Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Won’t Date In Cannes – SEE RPatz FIRST PICS (PHOTO)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Won't Date In Cannes - SEE RPatz FIRST PICS (PHOTO)

When you are Robert Pattinson and at the top of the A list you don’t need anyone, least of all a clingy Trampire like Kristen Stewart. RPatz graduated from his Twilight trilogy experience to become a super successful actor and model while KStew remains a pouty sulky talentless failure. One look at her face on a red carpet or anywhere else she is photographed is enough to convince anyone but a Robsten acolyte or Twihard that Robert made the right decision when he dumped her cheating butt long ago.

Robert goes out with a variety of women – many of them Kristen’s ex-friends: Dylan Penn, Riley Keogh, Imogen Ker to name a few and they don’t mind at all how that must bother Kristen. And why should they? Kristen destroyed her relationship with Robert when she cheated with married with kids Rupert Sanders. Kristen showed two things there: 1) she is an immoral unapologetic tramp; 2) she didn’t love Robert.  So as far as the first goes – sleeping with your married director while pretending to be his wife’s friend – that pretty well tells you how rotten Kristen’s character is. The second, Kristen not loving Robert enough to avoid having an affair behind his back – well that told intelligent Mr. Pattinson that his romance with Kristen was a mere showmance for the Twilight trilogy and that he needed to move on. He did. Good.

All of the supposed reconciliation just before the release of the final installment of the Twilight trilogy was PR BS as anyone with 1/4 of a brain could see. Shortly afterwards, when their contractual obligations were satisfied, Robert fled from Kristen and began a series of short-term hookups and hard partying while Kristen did nothing much in the way of sex or romance. Other than of course meeting up with Rupert once more while Robert was in New York.

Bottom line: Robert Pattinson would rather hook-up with one of the many high-priced escorts who are in Cannes for the festival than hook-up with Kristen Stewart ever again. Face it folks – Robsten is broken and will never be fixed.

Robert Pattinson attends the ‘The Rover’ photocall at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 18, 2014 in Cannes, France – look no Kristen Stewart!

  • Nicola Hughes

    Seeing as out of all the main twilight cast Kristen Stewart is the only one to star in a film that was an actual box office success, and Robert Pattinson has starred in a series of flops I think calling him a ‘super successful actor’ and her a ‘talentless failure’ might be a bit backwards…

  • Hilary

    I wish Kristen Stewart would sue your arse off – you are the talentless reporter if all you can resort to is rude, defamatory remarks !

  • ruzendgemini

    You know what? To the [expletive] that write this nonsense thing about Kristen, i have one thing to tell you :”[expletive] YOURSELF”! LEAVE KRISTEN STEWART ALONE. STOP BEING SO JEALOUS.

  • Shirley

    jajajaja I like robert but kriss is in the market long time ago and his ex start; the report is a macho men; when one man is having a affair nothing is happen; wowww waife have to pardon but if the girl is doing oh my good we have to destroy her, and nobody have to understand what was going on???? I think robert is in paid and make sex with the friends of kriss is not right; he is take a revenge but as he is acted we see how mature is he; anyway I like the pair sad if they dont come back.

  • Seth Aicklen

    I don’t think Rob’s dated any of the listed women. The diatribe against Kristen is excessive and obscene. This is a foul article.

  • Guest

    Kristen stewart is also a fantabulous actress and she no need to care anyone ,,,,and no one have right to judge about others life,,,, i hate this post … it will harrase robsten fans -_-

  • jo

    The person that wrote this piece of crap is just a blow hard, as well as a person who couldn’t make it as a real journalist, get a life.

  • Ëvà Qùêên

    I hate this post no one has right to judge about others and kristen jaymes stewart is a fantabulous actress even she no need to care about others and can move on in her life. this post harasses kristen fans, remove this shit -_-

  • ariagirl

    Wow, could this reporter be any more mean to Kristen Stewart..for heavens sake, she made a mistake. She doesn’t need to be vilified for the rest of her life. He’s not exactly a saint either there’s just no photos.

  • kstewfan

    this is a piece of shit!!!! get a life

  • Captain Obvious

    You know, this whole Kristen bashing and name calling is a bit ridiculous. You come up with these toxic theories based on nothing but your personal opinion. To be honest, it’s really not anyone’s business what goes on in either of their lives. I am only commenting because I have a daughter and a son. If anyone were to talk about my child the way you talk about Kristen, they’d have a serious problem…me. How about we start having a little more respect for women instead of labeling them? This happened 2 freaking years ago 1/4 brain! Let it go! Young people make mistakes, that’s how you learn and grow. It’s not like there aren’t enough men out there (even A listers) who cheat too, but do you mention that? And I can’t say that Robert has exactly topped the A list since Twilight, let’s be honest here.

  • mcsooner

    You are pathetic and cruel. Who died and made you God?

  • Christina Collins

    Who ever wrote this is stupid… really stupid. Get over the whole cheating thing they did. Kristen is awesome and has a lot going for her. And Rob….well he always has nice shoes on?

  • jody


  • Suck eggs cathy

    No one needs your opinions here. The point is the writer is a sucker. I bet “roberto roberto” is just another dude trying to wreck other people’s reputation. And your just another robert pattinson fan trying to get attention who is dumb enough to support the guy who wrote this. Get a life you loser.

  • Abigail

    Who wrote all this BS it has to be a man or someone obsessed with RP. All of it is lies. KS has been around a very long time and is not new to the business nor is she going anywhere no matter how bad this pathetic reporter wishes it to be true. They are desperate for hits at this site and mentioning KS always brings them. This story is two years old by the way and they are no longer a couple….js. KS has at least 37 movies under her belt and acts circles around most her age..smh.

  • Hmmmmm

    Hate to break it to you but Kristen is more successful than Rob and that is a cold hard fact. Kristen is the ONLY actor from Twilight to have a non Twilight movie open at #1. Robs fanbase is mostly middle aged hags, who think that they know what is best for Rob.

  • Nicola Hughes

    Im actually a huge fan of Robert Pattinson, and Remember Me is one of my all time favourite films. However that doesn’t change the fact that critically and financially outside of the Twilight Saga, Kristen is the more successful actor. She ranks third in the list of highest paid actresses, while Robert Pattinson doesn’t make the top 10 for actors, and she has been critically praised for many of her films. It’s by far the obsessive Robert fans -aka pathetic Kristen bashers- that need to pull their heads out of their arses. Nobody said that only one of them can be good, Robert Pattinson is successful, it would be foolish to say he wasn’t, but you can’t deny that Kristen is more so, no matter how much you obnoxiously declare she’s trash. What the hell did she ever do to you? Personally I think it’s trashy to throw around pathetic insults on the internet about people you’ve never met and will never know on a personal level. And when did this become about whether or not he ‘wants her’? I couldn’t care less what they do in their personal lives, it’s irrelevant to their acting and success, though to be honest I don’t even know why I’m bothering to reply to someone who can’t construct an argument for shit, and resorts to mindless insults in the face of reading something they clearly didn’t like. Also, ‘Krisbians’ is not a fucking word, and never will be. Grow up.

  • umair

    OK it can be understood that Kristen never slept with Rupert but is it necessary to having in relation with some other guy while u r in relation with someone else this is is wrong totally wrong if u really loves someone u have to Wait and cover a long means sacrifice,trust,understanding to each other.not a kiss or laid over bed