The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Eric Braeden Michael Muhney Twitter Attack – Calls Fan ‘You Idiot’ (PHOTO)

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Eric Braeden Michael Muhney Twitter Attack - Calls Fan 'You Idiot' (PHOTO)

The Young and the Restless star who plays Victor Newman, Eric Braeden, has insulted Michael Muhney and all of his supporters by attacking a fan on Twitter. Call me crazy, but I happen to think that when you have worked in Hollywood for as long as an actor like Eric Braeden has then you should know how to carry yourself, period. Show up on set, do your job, be respectful of coworkers and be grateful to the fans that have secured your job – especially in daytime television. Let’s face it, soap fans are some of the most loyal and vocal around and if an actor has their die-hard support then they will continue to be employed for as long as they want to be.

Eric has been no stranger to drama in his 34 years on The Young and the Restless. He might be a nice man at times but more often than not his arrogance seems to arrive in a room a few seconds before the rest of him does. 20 years ago he had a legendary fistfight backstage with Peter Bergman that left both actors suspended and warned that they’d be fired if it happened again. Eric learned his lesson and quickly realized that keeping his hands to himself was necessary but words, well words are a razor sharp weapon, ones that Eric seems to believe carry absolutely no consequences.

In the last six months it has been widely rumored that Eric had a hand in the firing of Y&R favorite, Michael Muhney. Of course he denied it but for months leading up to Muhney’s Dec. 2013 dismissal there were definitely rumors of the two men fighting and being at clear odds with one another. Looking back over the years Eric seems to have a real problem with any younger man who can act his way out of a paper bag while flexing his muscles. His conflicts seem to reek of good old fashioned jealousy and tonight a Twitter follower got the better of Eric.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Eric Braeden Attacks Michael Muhney Fan on Twitter - Calls Fan 'You Idiot'

@dgtronic dared to ask Eric how Michael Muhney is doing since he helped get him fired and the reaction, well it was a huge mistake on Eric’s part because news sources such as CDL screen-capped it ensuring that it lives forever. Eric told @dgtronic that he is totally uninformed and then flat out called the tweeter an “idiot.” I realize that in his own mind Eric thinks he is far better than @dgtronic, me and everyone else reading this but in reality, he represents a brand.

That brand is CBS which produces The Young and the Restless. He either does the network justice and makes them look good or else he is capable of tarnishing CBS and the good name that Bill Bell worked so hard to create with Y&R. Insulting the fans that tune in, who boost the ratings, which mean advertising money that ultimately is used to write Eric’s nice fat paycheck is simply unacceptable.

I’m curious as to why even months after MM’s firing Eric’s temper would flare over anything connected to Muhney. It sounds like there was some sort of emotional investment in the situation otherwise this tweet would have rolled right off his back, don’t you think? An appropriate response could have been something like, “we were all sorry to have lost MM – circumstances beyond my control led to his leaving the show and I was personally sorry to have lost a very talented cast-member of Y&R.” Eric could have shown some class. Instead he insulted the fan who tweeted, Michael Muhney, and all of Michael Muhney’s fans and supporters.

Why is it that Eric acts like an “idiot” on a regular basis but never seems to face any consequences? The Young and the Restless’ ratings are dropping like crazy. They cannot afford to have one of their senior actors publicly insulting even one would-be fan, and especially not over Michael Muhney. MM’s fan-base is tremendous and still very angry about his shabby treatment by Jill Farren Phelps and Y&R. Why is this egotistical windbag poking the bear? Too much is at stake and perhaps it’s time that Eric face some serious repercussions for his behavior, don’t you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Fans and former fans of Y&R have plenty to say on Soap Opera Spy whenever Michael Muhney and Eric Braeden are the topic and now is no exception:

I haven’t watched the show in almost six months now. Eric Braeden’s response here doesn’t surprise me whatsoever. He is a very jealous, angry, arrogant old man who will never take accountability for his deplorable behavior. I just saw the other day the ratings continue to drop. Since Billy Miller and Michael Muhney left YR, they are down a total of 1.2 million viewers. That is a significant number. If EB can’t take the heat, he should get out of the kitchen!

Eric needs to be fired without pension now. I will never watch Y & R if he is not. I’m done. Y & R is on the way to soap graveyard. Good bye you arrogant old man.

 When in a hole ,stop digging….

Wow! I’ve watched this show for 20+ years & I’ve never been more disappointed! I think the only person who has kept his composure is MM! I will forever miss MM as Adam but he deserves better! I don’t think it was cool for this person to try & instigate something with EB but I do think at some point he should control his emotions and how he reacts to things

What do you think? Could Eric be any more obvious about his disdain for MM?

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  1. basket weaver says:

    Dear @celebritydirtylaundry
    Mr. Braeden called a blogger for soap operas especially the YnR! “An uninformed bitch! Her name is Rachel Monaco and you should ask her about it. This was around early February 2014. Eric Braeden is a very bitter man! And very rude to his fans! Ask Rachel Monaco…All she said in her article was that she thought, Eric Braeden felt threatened by Michael Muhney’s acting, also, he told Radar Online that he came to “fisticuffs” with Michael Muhney onset. Did he get paid for his story?
    IMHO, I think the YnR has been “jumping the shark” with viewers. I personally can’t watch it anymore, however with that said I think YnR is the end of it’s existence. Look how many other soap opera’s have ended? I think Mr. Braeden picked the wrong fight for sure this time. Goodbye was fun and then it wasn’t!
    Wish I could wish YnR a continued success but it’s failing and personally I think it should end! We’re boycotting for gods sake! And it continues to grow as YnR ratings decline!
    Put the proverbial fork in it YnR cos it’s DONE!!!!
    40 year viewer gone *snap* just like that, I’m done and so are so very, very many angry former fans! Hardcore fans who passed the torch to their children & their children’s children to watch. It “was” the best soap there was. Relatable and nice and familiar as most of the cast never changed. That was a plus seeing the same people on a show over a 40 year span. How JFP could be executive producer after a petition was launched and letters, tweets and Facebook users begged CBS, Steve Kent of Sony, Angelica McDaniel and the Bell family to please fire this woman who was destroying this 40 gem of a soap! Several thousand signed the online petition. The end result? We stopped caring about YnR, especially after fan favorite, Mr. Michael Muhney was fired hastily and suddenly then his name was smeared by TMZ who happens to be married to the executive producer of CBS daytime programming (above said CBS Daytime Programmer) so many dirty hands!
    R.I.P. YnR (one of the six fans) as Mr. Greg Rikkart called us! After all we six fans pay your income!
    Teresa Segal @teresa_segal @twitter…..

  2. Racquel Garnette says:

    Yeah i heard about there fight on the set. Eric Braeden says that Michael Muhney and him was under fistcuffs when they were on the set. Michael Muhney and Eric Braeden never liked eachother on the Y&R set. Michael Muhney got along with everybody else but Eric Braeden. I don’t think Eric Braeden was the reason why Michael Muhney got fired. Michael Muhney got fired because he had disagreements about his storyline. Maybe the writers wanted Michael Muhney to play some kind of part on the show and he refused. Michelle Stafford doesn’t want come back to the young and the restless. She doesn’t get along with JFP either. JFP needs to call off the search for someone to play Adam Newman. JFP is the one who fired him. JFP needs to fire David Tom as Billy Abbott. Get rid of this Abby and someone better to play Abby. This Abby doesn’t know how to portray the down to earth Abby. I like the old Abby not this new one. Abby and Tyler relationship is so boring. For the next few weeks this show will need new storylines and castmates. Hahaha to JFP for getting mad that Michelle Stafford moved to General Hospital. General Hospital is nice over there. The storylines is weak at the young and the restless.

  3. goldie4ever says:

    I still can’t believe that Michael Muhney has such a huge following. I’ve watched this show since the first day it aired and he had been one of my least favorite characters next to Sharon. He isn’t even that great an actor. He got what he deserved. He is an idiot! Only an idiot with a huge ego would think that he could get away with gropping a female’s body parts. If that happened in any other workplace he would be fired. So why shouldn’t he have been fired from Y&R?

    • RedRiver38 says:

      Believe it honey. Muhney has a huge fan base because he is a great actor and engaged his fans on social media for years. He’ll be fine, but I love the fact that Y&R has lost over 20% of its audience since Muhney left. The ratings don’t lie, Muhney delivered a lot of viewers. All the old ladies can watch the wrinkled prunefaced Braeden kiss Miss Piggy until they turn off the lights. Have a good day!

    • basket weaver says:

      You’re in the dark ages! And you’re blind, Michael Muhney is star quality! He can act better than any actor I’ve ever seen on a soap! Jealousy is a terrible thing!

  4. Jacqui Hicks says:

    Seriously ppl…..Eric has earned his way, he can choose to respond in any way he feels. You don’t find actors like himself that have a gift, its effortless and ot shows his amazing abilities. You whining arrogent wusses need to find something else to do if someone who shows the confidence to handle situations the way that most do behind closed doors, he is no coward and he is a large part Y&R has survived and made it thus far!

    • basket weaver says:


    • smalls says:

      Thank You this man acting ability is beyond approach one of the best actors I have ever seen..this people are a new breed of fans crazy!!!!!

  5. RedRiver38 says:

    So it’s OK to treat posters like crap? Braeden fans would let him kill someone and then justify it. Laughable. Braeden is a pig.

  6. RedRiver38 says:

    Spoken like a true Braeden boot licking sycophant.

  7. RedRiver38 says:

    Braeden is an ass. Peter Bergman is twice the actor the old Nazi is.

  8. RedRiver38 says:

    Maybe the Old Kraut is sensitive since Y&R has lost over 1.3 million viewers since Michael Muhney left the show. That’s over 20% of its audience, which is quite a hit for any TV show. Also, its demographics for a key audience of women 18 to 49 is at an all-time low. Braeden is probably a little touchy on the subject of his dirty under-handed involvement in Muhney’s firing. Everybody knows he hated Muhney. Hell, he gave a disgusting backstabbing interview with RadarOnline two weeks after Muhney was fired. Braeden is an old egotistical dinosaur. He’s a spoiled man-child.

  9. Racquel Garnette says:

    What more do you want me to say. I read about Eric Braeden article of what he said about Michael Muhney. Michael Muhney and Eric Braeden was in fistfights on the Y&R. There is the truth. End of story. Other websites talked about why Michael Muhney got fired. Maybe you can research it on your own if you want.

    • basket weaver says:

      Eric Braden did the interview on Radar Online he said it with his own words!

      • Racquel Garnette says:

        I read about the article from soap opera digest. Eric Braeden was on there talking about Michael Muhney. Eric Braeden said that ” Michael Muhney and i was fistfights during the Y&R. I was like wow. Michael Muhney never got along with Eric Braeden. On the show Eric Braeden character Victor didn’t like Michael Muhney character Adam Newman on the show. Wow. Peter Bergman as Jack and Eric Braeden as Victor never got along with eachother after the show was done. In the 90’s Victor and Jack got into fights off the set.

      • Racquel Garnette says:

        Then i read about why Michael Muhney was fired on under celebrity gossips. I knew that Michael Muhney didn’t sexually harassed Hunter King.

    • basket weaver says:

      Don’t pay attention to haters. You’re 110% correct. EB did give a paid interview to Radar Online saying that he came to fisticuffs with Mr. Michael Muhney. Silly old geriatric. He needs to retire with his dog. Hell they all need to. Except Sharon Case, Peter Bergman & Jess Walton. Those three can act! Heck, I’ll be as generous and throw Joshua Morrow in there. The rest just suck, especially with JFP’s writer’s and music. Ugh! R.I.P. YnR! Hope it ends right before Christmas like MM and Bill Bell’s hand picked orchestra. The music is god awful like the S/L. Thanks to the evil witch who ruined “our soap”!!!

  10. Racquel Garnette says:

    That is you if you don’t want to believe of why Michael Muhney got fired. Michael Muhney got fired because he had disagreements with Jill Farren Phelps with his storyline. The writers wanted him to play some part but he refused to do it.

  11. basket weaver says:

    YnR is DONE the ratings don’t lie. Wouldn’t be be great if it ended on Dec 17th, 2014 the anniversary of Michael Muhney’s dismissal? Yes!

    • smalls says:

      I’am not blaming the actor Muhney for his sick following these fans are a bunch of sick freaks like a cult.

      • RedRiver38 says:

        No worse than Braeden’s horrible fans that have attacked Muhney’s family. They are far worse.

  12. basket weaver says:

    Hahaha how true!!! Hahaha famillleeee

  13. basket weaver says:

    You’re laughable, last I checked this was USA & we have freedom of speech! Dream on about YnR is a dead duck! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!! R.I.P. YnR

    • Pamela Schuett says:

      Freedom of speech is one thing. Insulting people who help pay your salary is another. He is a public figure, and an elderly man who should know better and act as a gentleman should. I think Victor Newman has gone to his head and I think he can behave the same way as his character…Keep it up Y&R and we will all be saying goodbye. I encourage soap fans to tune into Bold and Beautiful. It is light, airy, refreshing, great acting, funny, suspenseful..all those things Y&R has lost. It has become boring and not worth an hour of my time every day. I use to be a Y&R fan all the way… Years ago when As the World Turns and Guiding Light went off the air, I would have mourn deeply if it would have been Y&R.. However, now I feel they would be doing themselves and fans a huge favor it they just ended and called it a day. I’m sick of it and the drama off set. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, Eric, Jill for taking something that was so special for so many people and turning it into crap.Call me an idiot Eric butthole, I dare you..

  14. basket weaver says:

    Lol you subconsciously put unemployed EB is only emeritus not king. If he’s king I’m a queen

  15. basket weaver says:

    Too little too late! End of story and end of YnR

  16. basket weaver says:

    Amen sister!

  17. basket weaver says:

    Same here Mary! Isn’t GH wonderful and now we have Michelle Stafford. I personally think Michael Muhney is on his way to Port Charles :))))

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  19. Wendy McLellan says:

    How do you hear with your eyes?

  20. Merlene Tipton Amoss says:

    when EB learns to shut his mouth, he deserves everything he gets from the fans.

  21. Lynne Bures says:

    Nice. What a well educated young lady. Make sure to wish your mom Happy Mother’s Day.

  22. smalls says:

    why would Eric Braeden be jealous of MM this man is a master at acting it’s the bad writing and this JFP that is bringing the show ratings down if that’s true a bout the ratings…JFP needs to go and the bad writers.

  23. Chadamfan says:

    I no longer watch the show and I think Eric Braeden is one angry man who is jealous of the younger talented stars Yes, I agree with another poster that EB probably was threatened by the talent of MM.

  24. smalls says:

    all these lies about one of the best actors EB on soaps some of your soap watchers are crazy is hell

  25. smalls says:

    you are so wright JFP needs to go now.

  26. smalls says:

    I love muhney acting however his acting cant come close to EB acting are U crazy…it’s more to this story then we think Stafford not coming back, billy left and I think JFP is behind all this bad publicity get rid of her now!!!!!!!!!

  27. D.Burkhardt says:

    It’s time for V.N. to be put in the ground right next to Mrs. C. (no disrespect to J.C.)

  28. Katie Spector Zlotnick says:

    Okay, what the hell is so very special about MM? I have very mixed emotions here because Hunter King is still on the show. If she was sexually abused in any way, why is she still where she is. Don’t you think that she would have left the show by now… So, how do you know what she is saying is real? I love EB as I have said before on a previous post but, since everyone says that EB and MM have always been at odds, who is it to say that EB did not pay off HK to do something to get MM fired? The other day someone wanted to know if I was related to EB… That is a definite ‘no’. But, without EB on the show, and especially since Jeanne Cooper passed away, there has to be a patriarch on the show. As far as we know there is no concrete proof that HK was actually assaulted. But, I don’t believe that EB should be fired but, the Bell family and the producers of the show should make sure that EB be suspended for at least a little while to let all this dust settle. I don’t know who is throwing out numbers of how many viewers are not watching the show anymore.. Last time I heard from a reliable source on the Internet, the show is still number one and the network re-signed the show for three more years. I just wish everyone would get over this MM/EB/HK crap already. It is time to move on. What you are all talking about is ‘old’…. It is time to move on and if you do not like what is happening, just do not watch the show.

  29. Jack's Mom says:

    Any scene EB is in, we forward through. I don’t understand how he can continually threaten, bully and attack fans. Fans are “customers” of the show. We support it. If a worker in a store called a customer an idiot or a B!*$&, you can be sure they would be fired. For some reason EB gets away with all this crap. He isn’t even a good actor. Every scene is the same. Happy, sad, mad, dead, he plays it all the same. I just wait for the day Victor dies for real this time. Remember when he tore apart MM for calling out how stupid the script was when Victor was presumed dead, again. MM said it was insulting to the fans to be fed the same crap storyline again. He was 100% correct. EB threw a hissy fit better than any 2 year old in a store. I despise the character of Victor, and it is funny to find out Victor is a lovable teddy bear next to the bastard that plays him.

  30. Glomo says:

    Soon after MM has fired from YR I stopped watching. Being a fan of YR for over 20+ years I am sad it has become so boring. The only way to save the soap is to bring back Billy Miller and Michael Muhney.

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  32. mom chez says:

    What about his ending every other sentence with
    “ok?” Is that in his script or his ad lib…

  33. DGtronic says:

    My intention was not to be childish or to instigate anything.I had just read that MM was cleared of the ridiculous Hunter King molestation accusations. So when Eric tweeted about his great weekend, it just infuriated me that him and all CBS and cast of the show had their chance to ruin and tarnish an actors reputation and MM was forced into silence. And also many sources have stated that the underlying reason was the huge egos both sides have on the set and that Eric was the cause of MM being fired. Thats why Erics awesome weekend tweet in a way set me off. I agree with you about keeping class and manners on public places online such as twitter. I think I kept my end of it very classy :)

  34. RedRiver38 says:

    you are one of the haters.

  35. RedRiver38 says:

    Michael Muhney has been slandered and libeled by a coordinated effort to smear his name and reputation by Phelps and Braeden. These people are beyond evil. They are a disgrace. Eventually, they will pay a steep price for their actions. Their downfall will be a joy to watch. Epic karma is coming their way.

  36. Muhney Fan says:

    Regarding Eric Braden’s GRAMMAR; it’s ‘MISINFORMED ‘ NOT ‘UNINFORMED ‘ YOU got that”

  37. RedRiver38 says:

    You’re a Braeden zombie. People like you give the old fart a pass on anything. He’s a jerk, so I guess people like you are jerks too.

  38. RedRiver38 says:

    Melody Thomas Scott is just as arrogant as Braeden. I’ve met the woman. She couldn’t have been nastier. Horrible person, just horrible.

  39. RedRiver38 says:

    The Kool-Aid drinker is back. She can’t help herself with her arrogant posts. It’s a free country the last time I heard.

  40. RedRiver38 says:

    Oh honey, can’t you come up with something better than that? I guess the elderly just don’t have it anymore? Go take your meds sweetie and lie down.

  41. RedRiver38 says:

    I’ll take his and his mother’s word over your lies anytime honey. You violate the term intelligence. I guess the old folks home forgot to give you your meds.

  42. RedRiver38 says:

    Funny thing, Phelps tried to rehire Muhney this past week and he told her to shove it. Get your facts straight honey. I guess they don’t let old folks out on the Weekends.

  43. RedRiver38 says:

    Love to read this garbage by Braeden’s idiot fans.

  44. Suzzana Martin says:

    How about STFU chris

  45. chris says:

    You can’t put all the blame on Victor Newman, the individual asked the question with I’ll intent and got insulted, I would have responded maybe similar. Just because a person is a fan ( and apparently knows these two actors did not get along) doesn’t mean u have to walk on eggshell. Sometimes these fans get to involved with these actors personal lives. These men are co workers just like any other job, not everyone gets along at their work environment. When your dealing with people in the entertainment business u have to believe nothing you hear and half of what you see. We will probably never know the full story of why M.M was fired but I find it very interesting that not many if any of his co stars came to his defense. Please don’t get upset, this is just my opinion.