The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Ivy Tell Hope and Bill She Remembers Being Pushed Over The Bridge by Quinn?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Ivy Tell Hope and Bill She Remembers Being Pushed Over The Bridge by Quinn?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Wyatt Fuller’s scheming mother Quinn might just be exposed sooner rather than later. No one knows that Quinn followed Hope, Liam, Wyatt, and Ivy to Paris. And, if it weren’t for Quinn’s meddling Hope would be married to Liam right now, instead of Wyatt. The reason Hope married Wyatt in Paris was because she thought that Liam had ditched her and didn’t come to meet her, little did she know Liam was late because he stopped to help Ivy Forrester out of the river after a stranger bumped in to her on the bridge. Quinn Fuller is the “stranger” that pushed Ivy in to the river.

On the Wednesday August 27 episode of Bold and the Beautiful, Ivy revealed to Aly that she remembered a detail from when she was pushed in to the river, and she is pretty sure it was a woman who “bumped in to her.” If Ivy realizes that it was Wyatt’s mother Quinn that pushed her in to the river, it could be the smoking gun that ends Wyatt and Hope’s marriage for good. Hope already is having second thoughts about marrying Wyatt now that she knows Liam was in Paris, once she learns that Quinn is the reason Liam missed their rendezvous at the Eiffel Tower, she could decide that marrying Wyatt was a mistake.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have teased that Ivy Forrester is interested in Liam, and will try to pursue a relationship with him. If Ivy remembers that it was Quinn that pushed her in to the river, there is a chance she could keep it a secret and not tell Hope. If she is interested in Liam, then it wouldn’t make sense for her to reveal information that could reunite Hope and Liam.

What do you think B&B fans? Do you think Ivy will remember that Quinn pushed her in the river? Does she already know it was Quinn and has decided to keep it a secret? If she reveals that truth about Quinn, will Hope leave Wyatt? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

  • prycer

    It’s the lamest storyline EVER. Again, who marries the runner up Wyatt) who happens to be your fiances brother (Liam)?!

  • penny graley

    Ivy needs to tell the truth about who pushed her off the bridge. Hope and liam belong together.after all she wanted liam to tell hope that he was in Paris to marry hope. So she needs to come clean also.or she will be just as bad as quinn and wyatt. And all the others who got in hope and liams way.

    • Robert L

      Ivy NEVER saw who pushed her, she was too busy watching Liam to see anything else. Of course the writers can always change the truth to this pathetic storyline.

  • Larie

    So, Liam did not make it there,Is that a good reason to run off and get married to some one ells, and on the same day really,who does that. If Hope really loved Liam, she would not have married some one ells .That tells me that Hope did not love Liam that much,

  • rebel girl

    If Ivy remembers Quinn pushed her off the bridge, I think she should tell Liam & let him make up his own mind. I got a feeling Deacon will eventually tell Hope anyways. So Ivy&Liam can at least be honest with each other. Please don’t turn Ivy into a conniving person let her be better than that, has she is now. I do wish Ivy & Liam would stay together. Hope deserves Wyatt & her new mother in law let Hope stick to her Morals. No woman tells a man ” I love you so much.” last night & turns around & marries his brother the next day. When Liam done that with Steffy at least Hope did take her engagement ring off. (Steffy shouldn’t have married her sisters fiancée so quick) I hope Hope is pregnant with Liam’s baby & gets jealous over Liam with Ivy & she should feel trapped. Ok please keep Brooke & Bill together. I would like to see Bill find some kinda therapy class to help Ridge get his drawing skills back. Dollar Bill can do anything. I would also like to see Ridge & Bill become friends. Please let Quinn stay single forever she’s a nutcase. Please let Deacon & Bills sectary hook up they make a hot couple. Please keep Ridge & Katie together.

    • Foxxe

      Lol, I said the same thing, it would be a trip if she was pregnant with Liams baby. But I don’t think they slept together since she broke up with Wyatt.

  • PassionQueen77

    Well I am glad that Ivy remembers who pushed her over the bridge. That person is Quinn. I hope that the writers send Quinn to jail for what she has done to Ivy and Ricardo. Quinn is mental unstable and she would do anything to break up Hope and Liam. Liam seems happy with Ivy. Liam can be happy with Ivy because she might be the woman he is looking for in a relationship. Liam should make Hope jealous. Hope went to marry Wyatt and now she is having second thoughts well good for her. The writers are making Hope be like her mother. All Hope does is go from one guy to another. Hope should of waited for Liam a while longer in Paris but she didn’t because Wyatt was manipulating her. Wyatt shouldn’t tell his mother Quinn that he was going to Paris with Hope because Quinn would have tricks up her sleeve of what she is going to do next. I am rooting for Liam and Ivy to be together. I think Liam would be happy with her and he can forget about Hope. Hope should of think twice of what she did in Paris. The writers doesn’t know what they want. For me about the show i would watch the show by tomorrow and next week since the truth is going to come out. The writers should put Quinn in an orange suit and pay the price for what she has done. Eric brother coming to the show which it is nice. This show needs new storylines by next month. Wyatt and Quinn needs to leave the show by next month.

    • Love N Grace

      How can Ivy remember what she never saw? This is a plot point and not true.Bell will try to make us believe this crap. Quinn is staying, get used to it, Bell has an excellent actress in Rena Sofer and is the only one keeping this soap afloat now.

    • Freda Wade

      I agree totally. New characters . Fire the writers. Get some fresh new blood in there! Quit dragging the storyline out so long. The viewers have figured out the ending long, long time ago!!!

  • Larie

    So Liam did not make it there,Is that a good reason to get get married to some one els,and on the same day,really,who does that.If Hope really loved Liam she would not have married any one ells.that tells me that Hope did not love Liam that much

    • Love N Grace

      Liam was NOT planning to go to Paris until Aly and Ivy encouraged to go. is THAT love or did Liam give up before he was told to go by the Bobsey twins? Hope was looking for an excuse to bail on a man who issues ultimatums when he does not get his way. Liam’s ultimatum blew up in his face and he preferred to stay back to sulk instead of going with her. Has anyone bothered to ask why Ivy had to go with Liam anywhere? The photo shoot was over, why did Liam buy Ivy a ticket and take her along, when he was going to meet the love of his life?

      • Pamela Wheeler

        I like your way of thinking, All of the things Liam did to Hope. She was on her way to Liam in Aspin and Bill and Steffy stopped the cable cares and Hope had to set there and watch Liam marry steffy. And once again they were saying their vowels and steffy runes up to tell him she carrying his child. If he was so in love with Hope why was he pumping his seeds in someone else. All you Liam but kisser’s are talking shit about Hope while pussy boy can do no wrong. Hope should have told him long ago to take a hike.

    • Amyg

      Did you forget Liam asking Steffy to marry him 5 seconds after hope took off her ring

  • denise

    Really tired of Wyatt and hope. Why not have liam and hope together as it should be……really, you have hope marry runner up wyatt? And have a baby with health issues or have hope and liam create a baby line.

    • BONE

      u are a hater bihhhhh

      • I love sands of time

        Boner your a real scumbag on here

    • Love N Grace

      Hope and Liam have a very dysfunctional relationship, period. There is no trust so there can’t be love.

  • Mia

    Please just leave it alone ,If Ivy figures it out the story will just be lame .I think everyone is tired of the back and forth stuff.

  • BONE

    everybody mad cause hope married wyattt ahahhahhahah stop hateing and im so glad she didnt marry that lame liam omg thank lord hope is with wyatt and before long there will be a baby hahhahhahah thank u lord thank u thank u thnk u

  • betty johnson

    i think ivy should tell hope and bill the truth because if they find out in anorther way that quinn push ivy off the birdge and they fid out that ivy did not saying they will be mad with ivy so yes ivy should tell bill and hope about quinn.

  • Love N Grace

    This is a stretch, Ivy did not see Quinn, she never met Quinn and she was focused on Liam and Hope.There is NO WAY this rings true unless Bell is again doing one of his famous rewrites.Ivy has the hots for Liam and has no idea about Liam’s wondering habits.

  • Lilly Ajuna

    so crazy this story line who gets married to a coward Wyatt he can’t think for his own mind always crazy mum quinn to plan for him anyway I don’t blame Hope she is confused like her mother Brooke

  • Robert L

    The writers of the Bold and Beautiful must be on drugs. First they have Ridge fall out of a helicopter and lose his memory and drawing skills but Ivy falls into the river from nearly the same height and remembers things she never seen. Ivy never saw Quinn so how could see remember that was Quinn that bumped or pushed her?

  • Meme Chambers

    Please put Hope and Liam together. Wyatt talks and acts like a girl. I can’t stand Wyatt. He and his mother are evil. Hope wake up and look around you and smell the Folgers. I hope someone gets Wyatt and his crazy mother. I have been watching this show for years and I am pissed off right about now. Come on writers do your thing and unite Liam and Hope.

    • I love sands of time

      Yes I agree

  • Mari

    Hope is a whore. She deserves to be alone. Wyatt is better than Liam. He didn’t take hand outs to get all he had before he met his Dad. Liam always proves to be a wimp n can never man up to his mistakes. He didn’t even tell Hope he would b in Paris. So to me, he the sore loser. Wyatt has more of the Spencer jeans than Liam. What man wants a cat? No real man I know. Not in Houston TX. !!!!!

    • Foxxe

      I wouldn’t call her a whore, I mean didn’t Liam do the same thing to Hope with Steffy? Really? Wyatt will loose in the end bc he stabbed his brother in the back after he knew who Liam was and the history Liam and Hope had. I do agree though that Liam can be a whimp, and as far as Wyatt having the Spencer genes, yup he’ proven that time and time again and if he stays on the same path he’ll end up just like Bill screwing up everything good he has and ending up alone. Wyatt is rubbing it in Liams face and we all know what happens to people like that.

  • Meka G

    I don’t understand how Hope can love Wyatt he is to dependent upon her. She can’t leave the room for 5 secs without him pitching a bitch fit going crazy looking for her, To Wyatt wouldn’t you rather have a brother your blood forever over a chic you know only married you because the man she really wanted didn’t show up as she so stupidly thought, why not call Liam to let him know how you felt about him not showing up then you would have found out that he was indeed on his way.. Oh well Liam I’ll take you with open arms

  • Lineman4225

    In B&B marriages like the weather, if you don’t like the way it is now just keep watching, it will change. I think Quinn is positively hilarious and really keeps things going. In a soap opera no issue is ever resolved, they just keep going round and round. It is as much fun to watch this show as the actors seem to have shooting it.

  • Heather

    ITA, Prycer! If Hope truly loved LIAM, She wouldn’t have been able to marry anyone, especially Wyatt!!!

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  • I love sands of time

    Lowlife obviously care cause u respond too daddy like a good hoo..ur disgusting and a lesbian..sicko

  • Foxxe

    Im so done with the Liam/Hope/Wyatt. What I am interested in is Quinn getting arrested for that dudes murder, and Ridge getting his drawing on. Other than those two stories the rest can go.

  • Foxxe

    Oh yean, and wouldn’t be interesting if they brought Steffie back and tried to take Wyatt from Hope? That would serve her right, she’s too whimpy and whinny. Steffie had it going on. She was the real reason I started watching BB again.

  • Foxxe

    Thats one of the reasons why I like Steffy so much she knew what she wanted and no one was getting her way. If I was Hope I would’ve taken Liam off to the Justice of the Peace and got it done! And then just kept the whole thing to myself and planned a wedding for friends and family, It’s like these two dummies (Hope/Liam) haven’t learned anything. Between Steffy, Bill, Deacon, Quinn and Wyatt sabotaging their relationship, I be like shoot im not letting anyone else stop me from marrying the man I want! Sheesh.

  • aussie

    I agree….There needs to be a BIG CHANGE with the writers!
    What’s withe new Ridge?????? He is hopeless

  • Pamela Wheeler

    I think your the one who need to take meds. and doesn’t know what she talking about.Hope tried her best to get him to go with her but no , pouty ass wouldn’t go because he wasn’t getting his way. So when he did ‘t show up she guess he still had his tail tucked. And as for her turning around and marrying Wyatt .Well he did same I. Aspin . Hope was on her way and he marries steffy.
    There only one here with her head in her *as and I ‘.m sure the doc can help you with that..

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