Taxi Brooklyn Recap 7/2/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Brooklyn Heights”

Taxi Brooklyn Recap 7/2/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Brooklyn Heights”

Tonight on NBC their new action comedy series TAXI BROOKLYN airs with a new episode. On tonight’s episode called, “Brooklyn Heights” a notable handbag designer hires Cat to find her missing son, a notorious socialite, in a case that exposes family secrets. Elsewhere, a betrayal leads to Leo’s arrest.

On last week’s episode, hardass Detective Caitlyn “Cat” Sullivan (Chyler Leigh), a woman hell-bent on finding her father’s killer, was demoted to foot patrol for reckless driving, disobeying orders, and personality conflicts. Cat arrested Marseille born taxi driver Leo Romba (Jacky Ido), a highly skilled driver with a past. Accused of being a wheelman in a bank robbery, Leo begged Cat to make a deal: in exchange for proving his innocence, he will provide her with his driving skills and taxi. The unlikely partnership grows into friendship as they investigate a series of robberies, and Leo becomes Cat’s confidant in her personal investigation of her father’s murder. Also Starring: Raul Casso, James Colby, Jennifer Esposito, Bill Heck, Caterina Murino, Ally Walker and Jose Zuniga. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Sasha Lowenthal, a famous handbag designer, asks Cat (Chyler Leigh) to work on the disappearance of her son Ian, an infamous socialite hell-raiser. When Cat and Leo (Jacky Ido) find Ian murdered, their investigation reveals a world of high society ripe with family secrets. An internal betrayal leads to Leo’s arrest by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officers. Also Starring: Raul Casso, James Colby, Jennifer Esposito, Bill Heck, Caterina Murino, Ally Walker and Jose Zuniga.

Will TAXI BROOKLYN be another huge hit for NBC? Well you’ll have to tune in tonight at 10PM EST to find out and don’t forget to sound out in the comments and tell us what you think about this new show. We’ll be recapping all of the action right here for you. Will you be checking out the action?


Cat walks around at Coney Island. She gets a call from her Captain and he asks where she is. She says she’s walking the beat and he says he knows she’s not where she should be. She says she’s out for tampons and he says the mayor is asking for her and to get back there. Esposito pulls up and he asks why she’s in the neighborhood where the only witness to her father’s shooting is. An alarm goes off and she goes chasing the perp but Espo wants to beat her to the guy.

Cat speeds off after the person and they duck through a fence cutting Espo off. Cat gets the drop on him and cuffs him. She tells him to drop the gun and he says fro her to have good luck walking him back to the station. He drives off and she calls Leo for a ride. He pulls up and tells her he didn’t mean for her to call every two hours. She’s shocked to see her mom in the back.

She says Leo was driving her to go shopping. The perp tries to flirt with her mom and Cat shoves him in the back seat with her mom. Leo asks if that’s safe and she says she feels bad for the criminal. Her mom says she didn’t know she’d been demoted and asks Cat if she wants her to call the Captain for her. Cat is annoyed and says no.

The Captain calls the Mayor but doesn’t get through. He leaves a message that Detective Sullivan is taking the case and is on the way. The perp tells Cat he didn’t do it and she says he had the gun in his hand. He says he doesn’t know how it happened. Cat asks if she looks stupid and the perp and her mom ask if that’s a serious question.

Leo reminds her that he only promised to help her with rides to research her dad’s killer. Her mom is aggravated that she’s still looking into it. The perp mocks her for not having a driver’s license and her mom says that her dad had to bribe them to get her first license. Cat says she talked to her friend in immigration and Leo needs a statement from the French police that he gave state’s evidence and his life is in danger and she says he needs a sponsor.

Her mom says she’ll sponsor him and Cat says it has to be someone responsible and of prominence. Her mom says Cat can do it but she doesn’t want to. Leo pushes her. She’s trying to avoid the topic when she gets a call. The perp keep saying he recognizes Cat – he asks if she’s arrested him before. Leo says she busted the high profile stalker and the perp says his mom will have a fit, she’s a big fan and asks if he can get her autograph.

Cat takes the call from her Captain who says she has to be at the precinct in five. Leo stares at her and she says she’ll sponsor him and then he delivers her as promised at top speed. Cat wonders what she’s gotten herself into. Cat comes in and the Captain drags her into his office. He tells her to go to the Loewenthal mansion – the handbag queen’s son is missing and she called the Mayor and the Mayor said to send her. She asks if he’ll give her a car and he says no – he hands her a bus pass.

She asks how long he’s going to punish her and she says a really long time. Cat finds Leo’s cab and kicks out the two girls he was flirting with. He tells her she can’t keep doing that and she says she’s a cop and can do anything she wants. He tells her that was only his second fare of the day. He says they need ground rules for their relationship. She says they can talk while he drives.

They pull up to the Loewenthal mansion and he says his gay roomie is going to freak. Cat wonders who would pay thousands for a handbag and he says Ronnie, his roommate. She tells him to wait and Leo tells her slavery was abolished a long time ago. Sasha Loewenthal comes out and asks why she’s in a cab. She says she’s undercover. Sasha says her son is missing and if she can catch the Park Slope Stalker, she can find her son.

Sasha says her son Ian is known for unspeakable behavior like Charlie Sheen, but something is wrong. She says he has sexual conquests and hangers on, but no friends. They go in and Sasha introduces her to her other son Mike and his wife Vanessa. Outside, the chef asks Leo what he’s doing and offers him some food. Mike says that Ian missed a doctor’s appointment today for a minor medical procedure that he wouldn’t ever miss.

She says the last time they saw him was at a seafood party. Mike says his brother was drunk and behaving erratically. Sasha says he’s been clean for months but Mike and Vanessa insist he was drunk. Sasha tears up. Mike says he told him to go sleep it off and he checked after lunch but he wasn’t there. Cat sees Leo noshing with the chef.

Sasha erupts into a coughing fit and Mike calls Carmen. Vanessa shows Cat out. She asks if that’s her nurse and Vanessa says it’s her assistant. Vanessa tells Cat that Ian has a major drug problem and that Sasha has blinders on. She says he’s probably in a crack house or with a meth whore. Cat says she’ll file a missing persons report. Leo tells Cat that Ross, the chef, raced in Les Monde.

He tells her that his pastries taste like his grandmothers and Cat says he needs to watch his waist. Ross walks away. Mike comes out and says he has something for her to hear. He says Ian called his cell. We hear squealing tires and Leo says it’s a V8 engine. He says it has a distinctive sound and it’s an automatic. They hear a bell and Leo says it’s a buoy.

She asks where he learned that and he says fishing in Marseilles. Then they hear a bell and Leo says it’s the fire boat. He says he knows where this is. There’s a noise and he says the car hit something. It was 12:29 pm that he got the butt dial message and he noticed Ian was missing after that. Mike says his brother would never miss this appointment. She says there’s always a first.

Leo asks if they’re going to the fireboat and she says no, to take her to the precinct. He speeds away and says the man may need her help but she says he needs rehab. He pulls up and she tumbles out of the car and says she won’t sponsor him and may have him deported. They notice skid marks where a vehicle hit a container and a broken tail light.

She calls him Sherlock and tells him to slow down. He finds pieces of a cell phone and she calls him Columbo. He says he would be more like David on Moonlighting and that would make her Maddie. She says not to go there. Leo says her nose is bleeding and she says it’s not her blood. They look up and see an arm hanging over a piece of equipment really high up. Dead dude at the docks.

Pena is there and they try to figure out how Ian died. She says she’ll know more once she does a tox screen. She says his hands were tied before he died and there’s a long black hair on his body. Cat goes to see the Captain. He says the FBI is taking over and he doesn’t know why. She says she found the body and Leo says actually he did. She wants to notify Sasha and he says it’s not her case. She says she’d rather hear it from her than a stone-faced Fed. He says to notify her and nothing else.

She and Leo take off. Leo says that’s kind of her to tell them and she says she just wants to see their reactions. Leo makes puppy dog eyes at her and she says she doesn’t think he died by accident and that the butt dial wasn’t an accident either. Cat spots a van with damage on the side that matches the metal that was struck at the docks and it’s a V8 like Leo said. Cat gets out to check it and tells Leo to stay put.

A guy comes up and says to get away from his van. She pulls her gun. He runs. She asks why they always run and gives chase. Leo speeds off in the cab. She avoids a ferocious dog and chases him down by the aqueduct then up the other side. He’s breathing heavy. Leo pulls up and cuts him off and the guy gives up and throws his hands up. She asks the guy, Walt, what happened to his van. He says he’d like to know and says he leaves the keys in it.

She asks if he delivered fish to the Loewenthals and he says he was in jail. Pena is there and says the van has been wiped down with some sort of lemon juice. Cat gets a call and says Walt’s story checked out. He says to uncuff him and she says he’s under arrest for evading. She hops in with Leo and says let’s go. He says they need to talk compensation.

They go back to the Lowenthals and sees her ex there. Gregg has arrest Carmen and says he cracked the case. Carmen tells her she would never hurt Ian. Cat tells Gregg he’s an ass and he says she’s out of her jurisdiction. He asks when they can have dinner and leaves and Leo asks why she ever married him. Back at the station, Cat does research while Leo watches. Sasha’s company was up for sale. Pena comes by and whispers the test results to Cat even though it’s not her case. The van was cleaned with lemon and peroxide – homemade cleaner.

Cat tells Leo to stand up and act casual. Her boss is watching as they sneak out of the station. Cat goes to see an old buddy of hers that’s brokering the sale of Sasha’s handbag business. He says they have to keep it quiet. He says Sasha is dying and needs a stem cell transplant and that Ian was her only donor match. Ah. That was the important medical visit he wouldn’t have missed.

Cat goes back to see Sasha and asks her who else knew that Ian was her donor. She says only the family and Carmen knew but Carmen wouldn’t have done it because Ian and Carmen were in love. Cat says the FBI has a witness that they were arguing. Cat asks who else knows about her cancer and she says her family, her lawyer, doctors and Florian de Graf (a drug dealer to the rich and powerful).

She says she cut off Ian’s allowance a year ago and she thinks Florian kept giving him drugs as a promise for a slice of his future inheritance. Sasha says Ian cleaned up when they found out he was a donor match. She says Carmen told her that Ian was high but that someone must have given it to him. Pena confirms this and says Ian was given Rohypnol.

She says they need to find Florian and Leo says Ronnie can find him because he knows everything about the clubs in the city. He asks if she wants to come dancing. Ronnie, Leo and Cat dress up and go out on the town to the hottest club. Ronnie tells Cat she looks like a cop in a rented dress and says she needs to have a drink and loosen up. He says Florian is in the VPIP lounge.

They go there and he offers her a drink he says has no alcohol in it. She says it’s good and he says he’s glad she likes it. He offers Leo some sort of drug that he rubs on his teeth. Cat is seeing all kinds of crazy stuff and she tries to arrest Florian but she can’t even talk. Leo leaves her there and runs after the guy. Leo tries to shove through the crowd and has to jump over people pursuing Florian. Leo snags him in the hall and drags him back into the club before he can make his escape.

Leo shoves Florian back on the VIP couch beside Cat who is tripping hard. She asks him why he killed Ian and she calls him a liar in a sing-songy voice. She sees a buterfly she likes then freaks out. Leo says he has it and he asks Florian if he made a deal for a cut of his inheritance. He says he had a vested interest in keeping Ian alive and says he was drinking virgin Blue Lagoons like they were water and that was the last time he saw him.

Cat says they use blue dye in Rohypnol to try and make it obvious when it’s been added to drinks. Cat says that’s why they served blue drinks – to cover it up. She is freaking out. Florian says he knows who the kidnapper is and says it had to be the chef since he picks everything that got served. Leo says that Ross also must have been who cleaned the van.

Cat tells Florian that he did this to her and punches him in the stomach. Leo takes Cat to her mom’s to sleep it off. Frankie and Leo talk and she tells him that she never wanted her to be a cop but had to because her dad was. She says her dad’s death has really changed her. Cat wakes up and asks why she’s there. Frankie gives her a green drink to sip and she chokes on it then hurls.

Leo says he has never seen so much vomit. He says it was like a fire hose. They go to talk to Ross and ask if any of the kitchen staff left unexpectedly. He says there was a lot of staff and he was really busy. They notice a bandage and ask what happened to his arm. Leo asks about it and pulls the bandage down. It looks like a bite mark and Ross says his GF bit him during sex.

They go out and get in the cab and Leo tells her it was a dog bite and Cat says she knows. She says there was a witness that saw Ross put something in the oven at noon and out at 12:30. She says you can’t get across Brooklyn and back in 30 minutes and Leo says – wanna bet? Then he peels out and they go careening across the city.

She’s queasy as he drives like a madman. Cat begs him to stop. They make it to the docks in 13 minutes. He asks if he’s proven his point and Cat opens the door to lean out and bark. He says now they have to drive back. They make it back and then come looking for Ross. She thinks Ross must be the FBI’s witness.

Leo says he’s not and points into the open freezer door and they see Ross lying dead on the floor with a knife sticking out of his chest. They go in to check on him and Mike slams the door shut on them trapping them in the freezer. We see there are a bunch of cuts on his arms. Leo freaks out when the door closes because of his claustrophobia.

Cat tells Mike to open the door and he says he can’t. He says she is holding Sasha hostage. She asks who and he walks away. Leo is freaking out and Cat tries to calm him down. He tries to beat the glass on the door and Cat tells him to look her in the eyes. She gets him calmed down and says they will get out and when they do, they’re going to see someone about his issue.

She tells him to fall down and pretend like he’s having a heart attack. Cat yells out to Mike that Leo is having a heart attack. She tells him to open it. He caves and opens it. Leo flops out onto the floor. She looks at his arms and asks if Vanessa did it. She asks why she killed the chef and says she panicked after she talked to Ross. Vanessa and Ross were in on it together.

Mike says Vanessa and Ross were having an affair. Mike says with Ian and his mom dead, he inherits then she can divorce him and take half. He says Vanessa took his mom to a helipad. Unfortunately, Gregg just beats her there and gets the collar. She’s furious and Leo asks her again why she married him. She tells him not to ask.

The press are interviewing Gregg who’s taking all the credit. Immigration pulls up and arrests Leo. Cat says it’s a mistake and the Captain checks the warrant and says it’s legit. Mike tells Leo that his lawyers will have him out in an hour. She tells him to stay calm and he says he trusts her. Cat yells at Gregg that he’s an SOB for doing this and he says he was in the country illegally. Gregg yells out to Leo that he’s going to get deported. Cat is furious at her ex.