Rachel Uchitel Sets Her Sights on Tiger Woods – Plans To Cheat on Lindsey Vonn

Rachel Uchitel Sets Her Sights on Tiger Woods - Plans To Cheat on Lindsey Vonn

A little over six months after filing for divorce from Rachel Uchitel, Matt Hahn can breathe a sigh of relief that the “cruel and inhumane treatment” he says he received from his former love has finally come to an end as their divorce was finalized on January 13.

The couple married in 2011 and have one child together. Rachel, now a second-time divorcee, was thrust into the media in late 2009 when she was caught having an affair with Tiger Woods by Tiger’s now former wife, Elin Nordgren. No stranger to wrecking marriages, having dated Woods and David Boreanaz of Bones fame, Uchitel has moved on to ruining even her own marriages. Perhaps she torpedoed her own marriage on purpose in hopes of getting Woods back.

TMZ reported in 2010 that Rachel made it clear to a friend that she would “give up everything” to get Woods back after divorce from Nordgren became finalized. Deep down Rachel always wanted Tiger back. Why wouldn’t she? She came to love the attention and money he lavished on her and she knows darn well, she will never get another chance at another bank account, oops, I mean MAN with that kind of money. Rachel wants to be taken care of and she is confident enough to think she can easily steal Tiger away from his current flame, Lindsey Vonn, 29.

Rachel Uchitel Sets Her Sights on Tiger Woods - Plans To Cheat on Lindsey Vonn

Rachel may be insecure deep down, but she is confident in her looks and is not above stealing the man she wants from their current squeeze, girlfriend, fiancé, or wife… as we have come to know. So, is Vonn shaking in her skis just yet? Likely so. Vonn has been known to be quite insecure about her relationship with Tiger, 38, making comments in interviews and in the media about how close the two are, sharing bits of intimate details about their relationship. That doesn’t scare Uchitel, 38, off in the slightest. She claims Tiger was in love with her when they were together and is confident she can win him back, leaving Vonn in the dust, er, snow. Uchitel is confident that Vonn is no threat to her when it comes to Tiger, or any man for that matter.

Now that Rachel’s divorce is final, she plans to lay it on thick, making sure the word is out there that she wants Tiger back. She is hoping he’ll reach out and they can pick up where they left off. She wants Tiger and his bank account back now that she is divorced and broke. TMZ reported in 2011 that Rachel actually gave back Tiger most of the settlement money he paid her to keep quiet after their affair was exposed. Was that the set-up to make her look as though her feeling were genuine, knowing one day she’d get another shot at him? Well, as far as Uchitel is concerned, her one day has come. Unfortunately for her, Vonn doesn’t plan on going anywhere for now, and with her recent knee surgery, she has a lot of time to be watching over Tiger, to make sure her man doesn’t stray. Then again, wasn’t Elin around often as well?

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  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Not a Tiger fan but can’t imagine why he would ever want that scheming, used up ho back in his life.

  2. busybeeblogger says:

    I have a feeling Tiger has moved on to less expensive hos.