General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Will Kill Ava Unless She is Pregnant – Morgan’s or Sonny’s Baby?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Will Kill Ava Unless She is Pregnant - Morgan's or Sonny's Baby?

The cat is out of the bag on ABC’s daytime soap opera General Hospital. Ava Jerome has been killing to hide the fact that she shot and killed Connie. Unfortunately, AJ Quartermaine figured out that she was Connie’s killer and had tried to frame him for the crime, which is how he wound up in a body bag.

AJ Quartermaine was a screw-up, but it turns out he finally did one thing right before he died; he managed to record Ava’s confession on his cell phone. Carly and Franco enlisted the help of Spinelli to clean up the audio and are now armed with information that will create a death sentence for Ava Jerome.

Sonny and Ava formed an unlikely partnership on General Hospital, which somehow transformed into an affair. Sonny was completely unaware of the fact that Ava killed Connie and believes AJ Quartmermaine did. Sonny would have never pulled the trigger if he had known AJ was innocent. Since he killed AJ, his world has spun out of control, both of his sons have disowned him, his mental health is at an all-time low, and he has lost the love of his life–Olivia.

When Carly plays the recording for Sonny and exposes Ava Jerome as Connie’s killer, Sonny makes it clear that Ava is as good as dead. Ava always seems to have a back-up plan or a trick up her sleeve. But what could she possibly say that would make Sonny think twice about killing her?

Whenever two soap characters share a sex scene there is usually an 85% chance they wind up pregnant. What if Ava Jerome winds up pregnant by Sonny — or Sonny’s son Morgan? Sonny wouldn’t kill his own blood, and if Ava is carrying his son or grandson, he will almost for sure spare her life.

How insane would it be if Ava returned from the island and announced that she was pregnant with a Corinthos baby? Or perhaps she fakes a pregnancy because she knows Sonny won’t kill her if she is carrying a member of his family? Ava and Sonny are a little old to be having babies, but, hey, stranger things have happened on soaps. What do you think, GH fans? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers!

Here is what Soap Opera Spy fans say about this convenient pregnancy – this life-saving pregnancy:

She should still go to prison in the real world any one else would.

Oh heck no they should just kill her off. She not that great for them to fight over. Please no baby for her.

If they plan on another tired who’s the daddy storyline, they better consider the gross factor of “is it my baby or my grandbaby” storyline. That is creepy and just nasty. Complete turnoff.

 Ava Jerome isn’t going anywhere! #TeamAva!

Ava needs to be checked out to see if she is pregnant and Sonny needs to bring her to see and stay with her.

pleeeease get rid of Ava!!!

No way , she doesn’t deserve A baby but would be interesting if it was Sonny’s and she had a girl.

So do you think Ava is pregnant? She better be!


10 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Will Kill Ava Unless She is Pregnant – Morgan’s or Sonny’s Baby?”

  1. glory says:

    I think that would be such a coo!! I absolutely love that idea!! Go for it!! Whether she fake it or not!! :*

  2. Sung-Guy says:

    Ava spawned by the devil

  3. disqus_ZRMdUKoDts says:

    Im tired of this Story, Jerome and Luke, trying to overtake Sonny. While Jerome battles Luke for freedom. Just bring back Jason, or Man up Morgan some more make him the NEW Executioner for Sonny. Take out both Luke and Jeromes.. Mob war is what makes GH great and Sonny and the crew own that joint.

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  5. Naomie Latour says:

    Ava’s baby is Sonny’s baby

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  9. Brooke says:

    The show is not the same without Morgan and Ava being together. I think it’s awesome that Ava is pregnant it’s a twist but not that now she is living with sonny that’s just stupid. And with out Ava the show will never be the same sonny can not shoot Ava

  10. Missy says:

    I, believe Morgan, is the father of baby Avery. Maybe a new twist it could be Silas, is the father of baby Avery, I, believe Silas, & Nina, is the biological parents of Avery & Kiki.