The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam and Hope’s Surprise Wedding – Quinn Returns and Intercedes For Wyatt

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam and Hope's Surprise Wedding - Quinn Returns and Intercedes For Wyatt

The drama is really heating up on CBS’s soap opera Bold and the Beautiful, and according to spoilers the week of July 28 – August 1 will be full of can’t miss excitement. B&B spoilers tease that after Bill’s confession about his involvement in Ridge’s accident, he pleads with Brooke to still marry him. Unbeknownst to Bill, Deacon Sharpe is moving in on his fiancée, and plants a hot and steamy kiss on Brooke and confesses he still has feelings for her. According to B&B spoilers, Deacon has a proposition for Brooke.

Wyatt called a truce with his brother Liam and said he was done pursuing Hope, however that doesn’t seem to really be the case. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Wyatt decides to give the Hope For The Future diamond he just inherited to Hope as a gift. Liam protests, and insists it is inappropriate for her to accept the extravagant gift. But, before Hope has a chance to return the diamond, Wyatt hold a press conference and announces that he is giving it to her. Now, Hope has to announce in front of dozens of reporters that she is giving the Hope For The Future Diamond back to Wyatt.

According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Liam feels Hope slipping away from him, so he makes a huge move and surprises Hope with a Paris wedding. He is determined to get Hope down the aisle before he loses her to his half-brother Wyatt again.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for week of July 28th also tease that Quinn Fuller returns from her stint at a mental hospital, and announces she is a changed woman. Surely it is only a matter of time before she starts meddling in Wyatt’s love life again. And, there is no way she will sit by while Hope and Liam get married and not do anything to stop the wedding.

What do you think Bold and the Beautiful fans? Has Quinn really turned over a new leaf or is this another one of her schemes? Do you think that Hope is starting to waiver and wishes she chose Wyatt over Liam? Will she make it official and marry Liam or leave him standing at the altar? And what about Hope’s mom Brooke, will she choose Bill or Deacon? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

34 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam and Hope’s Surprise Wedding – Quinn Returns and Intercedes For Wyatt”

  1. PassionQueen77 says:

    I hope the writers let Hope and Liam get married. Don’t let anyone interfere in there wedding. Brooke should be with Bill and get married to him. Brooke and Deacon won’t last for long. This shows that the writers doesn’t know what to do with the storylines for this show. I think these writers should quit. Quinn should stay far away from Liam and Hope. Quinn is dangerous and she cannot be trusted.

  2. Mysterious888 says:

    The writers are getting dumb and dumber. They keep making dumb decisions back and forth. It is getting annoying. They like to break up which couple has been there the longest. Liam and Hope should get married in Monaco. The writers should left them alone. As for Wyatt having the hope for the diamond necklace he should put it for a private business of his. Quinn is dangerous and i hope the writers doesn’t let her near Liam and Hope. Quinn ruined Brooke and Bill relationship. Brooke should of stayed with Bill once she found out the truth about what Bill did. Bill is a good guy but he made some unneccesary decisions. These writers only care about themselves. For the writers breaking up Brooke and Bill is so dumb. These writers needs to be fired. They just want ruin one happy couple after the next.

    • Gloria Jeanne says:

      So true about the couples!! And what is stupid is, Bill didn’t plan that incident, Ridge did, the helicopter was to take Brooke and Bill off, but yet Ridge went across the world, punched Bill and grabbed Brooke and dragged her across the beach to the helicopter, Bill didn’t arrange all that, he had no intention of killing Ridge he just wanted to show him a lesson for doing what he done, which was so so wrong!!!! And now they are making it look like its all Bill and that he planned this!!!??? I mean REALLY??? Bill is the innocent one, he really didn’t know Ridge would get hurt, he just thought as he said it would cool him off, Ridge had NO business interfering in their life and ruining their marriage, so I think it is so very stupid that this is all being blamed on Bill!!! Ridge is the perpetrator 100%, it just shows how they switch the good couples all around and they end up breaking up over someone else’s wrong doings!! Come on writers, put the ones that should be married together like Hope and Liam, Bill and Brooke, and stop putting the blame of the stupid decisions of others on the innocent!!!!

    • Pam says:

      Good, I’m glad Quin ruined Bill’s relationship by exposing his lies. He tried to kill Ridge, and to you it make Bill the good guy. You must be a loper. lol

      I can’t wait for Quinn to destroy the misery of Liam and Hope’s they call a relationship. It must be destroyed by any means necessary. Team HOTT!!!

      • Mysterious888 says:

        No Bill didn’t try to kill Ridge on the helicopter. Bill told Justin to cool him off. Justin throw Ridge in the water lol. That was funny. Ridge was disappeared in the water for so long. It took for weeks to find Ridge. Ridge was rescued by a doctor. Quinn shouldn’t ruin Brooke and Bill relationship. Quinn will never changed. All she does is ruining things for people. Why like someone like Quinn to ruin things for others it makes no sense at all. Quinn needs to leave the show for good. Liam is looking for Hope but he ends up kissing Ivy instead. Ivy is the next Steffy. These writers don’t are of any of the couples. Brooke needs to be alone from relationships. But these writers care about partnership so much. I am on Team Liam on all the way. Liam and Hope are meant to be. But no you want Hope to be with Wyatt right. It will happen for awhile.

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  4. Shasha Hawood says:

    Let hope and liam get the wedding they keep looking for let them be happy why would u all want to keep doing this to them

  5. Shasha Hawood says:

    Enough is enough let hope and liam have their wedding them have wanted this for so long give it to them and let the story line go on. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH HOPE AND LIAM

  6. so_over_it says:

    I just assume that we will have a few years of this same crap plot . Hay maybe they will break up and get back together and break up and get back together then have alien babies that look like Wyatt and then maybe they will break up some more and get back together then what they break up and get back together….. this way the writers don’t have to think , they can just get paid to sleep

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  8. gml0603 says:

    I’ve had it with all the manipulations trying to keep Liam and Hope from marrying. But they are adults now and should be pros by now on how to handle anything that comes their way.

  9. jeanette glinton says:

    I think wyatt and hope should be together.

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  11. Sally says:

    If Liam doesn’t marry hope I’ll stop watching the show,it’s getting tedious and annoying. I can’t stand Quinn.Good luck..

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  13. Pam says:

    Good, Quinn is back to make this right. I hope Liam and Ivy stay in the river, while Hope marries Wyatt. Quinn will make sure that Liam gets no where. lol

  14. Pam says:

    Hi crazy LOPER. Yes, the nastier the better baby. If you didn’t smell so much, maybe you could have gotten someone to do you too. You’re just mad because you see your pipe dreams of LOPE going down the drain. You sound like every typical silly and irrational Lopers. If Bell don’t make LOPE marry I won’t watch ever again.STFU and go cry. While you’re at it, grow the f up. Wyatt had Hope front, left, back and to the side. That special place of Paris Liam keeps talking about, Wyatt had her there too face down gasping for air.
    I don’t give two clicks who f’d Hope first. Wyatt and Liam’s dyck don’t belong to you. They can put it in whatever they want and make it a threesome for all I care. They all agree so it’s there choice. Anyway, Ivy will kiss Liam, and it will get back to Hope. Wyatt and Hope will get married, while Liam and Ivy play in the dirty Parisian waters. HOTT is number one. Even Kim Matula is a HOTT fan and doesn’t want LOPE. Google her interview at the emmy’s, and eat your heart out. Ivy is the new Steffy. Quinn will make it right and toss Liam and all his silly LOPERS to the curb. Get your head out your a$$ and back to reality. The writers have the control, not you or any Loper.

    • I love sands of time says:

      Your so disgusting and horrible..what’s it like to be a dirty hoo? Nasty person

      • Pam says:

        What’s it like to be a ghetto gagger. How much do you take down your throat disease collecting by_ich?

  15. Pam says:

    In a perfect world. LOPERS dream, dream, dream. lol

  16. Pam says:

    I’m not. Wyatt and Hope belong together.

  17. Pam says:

    LOL. Lopers please stay rational. The writers control the outcome, not you. No one believes you’ll stop watching so just give that a rest.

  18. Pam says:

    Oh, so you think the writers are no good because you want LOPE to marry and it’s not looking like that will happen? I see. lol

  19. Pam says:

    Lopers aren’t the only people that watch the show. You seem to forget that. The show isn’t all about what LOPERS want. How arrogant! You’ll coming on here crying everyday, won’t change a thing. The writers do what they want and have a bigger audience to write for, other than Lopers. Get a grip.

    • Mysterious888 says:

      There is a reason why we have been crying on the show on here. Hope and Liam deserves to be together and get married. What happened to that dream that Steffy had about Liam being with Hope and having kids together. That dream should not go into waste. Hope loves Liam not Wyatt. Wyatt and Hope is just a fling and sex relationship that is it. Wyatt and Hope slept together but for her marrying Wyatt is a dumb idea. Most of us on here wants Hope and Liam getting married on the show. If they don’t get married anytime soon then the writers are DUMB!!!!!!!!. Why like a evil person like Quinn who wants to break up people relationship all the time it makes no sense. Hope should get her man Liam not Wyatt. Wyatt is using the diamond to win back Hope for there business together. Wyatt and Hope relationship is just a sex/business relationship that is it. Hope should do what is in her heart. Hope should wait for Liam for a little while in Paris. I hope that Hope and Liam get married for good.

  20. Pam says:

    Sorry, that handsome guy Wyatt is meant for Hope, and Ivy meant for Liam. Ivy will kiss Liam and Hope will feel Steffy panic all over again.

  21. Pam says:

    LMAO. There it is again. Lopers claim they won’t watch if the writers don’t meet their demands. Do you’ll really think you can bully the writers into what you want. You have no control. Get that in your heads. The writers do what they want. You lopers got you 3-4 weeks of lope, now it’s Hotts turn. As far as I’m concerned, Hope has two men.

  22. Jennifer says:

    I’m sick and tired of this crap Liam and Hope belong together. I’m done with this show!!

  23. Pam says:

    Where’s your values, with that dirty mouth.

  24. lori says:

    Liam is weak, he has his chance with Hope over and over end their relationship he can never seal the deal. Quinn makes me sick she need to let go and let Wyatt handle his own affairs. Bill and Quinn perfect for each other. Wyatt and Hope yesssss!!!!! he brings out the excitement in the relationship, he is dependable and never boring. Most of all he really loves Hope. Team Wyatt

  25. Bull Rush says:

    I think a lot of the viewers want to see Hope and Liam meet…and for Liam to say what happened…it’s like Liam broke Hope’s heart with Steffy, now it’s her turn to do the same to Liam…all Hope does is run away…except this time she married the stalker…
    How can Hope so in love not wonder what happened to Liam…
    I think B&B needs some better writers…
    spice things up…maybe Wyatt could turn out to be as crazy as his mother…and he was the one who killed for the Diamond…

  26. Pam says:

    Listen Django, I believe I’ve already demeaned you and passion schit enough. Have you no pride or was it beaten out of you. lol

    I almost feel sorry for you’s!