Kate Middleton’s Expensive Cooking Classes – Too Busy Pregnant To Attend Them All?

Kate Middleton's Expensive Cooking Classes - Too Busy Pregnant To Attend Them All?

Kate Middleton spent a lot of money on an expensive cooking course, but she couldn’t even be bothered to show up for all the classes. Surprise, surprise, the Duchess is possibly pregnant and is spoiled. In other news, the sky is blue and pigs can’t fly.

Lest you think we’re being cavalier, here’s the story. Apparently, Kate spent £1,600 on a two-week cooking course in West London, but she was ‘sick’ for some of the classes. Rachel Khoo, a TV chef involves in the class, recently revealed, “Kate was in my class. Kate was ill for a few days, so I took notes for her. She was a lovely person, but she kept herself to herself.”

If most women had paid £1,600 for a cooking class, I guarantee you that they would drag themselves to those classes, come hell or high water. Plus, if Kate missed a ‘few’ classes and the course was only two-weeks long, what are the chances that she was gone for the majority of the course? And of course, only Kate freaking Middleton would have a TV chef taking notes for her. If the other peasants miss the class, too bad for you.

Look, let’s be realistic about this. Kate may have spent all that money in an attempt to learn cooking, but when is she really going to cook? She’s part of the royal family, and she has every manner of help in her household. She has a nanny, she has professional cooks, and she has professional cleaners. There’s never going to be an occasion where her family is going to lean on her for food, barring some unprecedented catastrophe. Right now, this whole situation just proves how spoiled Kate is, whether she intends to come off that way or not.

  • micmac

    Lazy my eye and Peggy Martin! If she is pregnant with morning sickness the Duchess really shouldn’t show up to a cooking class, expensive or not. If she was coughing and sneezing with a cold, or if she has gastric problems the Duchess has a moral obligation to stay home to avoid giving the illness to everyone else in the cooking class. What a terrible article for Celebrity Dirty Laundry! As if the article’s writer never had a sick day! Oh of course she freelances, so can gripe away without coming into contact with other people who may catch their germs.