The Bachelorette 2014 Andi Dorfman TV Wedding Called Off After Screaming Match – Josh Murray Can’t Get Over Nick Viall Hook-Up

The Bachelorette 2014 Andi Dorfman TV Wedding Called Off After Screaming Match - Josh Murray Can't Get Over Nick Viall Hook-Up

Imagine sitting down on National television to discuss your brand spanking new engagement that was born in front of millions of viewers. Right before you excitedly take the stage you find out that your new fiance screwed someone else hours before accepting your proposal – and the whole world knows about it. That was exactly the position that Josh Murray walked into when Miss Bachelorette 2014, Andi Dorfman was confronted by Nick Viall – the guy she sent home. Interestingly we had heard in advance that whatever happened on those Fantasy Suite Dates actually caused Andi to change her mind and choose Josh so you can draw your own conclusion there.

According to the Aug. 18th print edition of In Touch Magazine there are some serious problems in Andi and Josh’s relationship and TV wedding thanks to Nick’s public disclosure. Apparently Josh is feeling lied to and is left questioning everything about his admittedly brief romance with Andi. ABC has an interesting way of putting people together in a fantasy world and then when they come back to reality it ends up being a total shock. Can Josh forgive Andi for banging Nick and go through with the TV wedding? I mean, in real life a wedding would never happen under these circumstances right? Yet these two have publicly continued to play it like a spring wedding is in the works!

Is Kim Kardashian knee deep in a fake marriage? According to In Touch Magazine insiders are claiming that her union with Kanye West is nothing more than a business deal and it’s making her miserable. Perhaps the fakest reality star on the planet is supposedly having a hard time faking her love life for the dollar signs! Has our favorite trampire been up to her old tricks? Well sources are claiming that Kristen Stewart moved in on Nicholas Hoult before he had technically split from Jennifer Lawrence and we know that old habits do die hard!

Are you a Teen Mom fan? Did you ever suspect that Leah Messner had a problem besides a bunch of kids and messy marriages? Well apparently she has been hiding her pill addiction, but not very well and now she is facing her problem dead on. Do you still tune in to Teen Mom or did you lose interest in the MTV show awhile ago? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Update: OK! magazine is reporting that Josh and Andi got into a serious slut- shaming public screaming match. We’ll update you on that incident a little later.

5 responses to “The Bachelorette 2014 Andi Dorfman TV Wedding Called Off After Screaming Match – Josh Murray Can’t Get Over Nick Viall Hook-Up”

  1. barbskib says:

    Who cares? Everyone involved goes on a show like that expecting that the Bachelor or Bachelorette will be very physical with all of the men/women. It is the show. Behind you now go forward if Nick continues to cause trouble take legal action against him, all of us would stand behind you in that. He is nothing but a stalker.

  2. Poor writing says:

    You do realise Ben slept with two others hours before proposing to his finalist? You realise Ashley slept with Ben hours before accepting JP and now they are marred with a baby on the way? That Desiree was in love with brooks when she got engaged to Chris but they are still together? Your article singling Andi out for something that’s not unnatural within the bachelor process is disgusting.

    • royalparasites says:

      Andi’s disgusting too. She lied to Josh “oh I fell in love with you from the moment I saw you”…..oh ? Then why the need to sleep with Nick ? LOL

  3. royalparasites says:

    Yeah, except that Juan Pablo was a real dumb a$$

  4. […] before she accepted Josh Murray’s proposal is a pretty blatant sign that she was interested in an extravagant TV wedding and not finding true love. Sure, not every single source claiming that Andi and Josh are fighting […]