Kristen Stewart Heartbroken By Robert Pattinson Dating Media Stories: Tells Friends She Wishes Twilight Star Would Take Her Back

Kristen Stewart Heartbroken By Robert Pattinson Dating Media Stories: Tells Friends She Wishes Twilight Star Would Take Her Back

This is probably the first and last time that Kristen Stewart actually wishes the press was right about her and Robert Pattinson dating. We’d been hearing rumblings about Kristen getting back together with Robert Pattinson and dating again, despite the glut of recent reports of him hunting for a new girlfriend. But sources now tell us that Kristen actually wishes the press was right, and that she and Rob are still playing push and pull with their on-again/off-again relationship. Apparently, Rob is still refusing to make things official and take her back, even though they’re still have a friends with benefits relationship going.

It’s not hard to imagine why Kristen is still pining for Rob, especially if they’re still in touch and hooking up. She’s the one who messed up, sure, but that doesn’t mean that she suddenly stopped having feelings for Rob. In fact, sources say that she’s the one who’s trying so hard to make sure that she and Rob don’t lose touch, even though their relationship is still strained. Clearly, he’s trying to pull away and she’s just holding on tighter.

Sorry Twi-hards, there’s no good news on the #RobstenUnbroken front yet. As long as the media keeps writing about Rob and Kristen, I doubt the paparazzi will every lose interest in them – and that means that Rob and Kristen will continue hiding from the public. We won’t know what’s really going on with them until they actually go public with their reunion/non-reunion, much as they did last fall. Unfortunately, I think they learned from their mistake, and they’re now keeping their reunion to private settings only.

Even so, Kristen’s reportedly been telling her friends that Rob is refusing to take her back, even though she’s made her interest plenty clear. Their relationship is bound to end in ugly tears sooner or later, but I’m guessing that Kristen won’t give up that easily.

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11 responses to “Kristen Stewart Heartbroken By Robert Pattinson Dating Media Stories: Tells Friends She Wishes Twilight Star Would Take Her Back”

  1. janie says:

    What made her think he would forgive and forget? Why the surprise? She wants what she can’t have.

  2. nicole jones RK? says:

    Its all the medias fault for publishing fake pics of Kristen and Rupert? And that rob and Kristen are hiding from them cause they are targeting Kristen for nothing? They meadia is the fault in there relation ship and that they have to hide..

  3. boodè says:

    LOL, SHe does not want that druggie back. She’s better off without him!

  4. […] CelebDirtyLaundry have even reported that Stewart is going above and beyond to keep Pattinson in her life, even though she was the one who originally caused the disturbance in their relationship after she was spotted smooching with the director of Snow And The Huntsman, Rupert Sanders. Despite her attempts to appease her former beau, there are clearly still issues between the pair. […]

  5. Rachel says:

    Seriously I´m starting to belive that the writers of CDL are the responsibles of the shitty scripts of the shitty shows on mexican television, this reads like a very bad episode of a really bad Telenovela.

  6. Zoe says:

    And this is why is so importan for pregnant women need to make sure to take Folic Acid, other wise your kids will ended up as writers on Celebity Dirty Laundry.

  7. Hilary says:

    RPratz has been photographed doing drugs thats who! wake up – try and keep with it!

  8. Gabe says:

    Are you dumb? She is the one who cheated. -___- Patterson deserves someone better.

  9. Gabe says:

    You people are completely disregarding the fact that she CHEATED on Patterson. So why are you saying she deserves better? Robert is the one who deserves better. Drugs or not he wasn’t the one who was un faithful.

  10. nicole jones RK? says:

    It was a false statement and no I am not an idiot you should no be before you insult me..

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