Justin Beiber Naked Pics Leak After Police Go Through Cell Phone Photos?

Justin Beiber Naked Pics Leak After Police Go Through Cell Phone Photos?

Justin Beiber in all of his infinite immaturity is afraid nude selfies and incriminating drug references will be found on the cell phone police confiscated during the raid on his California home. The police are mainly interested in communication which could point to Justin being the egg chucking culprit, but they may get more than they bargained for from the singers cell phone. Instead of getting what law enforcement considered to be a “text high five” they may end up getting discussions about the purchase of illegal drugs and possibly x rated videos and photos. I’m sure a couple of Hollywood drug dealers and a few groupies will be casualties of the great egg war of 2014.

I give Justin a lot of flack, mostly because he’s like a puss filled zit; he’s tiny, gross, and if you could pop it you most definitely would… but lets try a little reality testing here. Justin Beiber is a child, his little brain probably hasn’t even developed enough to make mature decisions and be a productive member of society; which is probably why he thought egging someone’s home (which is so third grade) was an appropriate way to handle neighbor disputes. Add to that an unlimited amount of funds at his disposal and severely limited amount of adult supervision and you have a recipe for an entitled little jackass running rampant across the globe without impunity.

I place the blame for his unacceptable behavior solely on the shoulders of the people around him. Where is his mother, Pattie Mallette, the reformed junkie? At this point Id even settle for his grandmother because geriatric disciple is better than none at all. This kid needs someone…ANYONE to set some boundaries. He seems to be surrounded by sycophants who encourage his behavior and all its gotten him is a bad reputation and still no facial hair. Here’s the nitty gritty, when you know better you do better. This kid got famous before he knew better and now he’s holding all the adults in his life hostage with his wallet and his little iron fist. There is light at the tunnel, if the police can make something stick, we may be able FedEx his behind back to Canada so he can be their problem.

One response to “Justin Beiber Naked Pics Leak After Police Go Through Cell Phone Photos?”

  1. Timothy Bragg says:

    I don’t know what he is worried about, only real men have a penis and everybody knows he does not have one.