Kristen Stewart Dating Robert Pattinson But For Katy Perry: Won’t Let Rob Near Trampire!

Kristen Stewart Dating Robert Pattinson But For Katy Perry: Won't Let Rob Near Trampire!

Katy Perry, Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart are embroiled in quite a scandalous love triangle right now. There’s clashing reports on the nature of Katy’s and Kristen’s relationships with Rob, as well as their friendship in the wake of Kristen’s and Rob’s breakup last year. But according to very recent reports, Katy’s actually the one standing in the way of Kristen’s reunion with Rob. Yikes, she better go hide somewhere before Twi-hards with pitchforks come after her for ruining #RobstenUnbroken.

A source tells Life & Style, “Katy has told Rob that she thinks it’s a really, really bad idea for him to reunite with Kristen. Katy warned him that Kristen will end up hurting him again.”

Did Katy also encourage him to go out on the town and flirt with everything that moves? Because that’s exactly what Rob is doing right now – he’s hitting every sleazy party in Hollywood and flirting with as many models as possible. Plus, he may be hooking up with Katy Perry and he may even be hooking up with Kristen Stewart, but he’s also sleeping around with a LOT of different ladies at the moment. I don’t think he has any intention of reuniting with Kristen right now, especially not after what happened between them.

In fact, the most probable theory explaining Rob’s playboy antics right now is that he’s still hurt from Kristen’s betrayal, and doesn’t want to get into another serious relationship with anyone else just yet. He was with Kristen for a long time, and it’s not easy to get over a relationship like that – especially when you have friends telling you that it’s a bad idea to go back to that person or dwell on it.

Or you know, Katy just wants Rob to herself and that’s why she’s prevent Robsten’s reunion.


14 responses to “Kristen Stewart Dating Robert Pattinson But For Katy Perry: Won’t Let Rob Near Trampire!”

  1. Debbie says:

    Say what you want, but Robert and Kristen are soul mates and you can tell by the way they look at each other they are in love. She made a mistake and is sorry for it. He will always be in love with her and anyone else would be stupid to get involved with him, because as you know it will always be Kristen forever. Everyone leave them alone and let them work it out.

    • Dawn says:

      Sorry for you but ks stated that she wasn’t sorry
      for hurting him. Soul mates don’t do the crap she
      did to him. I just hope that some day he will find
      a good woman who will really love him. Some
      one that will be totally faithful to him. Some one
      that he will be able to trust.

      • Bella Dolce says:

        Are u out of ur mind? Why do u expect the best woman for him with such high moral standars when he doesnt have any? Being handsome isnt a fact to be entitle to deserve the best woman when there is such a selfish attitude. Why ppl has to be so dumb?

      • Honest Truth says:

        Kristen did not say she wasn’t sorry for hurting Rob. As soon as the pictures of the minor in desecration appeared – it was never an affair – she made a public apology and openly stated that she loves him. Katie is just stirring it up for her own benefit. Just ask Russell Brand about how selfish and self obsessed she is.

      • af says:

        He has never left her – she has had him since he auditioned for the role of Edward!!!!

    • SwagMoney says:

      If Kristen and rob are soul mates she wouldn’t have cheated on rob and joked about it with her friends when he didn’t like it. And plus it wasn’t a healthy relationship because he never truly got over it and trusted her so I agree with katy.

  2. Dawn says:

    I can’t imagine why rumors about Katy and Rob keep going around.
    They are just friends, why can’t you just leave it at that. Rob has
    his own mind he doesn’t need someone telling him what to do.
    As for sleazy partys, seems to me there are a lot of well known
    people at these partys. Just because he flirts with the women
    doesn’t mean that he is sleeping with all of them. Seems to me
    the “source” is jealous of Robs personality. He is easy going
    and is well liked by a lot of people he has worked with. So stop
    with all the lies about him.

  3. Hilary says:

    I agree with Debbie – I think Kristen and pratz are soul mates and in time will reconcile. As for Kp she is a back-stabbing, two-faced c@w and i bet cant wait to get a hold on pratz – think she will entrap him by getting pregnant and then he will see the folly of his ways.

    As for Dawn she seems intent on bad mouthing Kristen but no amount of criticism will down her fans – she is a wonderful, talented, beautiful 24 year old and she is right to concentrate on her career despite all the haters she will flourish because of the positive type of person she is.

  4. ayesha pattinson says:

    robsten forever

  5. Sheri says:

    He said that he had forgiven her for the so called affair(which I personally think wasn’t much of an affair). If he really does love her as much as”everyone” says he does then he needs to quit screwing with her feelings and get over it, my goodness it’s been (2)? years. I know from personal experience that if you truly love somebody that you can get over and through anything. Rob you need to get those wild hairs out of your rear end and get back with the woman you are really in love with, and that ain’t Katy Perry seems to me that every time I’ve seen ya’ll together you have had a drink in your hand and honey that ain’t love.

  6. Linda says:

    Katy should talk she should mind her own her business . And Robert your a grown man you feel what in your heat and live your life your only young once don’t regret it later it’s your life not Katy do what best for you ??

  7. linda prun says:

    I think Katy should mind her own bissnes and bud out and Robert your a man who can make up he’s own mind can’t you leasin to year heart your only youg once don’t regret it later do what best for you

  8. Constance Cappadonia says:’s.not.over.Kristen.he loves and.cares.about.Kristen.the.rumors.about.sleeping.around.with’

  9. Constance Cappadonia says: