Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Cannes Private Villa Rental A Reality?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Cannes Private Villa Rental A Reality?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are both scheduled to touch down in Cannes over the next few days, since both of their films will be premiering around the same time.

It would be impossible for both of them to avoid each other completely, right? If it was just the premieres that they had to go to, fine. They could perhaps work around that and not see each other. But then there’s also the parties, the events, the dinners, and industry networking going on – and Cannes isn’t big enough for major celebrities to avoid each other for several nights in a row.

Plus, there’s also the fact that Rob and Kristen do have a planned reunion, at least according to the rumor mill. According to several sources, Rob’s rented a private villa in Cannes, and he’s planning on entertaining Kristen, and possibly several other guests. Granted, I’m sure most people rent private villas in Cannes if they’re not staying at five star hotels, but unlike the last time Kristen and Rob were at the festival together, they might be able to pull off a private re-coupling. Or you know, just a private hookup, no strings attached.

Kristen and Rob haven’t been spotted in public together since last October, when everyone just assumed that they would get back together. However, it’s now several months later, and they’re not only not together, but Rob has been seeing a steady stream of girls since his breakup with Kristen. But alas, maybe they’re both looking at Cannes to change that?

Rob will probably get to the festival first, what with his two movies and all, and he’ll take his time prepping his villa for any lady friends he decides to have over. Or if you’re feeling nostalgic and/or are a Twi-hard, you can just assume he’s prepping the villa for Kristen’s arrival.

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8 responses to “Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Cannes Private Villa Rental A Reality?”

  1. Seth Aicklen says:

    1. Rob hasn’t been seeing a steady stream of girls. 2. If RobSten were planning a get-together, a public event with mega-papps would be about the last place they would choose. 3. They will apparently be at Cannes on different days. 4. For the above reasons, this article seems incorrect.

  2. LOL says:

    HAHHAHAHAHAHAH Chintami Poetri you’re really so ridicolous. It’s been months you comment your nonsense on every sites and nothing changed lol Rob is keeping avoding her and so he will do in Cannes

    • cathy says:

      “Months” ???? – IT’S BEEN A YEAR ! He walked away an entire year ago , Thank God he got smart !

    • ? says:

      @LOL @cathy hi he’s fan of robsten. that why.. whoever he wants! leave him alone bc he’s fan of robsten. don’t blame him.. it’s his opinion.

  3. wims says:

    I bet there will be rainbow bunnies there too. You guys are delusional. They are so done.

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