I Wanna Marry Harry Recap 6/10/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “My ‘Brother’ William”

I Wanna Marry Harry Recap 6/10/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “My ‘Brother’ William”

I WANNA MARRY HARRY returns on FOX tonight with its new episode called, “My ‘Brother’ William.” On this evening’s episode, nine women remain, and one of them uncovers an intriguing photo in Sir’s room, which leads to speculation about his identity. Among the dates undertaken are a yacht cruise down the Thames, a horseback ride and badminton on the estate. Meanwhile, one of the ladies questions her desire to remain in the manor.

On last week’s episode “Sir” took Kimberly on an incredible hot air balloon ride over England and on a secluded picnic, but their date was disrupted by some pesky paparazzi which followed them. Later, back at the estate, the ladies were treated to a pool party fit for a royal and the girls showed “Sir” their best American dance moves. Carly was asked to leave the estate.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode The speculation about “Sir’s” identity intensifies as one lady finds a very telling photograph in “Sir’s” room. Later, the luxurious dates continue with a yacht ride down the River Thames, horseback riding and badminton in the estate gardens. Drama amongst the ladies reaches an all-time high and one lady questions her desire to remain at the estate.

Each week “Sir” handpicks one lucky gal to take on an extravagant adventure, while another’s dream of “happily ever after” is dashed, when she is asked to leave the estate. As “Sir” narrows down his choice to one woman, he will finally have to admit the truth about his royal masquerade. What will happen when Harry admits to the deception? Crown or no crown, Harry plans to see which girls are in it for real and which are only in it for riches.

You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s cool new episode of I WANNA MARRY HARRY which begins at 9PM EST on FOX. We’ll also be live blogging it for you right here. While you’re waiting for the show to start hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the contestants!


Rose says she thinks he’s an important guy and says if he’s really Prince Harry, she’ll feel like a total ding dong. The crew has placed a photo-shopped image of Matt with Prince William in his room. He sends for Karina to have breakfast in his room. She talks to him and asks what’s something he can tell her that he hasn’t told the others and he says his birthday is close. He asks to go to the restroom and leaves her alone in his room. She sees the photo and stares at it then goes to take a closer look at it.

She says – no way – then takes her seat as he comes back out. He asks if the photo is of him and his brother and he says it’s a polo event. She’s now sure that he’s Prince Harry. He says he will see her later. She wonders if she should tell the others but then can’t it and blabs. She tells them she was in his room and saw a photo of him with a guy that looks like Prince William.

Meghan says – I knew it. Karina says she asked if it was him and he says it was him and his brother. Kelley says she’s known this whole time that it was Harry but for the other girls, it was shocking information. Matt picked two girls for extra time today. The girls meet Kingsley at the stables and are told some will be mucking out the stables while others ride.

Matt says he needs a girl who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. Kingsley says Chelsea and Maggie get to rise horses. Maggie is over the moon. They go to get changed and the other girls are told to get into overalls. Rose is not happy about this. Chelsea thinks it’s funny. Matt says he chose those two girls to decide if there is chemistry or if it’s time for them to go home.

Maggie tells Chelsea they look like real riders. Matt joins them on horseback. The overall girls greet him. Meghan says she wants to be on a date with him instead of picking up poop. Kim says she’s sure he’s Prince Harry. Maggie loves his riding outfit and little hat. Matt is worried because he’s not great with horses like the real Prince is.

Chelsea says she doesn’t care who he is and wants to get to know him. She asks who his type is and if he’s dated a lot. She asks if he’s dated a black girl and he says color doesn’t come into it. Maggie doesn’t like Chelsea being along with them. The other girls complain about how hard mucking stables is. Anna Lisa says her hands weren’t made to muck.

Karina doesn’t have to do it since she won the Crown Suite but watches the girls do their mucking. Kelley says he wants to see who will break and who will shine. She grew up in the South and isn’t bothered. The other girls mock her for working hard. They call her the MVP – most valuable pooper scooper. They joke about Maggie staying sober enough to stay on her horse.

Matt and the girls come to a little picnic site and Maggie orders beer. Chelsea cracks a joke about it and Maggie is annoyed. She says she threw her under the bus and Maggie says she likes to have fun. Matt says he has seen her wild side and wants to see what else there is. Matt thinks it was tough because the girls are being catty with each other.

Later, Maggie is still mad and tells her in front of the other girls that she was being rude. Chelsea tells her that she shouldn’t be getting piss-assed drunk every night. Jackie laughs because she’s sitting in the middle. Maggie says it was a dirty trick. Anna Lisa says Chelsea wasn’t trying to sabotage her. Chelsea claps her hands and tells Maggie to pump her brakes. Maggie slaps her hands too. They yell.

Matt can hear them from his room. Kelley says they should all be focused on Prince Harry. The two girls continue to argue loudly. Next morning, Kingsley tells Karina she gets a solo date with Matt. The helicopter flies over and lands. Kelley thinks she’s the luckiest girl in the world. Karina says she wants to find out if he kisses well. Kingsley takes her out to the chopper. She hugs him warmly.

Anna Lisa tells the other girls that he’s not Harry but Kelley is convinced. They talk about the security and Meghan says who really knows. Matt is worried about blowing this but thinks Karina is convinced. They hop into the heli and take off holding hands. The other girls wave them off. They fly to London and she says it’s beautiful and how excited she is. Matt says he knows he’s not Harry even if she doesn’t.

He points out London Bridge and Buckingham Palace. Karina says it’s like a dream. They get ready to land. Matt says he is all caught up in the lifestyle. They hop into a car – a Rolls Royce. Karina says she can get used to this. Matt says his biggest fear is that a girl falls for the trappings then won’t be interested when they found out he has no status.

They go on a boat ride for a little picnic and the show has some planted “fans” on the bridge shouting out “we love you Harry.” She makes a joke and he says he thinks the girls are yelling for him. Back at the mansion, Chelsea says she’s bored. Anna Lisa tries to talk to her but Chelsea cuts her off then tells her to shut the f- up. Maggie tells her to stop with the attitude.

Jackie thinks Maggie and Anna Lisa are being bully mean girls. She says Chelsea just isn’t wanting to make friends and that’s her right. Chelsea says they talk shit and she’s irritated and over the edge with them.

Karina asks Matt what a normal day is like for him. He says you should just have fun and it’s about who you’re with not where you are. He kisses her. Karina is excited and says the kiss was amazing. Matt thinks his connection with Karina is very physical with lots of chemistry. They kiss a bunch more and drink champagne. She tells him that he took this to a whole different level and he says he quite likes her. He tells her not to tell the other girls because they’ll be jealous. She says they will. Matt worries what he’s gotten himself into.

Back at the house, Karina comes in and she’s so excited. The girls ask and she says she made out – with tongue. Maggie is totally jealous and says she can tell he really likes Karina. She tells them about the girls that were screaming and pointing at him and taking photos. She says she couldn’t hear what they were screaming. This convinces Maggie 100%.

It’s dinnertime and one girl is missing. Chelsea isn’t there. She’s up in her room and is just angry and frustrated so she’s keeping to herself. She’s angry with the cattiness and bitches ganging up on people. Meghan says she needs to put her big girl panties on and do it. Maggie asks why the Prince doesn’t know this and Jackie says Kingsley is keeping an eye on them and reporting back to him.

Karina is told to meet Sir in his suite for drinks. The other girls are envious. She goes up and finds him waiting. She tells him that he’s very interesting and he says – wait until you find out all about me. He says it’s hard lying to someone you have feelings for and says it feels wrong. She’s thrilled and says she can’t believe she’s kissing Harry on his bed.

The other girls do shots and talk about their jealousy. Maggie says she’s really jealous too. Kelley says everyone is cracking. Anna Lisa says she’s okay if Karina gets lucky as long as she tells them how big it is. Maggie says if it’s little, she’s out. Kelley is in tears and says she wants more time with him.

Chelsea hasn’t shown back up but has requested time alone with Matt. He comes outside to talk to her. She says what’s going on has nothing to do with him, but she can’t deal with the negativity and had to argue to defend herself. He says it sounds like there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. She says it’s the ones who are always super up in his face. Matt says it’s a shame and she says she has to pull herself out of the situation. He asks if she wants to leave and tries to persuade her to stay.

Chelsea says she’s sorry. She says the look on his face makes her feel like she’s making the wrong decision. He hugs her and says he doesn’t like the idea of her being bullied out. He says he thinks he knows which girls have played a part in this. Chelsea comes in and tells the girls she’s leaving because she can’t handle what’s going on. Kelley says she hates to see her go, but wishes her well. Kelley says the girls have destroyed her. Chelsea says he seems like a great guy and she feels bad about leaving without him getting to know her and vice versa.

Kingsley calls the ladies together and says life must go on. He says they will spend time with Sir in the main garden. The girls play badminton with him and Kelly goes nuts sliding around and playing hard. Matt says she’s down to earth and isn’t as glamorous as the others, but is really sweet. He pulls Anna Lisa aside for a chat. She’s the one who still isn’t sure that he’s Harry.

She is interested in him, but doesn’t think he’s the Prince. Anna Lisa wants to get to know him. She says she heard about the fans taking pictures. He says they just likely saw the cameras on the boat. Anna Lisa is grilling him. She doesn’t think he has enough freckles. She asks what responsibilities he has and he says it’s family related. He struggles for an answer.

He says he doesn’t think she’s falling for the charade at all. He’s overwhelmed and changes the subject. Matt asks what she wants to get out of this and she says she has no expectations but it’s been a growing experience for her. She says the girls are great. She tells him she works a lot and forgets to smell the roses. Matt says they should head back and he hopes he convinced her.

The girls are all in the hot tub and Matt gets in with them. They propose a game of truth or dare. Roe has to chicken dance in front of a bodyguard. She does and finally makes Bellamy the guard laugh. He has to turn his back to keep a straight face. Meghan says that Matt is eye-humping her and playing footsie. How can he see whose feet he’s touching?

That night, the girls wonder if there will be an elimination. They wonder if since Chelsea left, there will just be a new Queen. Maggie toasts to top eight. Kingsley comes in and says that Sir would like to speak to Anna Lisa. She follows him out. Maggie yells encouragement. Anna Lisa hopes she’s getting the Crown Suite. The other girls gossip while she’s gone.

Kinglsey comes back in and tells the girls that Sir would also like to speak with another girl. Maggie freaks and says that someone is going home. He calls out for Kelley. She’s very upset. She’s tearing up and the other girls hug her. She’s so certain that she’ll be going home. Kingsley tells her to go to the garden. Anna Lisa is in the library with Matt.

Matt tells her Anna Lisa that she’s beautiful, sporty and confident. Kelley is crying while she waits. He comes out and she starts crying some more and asks him not to tell her that she’s going home. Matt tells her that she made a good impression and he really likes her. Matt tells Anna Lisa that their personalities aren’t a fit. He tells Kelley she’s a bold, genuine person. He says he’s got to make a tough decision.

He tells Anna Lisa that he would like to ask her to leave with no hard feelings. She’s upset with leaving without trying the Crown Suite or a one on one date. She says she doubts he’s Prince Harry but maybe he is. She says she needs to look for another Prince Charming. Matt says she didn’t seem genuine or down to earth. He offers Kelley the key to the Crown Suite. She gets all squeaky and almost collapses. He hugs her and she says she’s the happiest girl in the world. She says it’s one of the best days of her life.

The other girls are saying they think Kelley is going home but then she comes in and they cheer and lift her up. Meghan says she knows Kelley is in love with him and hasn’t even kissed him. Maggie says this is the best time of her life. She goes to the Crown Suite and says she can be the perfect princess, wife, girlfriend if he just gives her a chance.