General Hospital Spoilers: Shawn Tells Sonny about Ava Shooting Olivia?

General Hospital Spoilers: Shawn Tells Sonny about Ava Shooting Olivia?

The tension in the town of Port Charles is becoming nearly unbearable to watch, by the time the iconic Nurses Ball arrives, some of the storylines on General Hospital are going to explode. With so much death and deceit on GH, half of us had forgotten that Ava shot and wounded Sonny’s girlfriend Olivia when she was trying to take out Franco.

Today on General Hospital Sonny’s henchman Shawn arrived just in time to save Julian from his sister Ava, before Julian left the gallery he took it upon himself to reveal to Shawn that Ava was Olivia’s shooter. Ava informed Shawn that if he told Sonny what she had done, she would stop Carlos from taking the fall for Sonny and tell the PCPD that she saw Sonny shoot AJ Quartermaine. What a complicated web she has woven!

Shawn is a loyal guy, and his loyalty is surely being tested. Shawn wouldn’t be loyal to Sonny if he caused Ava to rat him out, and he also wouldn’t be loyal to Sonny if he didn’t tell him the truth about Olivia’s shooter. What a dilemma. Shawn doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that could keep a secret from Sonny, regardless of the consequences. If we know Shawn like we think we do, he will probably tell Sonny the truth about Ava shooting Olivia, and then the two of them will conspire together to take out Ava before she rats Sonny out.

And, the Port Charles Nurses Ball is just hours away. How insane would it be if Ava is revealed as Olivia’s shooter at the gala in front of the entire town of Port Charles? And, how much more insane would it be Ava returned the favor and revealed Sonny was AJ Quartermaine’s killer at the ball? Let’s not forget Franco and Carley have AJ’s cell phone and are literally seconds away from discovering that Ava killed Connie, and that too could also be exposed at the Nurses Ball.

It’s a safe assumption that the Nurses Ball will be filled with fireworks this year on General Hospital. And, there is a good chance someone could be led away in handcuffs, considering the route these storylines are taking so close to the gala.

On top of all of Sonny and Ava’s drama, fans are speculating that Jason Morgan may return to Port Charles and make a grand appearance at the Nurses Ball. Rumors are still swirling that Michael Muhney (who was recently fired by The Young and the Restless’ Jill Farren Phelps) may be filling Steve Burton’s shoes as Jason Morgan. Sure the theory is far fetched, but it is worth mentioning that Muhney broke radio silence for the first time sine January last week on Twitter and began interacting with his fans. Some GH fans think that he may be stepping back into the limelight because he is about to be revealed as the new Jason Morgan.

What do you think about Shawn’s dilemma on General Hospital? Do you think he will keep Ava’s secret, or will he rat her out and help Sonny take her out before she implements Sonny in AJ Quartermaine’s murder? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

And here are some Remarks for Soap Opera Spy fans on the latest on GH as well as they rumors of Jason Morgan’s return:

And I would live to see Michael Mulney rumor be true

Hope Shawn us strong enough to overcome Ava threats

I am not getting shawn as the big bad

Will they let the baby live..Please say yes…I really want to see them to together….and Ava secret needs to b unfold about AJ it’s getting boring..

Yep they need the secret to get out already and I also hope the baby will live

Anyway, tomorrow April 8 the Nurses Ball begins and will cover 4 episodes – so hopefully many of our questions will finally be answered and in ways that we like!

  • Racquel Garnette

    Oh i didn’t know Ava and Franco are enemies. Franco told Carly the other day that he kills people for living. Wow Ava made a mistake by shooting Olivia Sonny girlfriend because the bullet was meant for Franco. Franco and Ava something bad in the past. Shawn found out the truth. It seems like Shawn is a good friend to Ava. Julian is bad news too. Julian and imposter Luke is going after Sonny. Sonny and Alexis is working together to find out who is setting up Sonny. The truth will be told at nurse’s ball. I can’t wait to see that.

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