The Bachelorette Finale 2014 Winner: Josh Murray Cheated With Ex-Girlfriend Brittany McCord – Andi Dorfman Prefers Nick Viall?

The Bachelorette Finale 2014 Winner: Josh Murray Cheated With Ex-Girlfriend Brittany McCord - Andi Dorfman Prefers Nick Viall?

On Monday, July 28th the season finale of The Bachelorette 2014 Season 10 will air on ABC, and according to spoilers all over the internet, Andi Dorfman will give her final rose to Josh Murray and send Nick Viall back to Milwaukee broken-hearted. Bachelorette spoilers tease that Josh Murray and Andi Dorfman are happily engaged and currently planning their million dollar TV wedding. But…rumor has it the latest Bachelor franchise couple isn’t as happy as they are letting on.

The fame and all-expense paid trips and weddings are a large motivator in the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise, and it seems they may have gotten the best of Josh and Andi. Several sources have reported that they are going through with the extravagant wedding for all of the wrong reasons, and are actually very unhappy with each other.

Screenshots of Josh Murray’s SnapChat account were leaked on the internet, and it was revealed that he was still chatting with his ex-girlfriend Brittany McCord on a daily basis. When Andi learned that Josh wasn’t exactly being honest with her and still had feelings for his ex, she began second-guessing her decision. US Weekly is reporting that Andi is now talking to Nick Viall behind Josh’s back and reconsidering the decision she made in the season finale of The Bachelorette. She knows that Nick Viall worshipped the ground she walked on and never would have jeopardized their relationship to chat with one of his exes.

What do you think, Bachelorette fans? Should Josh and Andi go through with the expensive, flashy wedding that ABC is paying for? Do you think Andi should have chosen Nick over Josh? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bachelorette spoilers.

Update: Well Josh did win as predicted but you have to wonder whether Andi will live to regret that choice. Check back later today as CDL investigates whether Josh is still cheating Andi even though the two are supposedly happily engaged.

  • Vickie

    Well,let’s just quote josh”you are the first girl I said I love you too…and I really meant it…..duh?

  • Jennifer

    I dont believe this this, i have ready so many versions of this story.

  • Steve

    It was obvious from day 1 she was picking Josh. They’ll stay together if they are paid enough to get married on TV, split the money, then divorce.

  • Ethel

    I think that if it’s true that Josh is cheating she should go back and get Marcus or Chris. Nick is yucky and creepy and unattractive.

    • Stacy Kelly

      Marcus is a creep…He never loved her…he ran right over to Batchelor Paradise with all those whores that put it all out for the world to see….Their parents must be so proud.

  • mature one

    I think Nick is a “femmie stalker”. Come on with the scarfs??!!! And he is SO self absorbed – please!!! I don’t think he’s hot either – have no idea what she saw in him from the gitgo. Love Josh – hope it’s him and rumors are just rumors. Hope Chris IS the next Bachelor. What a sweetie pie – and hot too!

  • toni

    Disappointed if Josh is cheating and was lying and not honest proclaiming his undying love. That’s low. Never should they marry. If he cheats now. Heart breaking for Andi. How can she trust any man then ???

  • AOK

    I think from what just happened, this article is a crock.

  • Rhonda Baker

    Hey Josh, Quit talking to your ex stupid. All the things you said to Andi are they true?Or is it just TV.

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  • sheni

    I think that andi is only putting on a show. For the people bcuz if I remember correctly when she was on the last bachelor she said that she would not put anyone in front of her job and I think nick is a bit creepy

  • Honest girl

    I loved nick and I thought I liked Andy until she broke his heart without a shred of integrity. If she didn’t like nick I don’t see why she didn’t let him go long ago seeing she could see he was so deeply in love with her.

    • Stephanie

      You are exactly right. I liked her too, until I realized that it was all a game to her, and she was planning on picking Josh all along. Andi is used to getting her way, and she will eventually make Josh miserable. Hopefully, he’ll see her arrogance before they marry as he deserves a genuine wife who appreciates his kindness, and unwavering dedication to his family. As for Nick… he needs to celebrate that he got away from Andi leading him down a path of deception and unhappiness.

  • Stacy Kelly

    Personally when I first saw Josh I thought Josh was so handsome….then as I got to see him more and more I did not like him that much…He speaks a mile a minute and almost sounds desperate…I also do not buy how he gave up his true love of baseball to find a greater love….does not ring right or make sense to me……I also thought he was boring.

  • Stacy Kelly

    She ALWAYS has her mouth open!..Ever notice when she laughs or is surprised about something…Have you noticed? That habit is SO annoying….

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  • GC

    Nick should be the next bachelor. He deserves to find loves. Andi is too over her head.