Ian Somerhalder to Propose to Nina Dobrev: Wants to Marry and Have Children?

Ian Somerhalder to Propose to Nina Dobrev: Wants to Marry and Have Children?

Ian Somerhalder still hasn’t moved on from Nina Dobrev, contrary to all the recent stories about his new girlfriend. In fact, he’s been pretty vocal about the fact that he hates dating in Hollywood, despite the fact that one of his longest running relationships has been with his co-star. And now, sources close to Ian are claiming that the reason he’s sworn off Hollywood relationships is because of the heartbreak that the breakup with Nina caused him.

But alas, there are already rumors claiming that after the Molly Swenson rumors and Michael Trevino rumors, and multiple rebounds on Nina’s part, Ian and Nina are finally taking a chance at a reconciliation. Apparently, Ian has realized that he wants to marry her and settle down with her, and possibly even raise a family with her.

Before Ian and Nina broke up last year, there were actually quite a few rumors claiming that they were on the verge of getting engaged, even though that didn’t end up panning out. But perhaps they’re willing to try again this time around? Maybe they’ve learned from whatever mistakes broke them up in the first place, and are going to make sure it doesn’t happen again?

It’s possible, especially when you consider the fact that Ian is 35 years old. He ain’t getting any younger, and even if Nina’s still beginning her Hollywood career, his is already reaching its peak. It’s believable that he wants to get settled down, but will she be as willing to get married and start a family, especially when she still has so much in front of her?

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18 responses to “Ian Somerhalder to Propose to Nina Dobrev: Wants to Marry and Have Children?”

  1. Vikki says:

    I think this is nonsense for idiots

  2. Carl Cookman says:

    I think Ian needs to grow up and act like an adult instead of 4th grader.

    • isha says:

      Well how much more grown up do you want him to be?He has his own Foundation to create environmental awareness ,his Gogreen mobile power,work at RYOT,saving animals…creating a more responsible youth,talking about safe driving,talking about all the important issues adults should care for,his time is spent on being a responsible adult of the world…So you must be talking about someone else seriously..Ian never talks about his relationships&minds his own work and his work on environment…He is a better adult than most of them are in the industry,so your comment must be about someone else as it is totally laughable,Seriously?Get your facts right

  3. Carl Cookman says:

    Ian needs to grow up move on with his god forsaken life.

  4. christopher says:

    I think they should get married because their in love in The Vampire Diares so yeah

  5. emily says:

    i think they should get back together. they were perfect for each other

  6. Mandy says:

    Why would she want that? Ian suffocated Nina. Hasn’t anyone noticed the change in Nina over the last 12 months or are they still chanting “they look cute together”? She’s free to be herself now. So stop hating on her friends and saying “poor Ian” just because he plays the “I can’t move on” act so well.

  7. emilia says:

    omg just back off and leave them alone, stop making all these nian delusional fans edgy not helping the situation

  8. aere pietea diease says:

    Go for it ian…..u n nina r best together…good wishes to guys…..every relatns needs a chance to grow

  9. isha says:

    I think he is married to me and soon we are gonna have babies..Nina is exploring the world..playing the field as she is 25 now..maybe she will settle down later..She is not keen on Ian…But we don’t care..Ian is onto bigger things like saving the world..So goodbye to your fairytale dreams..Nian is not happening

  10. […] is looking to settle down, we’ll no doubt find out sooner or later – especially if Ian proposes to Nina. However, I wouldn’t count on both of them shouting their love on rooftops or on talk show […]