4 responses to “Taylor Swift, Katy Perry Fight: MTV EMA 2104 Feud Explodes”

  1. Dani says:

    I know everyone’ saying it’s about Katy Perry, but personally I don’t think it is … I’d rather hear more evidence, I don’t know. Like, we haven’t even heard the song yet lol!

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  3. Gabriel Aaron Howard says:

    This is [expletive] news!???

    Who gives a Gawdamn?

    And people bitch about the condition of this country… well if this is what classifies as news and enough people care about this to make it one of the top placed headlines in Google news; then this country and world gets what it fucking deserves.

    Absolute bollocks how anyone could or would care enough for this to be a prominent news story.

    When the world begins to burn, remember it is you; the celebrity obsessed idiots who helped accelerate the fall of civilization because you were too consumed with gossip about the famous, rather then being concerned about and taking action concerning world events.

    Enjoy your hollywood sleaze, forbid it shall be the last thing you ever had interest in.

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