Dallas RECAP 3/24/14: Season 3 Episode 5 “D.T.R.”

Dallas RECAP 3/24/14: Season 3 Episode 5 “D.T.R.”

Dallas returns to TNT with another great episode tonight at 9PM EST! “D.T.R.” is the name of the new episode and on it the family could divide forever when Bobby and Sue Ellen use the governor (Steven Weber) in a power ploy to stop John Ross from becoming like his father. Elsewhere, details surface about Heather’s past; Cliff helps in Elena’s pursuit of justice; Judith, Ryland and Ann try to tame Emma.

On the last episode familiar faces returned for a wedding at Southfork, yet groom John Ross was missing. Elsewhere, Christopher returned from Mexico; Nicolas and Elena’s relationship heated up; Sue Ellen pondered whether to stop the wedding.

On tonight’s episode the honeymoon is over for John Ross, as Bobby and Sue Ellen try to use the Governor (guest star Steven Weber) to stop John Ross from becoming just like his father, J.R…. a move that could divide the family forever. Meanwhile, Christopher discovers surprising details about Heather (guest star AnnaLynne McCord) past; Cliff (guest star Ken Kercheval) persuades Elena to try a new tact in her quest for justice; and Judith, Ryland (guest star Judith Light) and Ann try, with varying degrees of success, to get Emma under control.

Tonight’s new episode is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well.  While you’re waiting for “D.T.R.” to begin hit up the comments and tell us whether or not you think that this wedding will really happen!

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At Dallas Love Field, Pamela and John Ross get off their private jet and hop into the limo. He asks if she’s ready to go rule the world with him and she takes his hand. She tells him she feels like she’s been asleep at the wheel the last few weeks while planning the wedding. He tells her it’s all good and asks the driver to take them by the Southfork drill site. She asks him to send her the Ryland Transport deal so he can look it over but he makes some excuses. She says she’ll find something else to sink her teeth into and he teases her about nibbling him. That devolves into backseat nookie.

At the dig site, he asks Bo why they’re not drilling. He says someone dropped tools down the well and they’re working as hard as they can. John Ross offers double the pay if they’ll work that night and he says he’ll even send a coffee truck. Bobby watches from horse back and John Ross smirks at him. Bobby checks his watch.

Sue Ellen waits on the Governor and gifts him a bottle of JR brand whiskey and asks him to talk to Babcock, the railroad commissioner, and get him to resign. He asks why and she says he’s in on some illegal activities that will hurt the Governor. He asks does it have more to do with John Ross and Sam tells her that Texas is pro-oil and Babcock’s family has deep pockets.

She tells him that if his Presidential aspirations are legit, she will ruin his reputation. He tells her to bring it since she was recently charged with bribery herself. She says John Ross has dirt on Babcock and that won’t be good for him. He tells her he’ll take his chances. Sue Ellen smiles as he walks away and calls Bobby. She tells him that Sam took the bait. She says both the Governor and John Ross have a thing about control and they both need reminded who really has it.

Down in Mexico, Nicolas and Elena meet with Cliff at the prison. They tell her that Pamela is just back from her honeymoon. He says of all the things the Ewings took from him, his daughter was the hardest. He’s upset that the gun range and Rhonda neither one panned out. She tells him nothing will get in the way of exposing the Ewings framing him. Nicolas says he has an idea and Cliff tells them to keep at it. Cliff pulls Elena aside and tells her to keep an eye on Nicolas.

At the stable, Christopher finds Heather and she complains that a bunch of the ranch hands have been laid off. He says he’s working on it and then asks her out for a drink. She tells him she’s not up for anything serious, but if it’s just fun, she’s in. They make plans for that night.

Bobby finds a horrible piece of Mexican art work John Ross bought for the lobby. He tells him if he doesn’t like it there he can bring it to Southfork and Bobby says to leave it there. John Ross comes to see Sue Ellen and she tells him to come in and shut the door. She asks if he’s still sleeping with Emma and he tells her it’s just business and that Pamela won’t find out. She tells him he’s reckless and dumb and he tells her he’s not JR and lashing out at him won’t punish JR.

Christopher confronts John Ross about the layoffs. Pamela asks what’s going on and John Ross tells him if he has to frack Southfork dry to get the Arctic leases he will. Candice comes over and touches John Ross’ arm and hands him some papers. Pamela frowns at her ample cleavage. He heads out to see Emma after telling Pamela he has a meeting.

He brought her a trinket from his honeymoon and fastens the necklace on her. John Ross tells her he needs her help. He says he needs the ships she promises and she asks why Harris isn’t back in jail. He tells her he doesn’t know what’s on the encrypted flash drive but once they figure it out, they can put him away for good. He asks her to talk to her grandma and she agrees. He heads out. She doesn’t look happy with him leaving without getting naked.

John Ross comes out of the house and Ann asks why he’s home and he says he forgot his briefcase. Ann marches up to Emma’s room and asks if the necklace is from John Ross. Ann tells her she’s not stupid and Emma tells her to get a life and get out of her business. Ann grabs her arm and tells her she looks out for people she loves. Emma reminds her how much she was looking out the day she was kidnapped. She calls her mom a liar and a drug addict and Ann tells her to get off the ranch and not come back. Ann collapses in tears.

Nicolas and Elena meet with state attorney Peter and he tells them the state was after Sue Ellen for bribery but JR shut it down. He tells them he doesn’t like the Ewings since they’re bullies. Peter asks Elena what her stake is and she tells him the Ewings stole from and ruined her father. He says he’ll make some calls to get the files they need.

Ann calls Harris and asks her what the Emma problem is. She tells him Emma was awful and she threw her out of Southfork and now can’t find their daughter. She says if something happens she doesn’t know what she’ll do. Harris promises to take care of it. She asks him to call her if he finds her or hears from her. Harris opens his safe and pops in the encrypted drive. He grabs a burner phone and calls someone for a meeting.

He shows up to see his CIA contact and tells him he wants out because of cartel threats against his family. The CIA guy tells him he’s not done with the ride yet. Harris asks how much longer. The guy tells him that until they bring them down, he doesn’t get to decide to stop. Harris pulls out his phone and hands it to him. He tells him he has info on his secret offshore account for illegal black ops. He tells him to use some of the money to get his family extra security or he’ll go to his bosses at the CIA.

Pamela works in the conference room and sees John Ross chatting with busty Candice. She gets a call from her dad. She’s shocked. She tells him she doesn’t want to talk to him and he tells her he’s worried about her being in with the Ewings. He tells her the Ewings framed him. He insists he didn’t but she hands up on him. She hears Candice giggling and turns to see the girl touching John Ross. Sue Ellen watches this too but Bobby says he’s sure that’s innocent. Sue Ellen says there is nothing innocent about her son. John Ross gives Bobby a smart alec look.

Heather and Christopher hang out and drink at the bar. She asks about high school and he says he was a jock and a brain. She asks which got him laid more and she uses the phrase DTR and asks what it means. He tells her he was the one who DTRd with Elena. He asks about her last relationship and she admits it was bad. She starts to tell him but gets a text. She says she has to go and he offers a ride. She tells him it’s okay but he insists. She admits she has a kid.

In Austin, the governor pours some JR whiskey and Babcock tells Sam about his furry habits that John Ross used to blackmail him. The lid of the whiskey is bugged! Sue Ellen and Bobby listen in and get some dirt on illegal campaign contributions. Bobby tells her JR would have loved this scam and she says the family that blackmails together stays together.

Heather gets home and asks why Bo called her. He tells her had to work and they argue. Christopher comes up and Bo tells her she must get to keep her job since she’s sleeping with the boss. Michael (her son) peeks out and Christopher tells the guy to get to work. Bo tells him to stay away from his family. Bo leaves and peals out. Christopher asks Heather if she’s okay. She says they were together since high school and briefly married. Michael opens the door and peeks out. She introduces him to Christopher and he crouches down and talks toys with the boy. He asks him to show him how it transforms. Heather smiles as he’s kind to her son.

Emma sips a drink at the bar when Judith comes in to meet her. She sits down and stares daggers at her granddaughter. She asks if she’s ready to come home and Emma tells her she has someone who wants to lease their ships – Ewing Global. She tells her Harris killed the deal because he hates her. Judith says they won’t do business with the Ewings and Emma hands over an envelope she says she took from Harris’ safe. It’s the black book on her brothel business. She offers her grandmother a trade. She tells her it’s only half and she’ll hand over the other half when she gets a contract for the ships.

Judith tells her never let a man screw you for nothing. She tells Emma that the girls that work for her are always in control, no matter what the men think. She tells her the whore that gives without receiving is a whore and a fool. Judith tells her John Ross doesn’t care about her and will never leave his wife since he’s getting the milk for free. Emma says he cares about her and Judith says he’s using her and if she believes different, she’s a worthless creature. She tells Emma not to let him manipulate her. Emma leaves.

Harris sits and drinks when his mom stumps in at three a.m. She tells him that Emma gave the Ewings their ships and bargained with the info on the brothel. She tells him they need to break up Emma and John Ross and Harris says that Candice is working on it. She tells him to get Emma to come back on to get her away from John Ross and says it would piss off Ann.

Elena and Nicolas look through JR’s murder investigation files and they look for something to prove Cliff’s innocence. She asks if he doesn’t mind working with Cliff since he’s a terrible person. Nicolas says he’s just a tool to use to get justice. He kisses her and holds her and then spots something on a photo. He shows her a mark on the autopsy that’s not noted and looks like an incision.

Emma waits on the bed when John Ross comes in. He asks if she got the ships and she says maybe. She tells him he’s only nice when he wants something. He says she’s right and sits down and says he’s been too focused on the leases. She says she wants a piece of the action on the Arctic leases and tells him they have to be more discreet. She tells him Ann threw her out and he tells her to fix it because he doesn’t want to stop seeing her. They fall into bed.

Cliff tells Elena and Nicolas that he’s shocked that Pamela actually believes he killed JR. Cliff tells her to tell Pamela the truth about his innocence. He tells her to turn her against John Ross and she’ll help both of them get justice. She agrees.

Ann spots Emma at the gazebo and goes to talk to her. Emma apologizes for what she said and Ann apologizes too. They sit together. Ann says that when she came to live at Southfork she wanted them to be closer and build on that but that Emma is making it difficult. She tells her mom she broke it off with John Ross and Ann tells her she can stay at the ranch. They hug it out but Emma looks cunning.

Ann tells the security guys to open the gate and she goes out to talk to Harris. He tells her the CIA promised more security. She tells him Emma says she’s done with John Ross but Ann thinks it’s might be a lie. They both blame themselves for Emma’s issues and agree they want the best for her. He says he came to talk Emma into going home with him but decided he thinks she’s better off there with Ann.

Sue Ellen plays the tape for Sam. He tells her this is why politicians should never accept gifts. He asks her who she wants to replace Babcock with and she says she has the perfect candidate. John Ross gets a package and sees it’s the railway contracts he wanted signed by Judith. Emma attached a smiley stickey note. He gets a text from Sue Ellen to turn on Channel 5. He sees Babcock announcing his resignation and that his interim replacement will be Bobby Ewing. John Ross is floored and throws a tantrum and a couple of items. Bobby promises to enforce all regulations while he serves. John Ross stomps out and Candice tries to catch him. He slams the door as he calls his mother. He leaves her a message telling her she should have betrayed him to his face instead of stabbing him in the back. He tells her she’s nothing more than another enemy he has to watch out for. She listens to the message then draws out her flask and starts boozing.

John Ross waits in Bobby’s office and he congratulates him on his new position. He asks if it was his plan, Sue Ellen’s or a conspiracy to ruin the company. He tells Bobby they will lose the Arctic if he stops the drilling and says he’s cutting off his nose to spite his face. Bobby won’t heat it and says he won’t drill on Southfork no matter what. Christopher chimes in and tells him that he’s ruining lives and is more selfish than JR ever was. John Ross tells him that he’ll blow right past any roadblocks they try to put up. He stomps out.