross’ office. He comes in and veers into his mother’s office first so he doesn’t see her. He tells Sue Ellen that she was right about his cheating but what she did was out of line. Sue Ellen says he hurt her and that’s why she lashed out. John Ross says she’s put the company into a bind and he needs her help to sort it out. He tells her he wants to take the company public so they can raise the money they need and dilute Cliff’s shares. He promises her it’s done with Emma and that he loves Pamela. Sue Ellen agrees to support him but says that’s not enough. He says he can get the other votes they need.

John Ross heads out to the empty fairgrounds to meet with Nicolas. He says he has a deal for him. John Ross tells him if he votes with him to take the company public they can have a win-win. He offers him a 2% royalty on all the oil produced. Nicolas says that would mean betraying Cliff and then John Ross ups it to 3%. John Ross reminds him that neither of them want to be shackled to people pushing them around.

That night, Christopher loads Heather’s sleeping son into her car and she thanks him. She say her son thinks he owns Alaska now. He tells her that Michael is a great kid. He asks about Bo’s riding career and she says he had a bad accident and now feels cheated out of his dream and still eats pain killers. Heather says it’s frustrating because Bo is out of work again. He makes a money offer and she refuses it and says they’re fine. She says they agreed to be casual and she says she likes him no matter what it is. He kisses her. He says he does to.

Candice works late and gets a text from Harris who asks why she hasn’t gotten some DNA for him yet. She pulls the dress out of her cabinet and puts it on. She pops into John Ross’ office and asks if he needs anything else. He says no, but she comes in and starts undressing. She asks if he’s sure there’s nothing else he needs and he tells her he’s married and she needs to take no for an answer and that it’s never going to happen. He kicks her out but Sue Ellen sees her leaving his office. Candice tells her that her son is something else. Of course Sue Ellen believes her.

Elena and Nicolas look at the footage and wonder if they’re wrong about John Ross being a cheater. Nicolas says there may be another move and he tells her about John Ross wanting to take the company public. Nicolas tells her they can vote with him and then steal the company out from under him and that will further splinter the Ewings. He says that letting them go public will give them a shot at epic justice.

The family gets together the next day. John Ross says he has an idea to give them the capital they need. He tells them he wants to go public. Christopher and Bobby say no way. John Ross says he’s not surprised. He says Pamela, Sue Ellen and Nicolas are voting with him. Nicolas says Cliff has decided that good business trumps revenge. Bobby tries to talk Sue Ellen out of it. John Ross calls for a vote. Sue Ellen hesitates and then turns around and votes no. John Ross is staggered. He glares at his mother.

Sue Ellen pours a drink. Then another and another. John Ross comes in and asks her why she stabbed him in the back again. She tells him he lied to her and he insists he didn’t and says it’s over with Emma. She says she saw his assistant coming out of his office. He tells her that she was hitting on him and he turned her down. She says she know what she saw and he says she doesn’t know because she’s a drunk.

She says he’s just like JR and he blows up at her. He tells her she wants revenge on JR so bad that she’s betraying her only son. He asks if she’s too drunk to remember who he is. He asks why she’s doing this to herself and she says he and JR did it to her. He tells her she did it to herself and she can only see ghosts of JR instead of taking a hard look in the mirror. He tells her to take responsibility for her actions and stomps out.

Outside her house, John Ross stews then calls someone and says he needs a favor. He comes into Emma’s place and he asks if she has what he wants. She asks if he’s sleeping with Candice and says Pamela had mentioned his assistant. She says she wants to know that she’s the only other other woman. She tells him he hasn’t thanked her for the last thing she did for him. She pulls off her robe and tells him she has needs too. He comes over and starts to take off his tie but she tells him he can just leave his clothes on and take care of her needs. She lies back on the couch and tells him to get busy. He isn’t happy but complies.

Elena gets a call that says to check her email. She watches video and sees Emma with John Ross. She is shocked. When John Ross is done servicing her orally she tells him to go home and kiss his wife. John Ross goes to see a judge and tells him that his mother is out of control. He hands him a folder and says it’s from the brothel he likes to frequent. It’s a handful of photos of him in compromising positions. He tells him John Ross that he’s just like his father and he says when you hear it enough you start to believe it.

Sue Ellen is opening more booze when there’s a knock at her door. It’s cops. She asks what they want and is told they have a court order to take her in for a mandatory psychiatric evaluation. She asks if this is a joke but they take her away and load her into an ambulance. They are careful with her. John Ross tells the ambulance driver to get her some help. Back at the ranch, he sits in the kitchen when Bobby and Ann come in. They ask why he’s sitting in the dark and he tells them that Sue Ellen is drinking again and he thinks she’s been boozing since JR’s funeral. He tells them they had a huge fight and the police took her in to get her help.

John Ross says that’s why she’s been erratic and betrayed him the way she did. Bobby asks him what he’s done. John Ross says with her incapacitated, he has her power of attorney. Christopher is there by then and he says with her votes in his hand, he’s taking the company public and there’s not a damned thing they can do to stop him. He walks away cold as ice while the others fret.