General Hospital Spoilers: Former The Young and the Restless Star Billy Miller Talks About Jason Morgan and Steve Burton

General Hospital Spoilers: Former The Young and the Restless Star Billy Miller Talks About Jason Morgan and Steve Burton

General Hospital spoilers and cast news reports that GH was indeed lucky to get the 3-time daytime Emmy winner, Billy Miller,  from The Young and the Restless to play the beloved Jason Morgan. Steve Burton left GH after 22 years as Jason Morgan ostensibly because he wanted to spend more time with his family. It looked like he retired from this role and soaps, but after a short time, it became apparent that he and Jill Farren Phelps, the producer of The Young and the Restless, had in fact made a deal for him to come on board this other popular soap.

Billy Miller left The Young and the Restless in January 2014 after unsuccessfully trying to negotiate a contract with some time off for other projects. Jill Farren Phelps more or less fired him when he held his ground on this issue. Billy Miller is happy at General Hospital as the soap has several filming breaks each year which allow him time for other projects – a luxury he was refused by JFP at Y&R. Aside from his major role on GH, Billy also has a role on Major Crimes and an upcoming episode of Suits. Billy wisely states in a recent interview: “I’ve always thought the bigger your body of work, the more you’re able to survive for a longer time.”

From the moment Miller left the Young and the Restless, the rumors started flying that he would join General Hospital as the much adored Jason Morgan. Billy said regarding rumors of his hiring by GH: “It was entirely premature. I was fortunate enough to have considerable options.”

It is interesting to note that even after Steve Burton left General Hospital and insisted time and time again that he was happy playing the character of Dylan McEvoy on the Young and the Restless, his massive fan base never for a minute gave up believing that one day he would return to GH as Jason.

Billy Miller had huge shoes to fill and he knew it. When the news broke that he indeed would become Jason Morgan, the controversy raged. Only his fans from The Young and the Restless were happy beyond belief that he would again be seen on daytime TV. The General Hospital fans wanted no part of him and wasted no time voicing this opinion over and over again on social media. But Billy is smart enough to know that trying to play Jason the way Steve did would be a mistake: “It would be ridiculous for me to mimic.” Mind you Steve was classy and gave Miller his blessing to take the role long before he was officially hired.

As time has gone on, however, and Billy has become entrenched in this new role, the fans have started to embrace him, even though he is certainly not a carbon copy of the old Jason Morgan. Billy brings a certain wit and charm to this role – along with a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face. He is hopeful that he will be able to merge the old Jason from the past with the new Jason that he has become. This would certainly make for great drama and make all the fans very happy. General Hospital is absolutely thrilled to have him as a great addition to their star studded cast and Billy is especially looking forward to working with the great Tony Geary saying: “I can’t wait for that acting class!

We know that Billy Miller is a versatile actor with great charm and talent and are anticipating his continued success playing Jason Morgan. Do you think Steve Burton looks back and wishes he was still on GH? Is Billy a satisfying Jake/Jason? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Return to CDL for more hot General Hospital Spoilers tomorrow!

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