Teen Wolf Recap – The Benefactor’s Identity is Brunski – Season 4 Episode 9 “Perishable”

Teen Wolf Recap - The Benefactor's Identity is Brunski - Season 4 Episode 9 “Perishable”

Tonight on MTV, TEEN WOLF returns with the eighth episode in its fourth season called “Perishable.” On tonight’s episode, an assassin targets Scott and Liam at the lacrosse team’s annual bonfire. Later, Lydia uncovers a family secret.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, Teen Wolf is a supernatural drama and, to some extent, based on the 1985 film of the same name.

On last week’s episode of Teen Wolf, Kira, Liam, Scott and Stiles started working on their plan to lure out “The Benefactor” — Scott was declared dead and his friends had forty-five minutes before he died permanently. A confused Malia met her biological father, Peter, to get some information about her family, especially her biological mother, who ha been given the nickname “The Desert Wolf.”

While Braeden and Derek grew closer to each other, Lydia discovered important information about her “deceased” grandmother. Kate, alongside the Berserkers, entered the hospital and tried to get Scott’s body, but Chris was able to chase her off. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, well, don’t worry, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

We’re really looking forward to tonight’s episode because we will, fingers crossed, learn more about Lydia’s mysterious past (we’ve been waiting for these moments ever since learning she was a true banshee) and hopefully discover something more about Deputy Parrish.

As you know, he was listed on the Deadpool as a supernatural target. He may know what he is, or he might not. If tonight’s title is a play on words (Perishable vs. Parrish), as is usually true with the titles of TW episodes, then chances are we’ll be getting some more information about Jordan’s origins — or even his reasons for being in Beacon Hills.

Who do YOU think is The Benefactor? Do you think it could possibly be Parrish? Lydia’s allegedly “dead” grandmother? Another banshee out there? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below — especially if we don’t find out after tonight’s episode!

Tonight’s episode is going to be really interesting. You’re not going to want to miss even a minute! We will be live blogging TEEN WOLF on MTV beginning at 10 PM EST. In the meantime, enjoy the sneak peek preview of tonight’s episode below.


Someone douses a cop car in gasoline. Jordan is strapped to the steering wheel. The assassin is a fellow cop — Hank. He burns the car with Jordan inside.

Meanwhile, back in the station, Hank begins his confirmation with The Benefactor. B asks for confirmation.

Lydia and Stiles are there with their theory about Lydia’s grandmother faking her death. Jordan walks in, smoky but not dead, and beats Hank up really bad. A bullet from Hank’s gun accidentally shoots Sheriff S in the shoulder. We get a glimpse of Hank’s computer, as well as B’s latest message, which basically says that the kill has not been confirmed.

Next, Jordan — alongside Derek, Lydia, and Scott — asks what he is. He should be dead, and he wonders why he survived the fire. Derek’s not sure what kind of supernatural creature Jordan is, but he must be something powerful to survive such an attack. Derek suggests that they should ask Chris, take a look at the Argent Beastiary, but Scott doesn’t know where he is.

In Derek’s loft, the gang (and their newest member Jordan) talk about the deadpool and how easy it might be for people to get their hands on.

Liam is sleeping in his bed when his printer begins freaking out and printing endless copies of the deadpool. He gets up to investigate. He unplugs the printer to stop the printing.

Lydia begins telling the gang about her grandmother’s story. Lorraine Martin used to work for IBM and, one weekend, she came into her powers while away in San Francisco. She sensed that her girlfriend, the love of her life, was about to die and, ever since that moment, made it her life’s mission to discover what exactly she was — and what kind of powers she possessed.

She began working with parapsychologists, who established an involved study at the lake house. Nothing they did or tried could locate answers. Eventually, Meredith walked into the study, and they almost killed her with one of their experiments. Meredith never really recovered after that. With her fragile mind, she was forced into Eichen House. Lydia says that Lorraine Martin drove Meredith crazy, and then she, years later, drove her to commit suicide.

Lydia is obviously still guilt ridden about Meredith’s death. Lydia presents the gang with the note her grandmother left her. The note is written in the same code as the deadpool, which, as far as we know, Lorraine wrote. The only problem with this mysterious paper note is that there’s no cipher key.

Scott runs into his bedroom and begins counting the bag of money beneath his bed. He splits it up, almost as if he’s going to hand it out, but then comes to his senses and throws it back under his bed.

Liam walks into school and he’s suffering from a bit of PTSD after his run in with one of the Berserkers. His friend, Mason, asks if he’ll be attending the bon fire tonight. Liam’s not sure, but Mason insists.

Meanwhile, Lydia and Stiles try to crack her grandmother’s code. They struggle. They try to find words that were associated with Lydia and her grandmother — things that meant a lot to them both and the time they spent together. Lydia remembers that they always used to read The Little Mermaid before bedtime. She figures out the next cipher: ARIEL. Lorraine Martin is on this list.

Meanwhile, the deadpool is being printed out all over the school. The printers won’t stop. Derek’s name has been removed from the list. Liam’s “worth” has been increased. Now, he’s worth 18 million dollars.

They bring the newest “cracked code” to Jordan. He says it’s not another deadpool; rather, it’s more like an “already deadpool.” And all these people died/committed suicide while in Eichen House.

The bonfire ensues. It’s an epic party that would in no way ever be associated with a school function, but . . . .

Malia’s at the party trying to get drunk. Liam does the same. Scott tells Malia that she can’t get drunk.

Lydia and Stiles want to get into Eichen House to look through some files. They think that they might be able to bribe the orderly. They show up at Eichen House and bribe the douchebag orderly, Brunski, with 500 dollars. Before he shows them to the file room, he puts in a cassette tape labelled “mix tape.”

At the bonfire, Malia and Liam, who are consuming alcohol, appear to get drunk — even though they shouldn’t be able to get wasted. Scott’s worried. He thinks that there must be something (or someone) at work here.

Brunski leads Lydia and Stiles into the file room and leaves.

Stiles takes a look at the recent list they printed out and he asks Lydia why she wrote another name on the list. She says that she didn’t. Why would she write another name on the list? Stiles says he’s not sure but that it’s in her handwriting. It’s his name. Brunski comes back into the room and tazes them. He ties them up.

Meanwhile, Jordan examines the records of those people who died while in Eichen House. He discovers that the orderly on call at the time of all of these deaths was L. Brunski.

Brunski is revealed as The Benefactor. He says that he’s not some serial killer. He says that he takes his work at Eichen House very seriously. He says that there are people here who don’t just need help but need release. He says there’s always been one thing that’s puzzled him though; he plays for Lydia a tape labeled ‘Lorraine Martin.’

At the bonfire, Scott realizes that Malia and Liam and he aren’t drunk or poisoned. It’s the music that’s making them “sick” and dizzy. Mason comes to their side — in an effort to help. Scott makes a move to go turn off the music, which is being run by a DJ. He’s grabbed by some cops, who are undoubtedly assassins.

Malia, Scott, and Liam are taken into the school and doused with gasoline. “Hank says we gotta burn you,” the cop says.

In the tape, Lorraine says, “Please don’t hurt her. Please don’t hurt Ariel.” Brunski says that that was always the part that always confused him, and that he needs for her to explain away this mystery. Lydia sheds a tear.

Lydia doesn’t offer up any information.

Brunski goes over to a shelf and says that there are a lot of teenagers who try to break into their drug cabinets. He prepares a syringe full of something, and he seems to be saying that he’s going to stage their suicide. OD.

At the bonfire, Mason succeeds in shutting off the music. He pulls the power cord.

Before the cop burns Scott, Scott manages to find his wits.

Brunski is about to inject Lydia with a drug when Jordan comes rushing in. Jordan tells him to put the syringe down. Brunski says that he doesn’t think he’ll shoot. But he does.

As Brunski dies, coughing up blood, he mutters, “I was never the one. She– she was controlling me.”

Lydia has an epiphany. “He’s not it. He’s not The Benefactor.”

Before the episode ends, Meredith walks out from behind a shelf and reveals that she — SURPRISE SURPRISE — is actually the one responsible for orchestrating all this evil.

Meredith, the banshee, is The Benefactor.

WHAT!? :(

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