The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Bill Proposes To Brooke – Will She Choose Deacon – Another Wedding?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Bill Proposes To Brooke - Will She Choose Deacon - Another Wedding?

CBS should really consider changing the name of their daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful to “The Almost Weddings Of The Bold and the Beautiful.” In the last six months, Brooke and Ridge were at the altar, Bill planned two weddings for Brooke, Ridge proposed to Katie, Liam tried to surprise Hope with a wedding, and Wyatt and Hope actually managed to say, “I Do.” According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, there is another proposal in the works.

Deacon Sharpe recently returned to the CBS soap opera, and he waited for Bill to screw up and then swooped in and made a move on his baby-mama Brooke Logan. Apparently, Deacon still has very strong feelings for Brooke and has been pining away for his old love. Brooke kicked Bill to the curb when she found out he orchestrated Ridge’s accident in Abu Dhabi. But Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Bill isn’t ready to give up on Brooke and isn’t going to give her up to Deacon without fighting for her. According to B&B spoilers, Bill pleads his case and proposes to Brooke…again.

Bold and the Beautiful fans have watched Brooke and Bill go back and forth for months now, but Bill seems determined to get Brooke down the aisle. Bill and Deacon have a sordid past, and anyone who knows Deacon knows that the last thing he will do is sit by and watch Brooke marry Bill.

According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, fans are in for some serious drama in upcoming weeks, as Brooke has no choice but to choose between Bill and Deacon. What do you think, B&B fans? Are you Team Bill or Team Deacon? Will Brooke actually accept Bill’s proposal? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

3 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Bill Proposes To Brooke – Will She Choose Deacon – Another Wedding?”

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  2. diane says:

    Bill and Brooke all the way

  3. Gloria Jeanne says:

    Thats all this soap is about, stopping the ones thats loved each other from getting married!! I can’t stand that they stopped for good Liam and Hope, how stupid did they make Hope look by putting her with that snake, and she wanted to marry Liam and since he didn’t show up on time, she runs off and marries the snake within hours of Liam not being there on time!!?? God forbid he’d been in an accident or something, what would she have thought then, which of course it was Quinn that did cause an accident with Ivey to slow Liam down, I quit watching the soap, I said I wasn’t going to read the spoilers but I did and shouldn’ had!! Thats all this show is, putting couples together and then breaking them up when they are truly in love, pathetic writing!! Now, how could Hope even look Liam in the face?? You’ve made me not like her any more either!! As far as I’m concerned, the writing sucks on this soap, you think it keeps everyone watching and keeps suspense, but you’ve lost alot of viewers over the this marriage between Hope and Wyatt!!! And now your going after Brooke, yet again!!! She loves Bill, why should Deacon show up and all of a sudden she is conteplating marrying Deacon??? REALLY?? He’s been in prison, he has always been a con man, and Deacon thinks he’s better than Bill???? I love Bill and he evidently is made out to be a very smart man, he runs a billion dollar company that he has built, but yet Deacon is better?????? God I’m so glad I quit watching, and I’m sorry I read the spoilers and read recaps!!!!!