Muppets Most Wanted: CDL Movie Review

Muppets Most Wanted: CDL Movie Review

I recently sat down to screen Muppets Most Wanted. A movie which I admit I highly bias about so for those out there wondering if this movie will be able to hold their attention as well as “Frozen” then answer coming from me will be “Yes”. While that icy adventure is fast becoming a legend, it still has long way to go before it becomes a staple quite like the Muppets.

I ended up gladly surprised by the way the Muppets could still hit all the right buttons for me. They managed to impress on me a feeling of always being there. Almost as if it was just yesterday when I had all their stuff toys. And yet what will stick out the most for me is that overall feeling of joy that only the Muppets could ever inspire in me. Even now, regardless of my age, I would tell a friend “Don’t you dare try to tell me the Muppets aren’t real!” And that’s because over the long career they have become real to us. After thirty years of entertaining us they start to be a part of the family.

And although I know this sounds illogical – I don’t remember ever seeing the wires. You know those wires which is quite odd because I grew up in the 90s and their special effects left a lot to be desired.

So it’s with a glad heart I can say the characters we’ve all come to love are back… again (special features included)! Just a few years after their 2011 comeback film Kermit and the gang are singing and dancing their way back into theaters with Muppets Most Wanted“.

In the sequel to their smash hit – The Muppets find themselves once again wrapped up in a rescue mission, but this time they aren’t just saving their old club…they’re saving Kermit. Given a heavier plot than before we follow the old gang as a new character and an overall more dangerous foe enters the stage. Constantine the self titled “Most Dangerous Criminal in the World” and  his most charming sidekick “Mr. 2”, manages to trick the Muppets into believing he’s Kermit. And with the help of little cover up he’s even able to fool Miss. Piggy!

Unbeknownst to the old gang, their epic World Tour is being as used a front to not only introduce celebrities in the most hilarious cameos (hello, Tom Hilddleston!), but also as the perfect cover for Constantine and Mr. 2. These evil villains planned major heist in every city the Muppets performed in so naturally the authorities were bound to catch on. Sam the Eagle teams up with Special Agent Jean Pierre Napoleon (Ty Burrell) to get to the bottom of these heists while the real injustice such as the actual Kermit languishing in a prison cell apparently goes unnoticed.

Will Constantine forever tarnish the Muppets’ reputation? Is anyone going to rescue Kermit? And what’s this I hear about a wedding dress to die for?!?!

These question questions are best left for the movie to answer. I mean I could spoiler it for you now, but it just won’t be the same! Don’t miss your opportunity to see the movie for yourself – it opened in theaters today everywhere!

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